Venting My Memories For No Good Reason

Dear you,

You go left, and I go right. We keep walking in circles, paying no attention to the fact that it gets us nowhere. We start right back where we started, but that means nothing. We are having too much fun. Too much fun wasting time. Too many thrills…

This should stop, but neither of us knows how. Now, remember, I said ny-ther, not nee-ther. Do you remember that? Do you remember my favorite color? I know it seems like a silly question, but it’s pretty simple. I’m trying to prove something, just in case you couldn’t tell.

I’m trying to tell you something. But I know you can’t hear me with all these words confusing you. You used to get confused easily. You used to laugh when you heard the sound of children playing in the ocean, and you would get teary-eyed whenever you heard a single cricket chirping at night. Did you know that I remember, because I do. I remember! I remember it all. Every single second is fresh in my mind. I can recite the first words, first conversation. Can you?

I didn’t think so… Don’t worry.

The End

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