Vengeance Part 2Mature

They were dead before they even hit the floor, their lifeless bodies tumbling like sick, twisted children's dolls to the floor with papery white skin. Above them, stood the vampire, wiping his long fingers across his blood stained lips, he licked his fingers, and cringed as the bell overhead shattered through his feral state.
"Oh no," he moaned. With as much speed as he could gather, he flung himself from the room into a corridor, a CCTV camera in the corner watching him. At the end of the corridor stood a door, through this door was another corridor that went left, another corridor through this one turned left again, until he was back in the interrogation room.
The vampire frowned, that was the only door. There were no windows, the floor was tiled with dull grey linoleum, the walls a clinical white, with blinding light on the ceiling that hurt his eyes. The alarm continued to blare. Give into me, I will get you out of here, just succumb to the lust, come to me. The vampire tore at his hair, sinking to the ground in despair.
The officer came back, looking first at him, then through the door of the interrogation room at the dead men. "Oh, you've been bad" the officer moved close, with a graceful speed till he stood close behind the vampire, "vey bad," he whispered. The vampire felt long figers on his neck, the touch repulsed his skin, sent shivers down his spine as he fought for control. Do it. Without a seconds hesitation he turned, sank his long white fangs into the mans neck, tearing the tendons and muscle till he found the soft, fragile veins that pulsed with blood, the ambrosia that sent soothing waves through his parched throat, that made his skin crawl with a dark, guilty pleasure, that made his hairs stand up and his heart beat fast. Ignoring the helpless mans squeal, this is what he was for, what he was supposed to be, and he loved it.
She appeared, her, the one, she gently pulled him away, like a child he whined and splutterd, rubbing the blood across his face, trying to taste it again as it dried and clotted in clumps through his thick, black hair. She hugged him, whispered to him, let his face rest in her bosom. Then she changed. Her skin became bleached white, her hair turned from red to black and matted, her eyes a deep crimson, filled with long years of suffering, like looking at a mirror. "Ah," his other self looked at the body on the floor, "you leave such a mess, such a waste."
His other self smilled malicously, "you've accepted me now." the other vampire placed his palm on his forehead, "It's time we escaped this trap, don't you think, time we tasted some real blood."

The End

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