Princess Belle

Laying in the sun in her own garden, Belle was sipping on a glass of strawberry dageri. The alcoholic version. With her beautiful brunette hair flowing from a gentle wind, Mrs. Potts-or Mrs. Teapotts as she use to be called when she was a "teapot", came out to let Belle know that dinner will be ready. Belle looked towards the sky. For she knew that she can talk to God as well as her parents. Yes, Maurice, the inventor went to be with the Lord two years ago. That really hurt Belle really bad. For she has not recover from her depression. There are days when she was doing okay, but there are days when she would rather forget. Mrs. Potts has been there for her. Having witness her own father to have a heart attack right there in his own workshop was bad enough. Having to lose her father to the heart attack was even worse. She was only five years old when her mother, Celine, was killed by a drunk driver. Belle was so angry with the driver who killed her mother, but her Christianity helped her to forgive the drunk driver, and he ended up serving life in prison til this day.

Mrs. Potts walked over to Belle and sat with her, as she took a break from her housekeeping duties.

"Dinner will be be ready in about fifteen minutes." Mrs. Potts said.

Mrs. Potts was the wise one. And why should she? After all, she have been married to a her son's father, who never came to see him. Mrs. Potts can sense something was wrong with Belle. But it's not the lost of her father that bugs her. It's her marriage to Prince Beau. Beau, who was once was a beast turned into what his name described him to be. Very handsome. Beau loved Belle-or at least she thought so. 

"Is there something wrong? Why do you look like as if the world is coming to an end?" Mrs. Potts said. 

"What are you talking about?" Belle said. 

"Oh girl, you know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about your marriage to Beau."

Belle knew that Mrs. Potts was not going to leave her alone on this one. Mrs. Potts knew deep in her heart that Belle looked like she drained her energy out. The problem. Trying to save her marriage.

Well," Belle said, "Beau has been avoiding me lately. No matter what I do for that man. He would make up excuses."

"Like what?" Mrs. Potts asked.

"Well, he said he had to leave because he have not seen  his parents in a while. Ever since he was cursed to be turned into a beast, he could not go and see his parents. They would freaked and did not want him anymore because of what he looked like."

Mrs. Potts found that hard to believe that Beau would continue to see his parents because he couldn't go and see them before. Belle, too, found that hard to believe as well. But she was willing to be supportive of her husband.

"I don't know, Mrs. Potts," Belle said, "he is just acting strangely lately. I don't know what is going on. I wanted to meet them. You know, let them see their daughter-in-law. But he would not allow it. He told me that he is not ready for me to meet his parents yet. I don't know what it is, but I don't like it!"

"Well I don't like it either," Mrs. Potts rose up from her chair, "I thought meeting your in-laws should be the best thing. Could he be hiding something?"

"Who knows," Belle said. "but I'm not going to stand by and keep my mouth shut. I am going to go and find out." 

The End

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