This is a fiction Romantic Inspirational story about four of my favorite Disney Princesses. Tiana, Cinderella, Jasmine, and Belle. All four of them are married to princes from their own stories and they all are Christians. But each are going to experience broken hearts as their princes make attempt to break their hearts. The princesses will get their payback as they let these princes know that you cannot take a woman's "Womanhood"(a woman's heart), and shattered to pieces.

These four friends thought that they had a great fairytale thing down packed. But they don't. These four beautiful princesses thought that they had this whole happily ever after thing going to be a smooth ride, but once again, they were lost. Jasmine, Tiana, Cinderella, and Belle all thought their marriages to their princes would turn out to be a dream come true. But they turn out to be nightmare came true.

The four princesses were sitting on the terrace of a find outdoor cafe talking about how their husbands were cheating on them. They were very blessed to have perfect lives. But then again, their lives were all just a lie. These girls did not know about the secrets of the husbands anymore. How could Jasmine have known about Aladdin? How could Tiana known about Prince Naveen? Belle thought that Prince Beau aka the beast was the greatest guy on the inside. And Cinderella was with Prince Charming, not knowing that someday he's going to break her heart in half. Each of these princesses has a horrible story to tell in their own defense.

The princesses sat around talking about their tragic marriages and that how their husbands manage to break their hearts into bits and pieces.

"We have been dooped." said Tiana. 

"After all those years, I thought I knew Charlie," said Cinderella, "but I was wrong."

Who would have thought that Prince Charming's real name was Prince Charlie. But it was. Cinderella always called him Charlie. But the girls felt like they have been cheated out of their marriages. 

"I never knew Beau would hide things from me, or lied to me throughout our whole marriage." Belle said. 

"I thought that I would have married the greatest guy in the world," Jasmine said, 

The End

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