Vengeance Part 3Mature

I woke up in the night, flashbacks of my dream raging in my head. I fought to control the fear and pain.

I turned my head to my bedside table, the small picture of a female illuminated by the soft golden light of the lamp. She was beautiful with long brown hair that fell in curls and warm brown eyes with a radiant innocence about her. I longed for her, it brought on a rage of emotions that shook my soul, forgetting about the dreams.

Slowly I lulled myself into a quiet serenity and stepped out of the bed.

On the balcony I allowed the gentle, cool breeze to embrace my skin as I looked at the stars, the cast my gaze across the wooded landscape and in the distance, a golden fretwork of light and on concrete.

I dropped from the balcony, landing lightly on the ground. Around me all was still apart from the beating hearts of nearby animals.

I ran then, letting the cold morning air whip past my skin. I pushed myself to my limit and immediately found myself on the outskirts of the city, surrounded by the incessant drumming and the intoxicating lure of blood. My eyes glistened crimson as my instinct took over. I found myself moving without thinking, towards an alleyway were a prostitute was giving a guy a good time. I nearly revealed myself, nearly slaughtered them both.

I turned my head in disgust, I hadn't fed in a long time.

In the end there was only one option. I found her house.

I was a small flat, run down and uninhabitable. I ran my fingers against the wood and pushed it ajar. It was unlocked.

Inside everything was flooded in darkness. If I was quiet I could sneak into her room and-

I heard a noise, a faint shuffling, the opening of a door. I was in her front room, watching as her tired, fragile body shifted through the corridor and into the bathroom.

I moved to the doorway, once again placing my hand on it, but instead I just waited.


The girl stepped out of the bathroom, her eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness. Deciding to get a drink she stepped into the living room. Empty, she thought, well what do you expect? To get attacked?

She didn't make it to the kitchen. With wakefulness her mind once more opened up to the grief. She could remember it all, when he was attacked, when the thugs beat up her fiancé and took his body away. There was nothing she could have done even as she watched his body become broken and the tears fell from her eyes. Just like the ones that fell now. Her dreams told the story in vivid detail, the helplessness, the pain. It was a year ago and here I am, blubbering like a little girl... but you loved him, a love deeper than anything you've ever know. She sighed and curled up in a ball on the sofa.

All of a sudden she felt a hand on her face, something moving her hair. Is it a dream? she subconciously touched the hand with her own and half-smiled, it felt like him. God, you're going insane woman, sort yourself out! she sat up and looked around. Nothing.

No, there was something. A shape in the window. She picked up her lamp and jerked it out of it's socket.

"Who are you?" she called out, "I'm armed!" she warned. The figure stayed motionless, watching her, "come on I know you are there I can see you!"

The figure moved into the room making barely a sound. It lurked towards her with a menacing height that made her crawl back. Her mind screamed for her to run but she felt paralysed. Her hair stood on end as the figure moved towards her.

The faint shower of moonlight caught his face, capturing it with a glorious radiance that was beyond mere mortal description. Yet it was him, it was her love returned.

"Am I insane?" she said out loud, "if you're not really there then I'm talking to myself then that definitely means I'm insane-"

"Shh," the luxurious voice whispered, "don't move."


I felt my power extend to her, a power that made me look god-like, that made my voice irresistable, all to draw her in a rip her apart.

She came to me slowly, talking incessantly like she used to.

"don't move," I said and she didn't.

I reached out with my hands and touched her face again. I kept her shivering head in place, still wet with tears that continued to run down her plump, red cheeks.

My head moved closer to hers. So many feelings ran across her face, sadness being the greatest, fear, shock, curiosity.

My lips touched hers. I was careful not to prick her lip with my teeth as I kissed her softly, slowly. she reacted then, just like in my dream. She kissed me back passionately and I kissed her violently. I could feel her heart beat, smell the blood from her blush and the nerves tingle. I had to pull away or it would end like my dream.

The End

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