Vengeance DesiredMature

A woman, Caroline Walker, murdered in cold blood was found by her older brother, Matthew Walker, in her bed. After three weeks of police investigation, they give up and move onto something more pressing. Still not wanting to let go, her brother takes it upon himself to find her killer. How far will he go to seek the vengeance he desires?

"No! No! This can't be happening to me! Caroline, wake up! You must get up! No!" Matthew Walker yelled at the dead body in the bed while shaking her in hopes of waking her up. 


"Sir, calm down. Have a drink of water and sit down. You will be called when it's your turn," the receptionist at the police station said.

"Calm down? Calm down? I found my sister's dead body in her bed and you want me to calm down?" he said.

"Please, sir. I know you must be hurting," she was interrupted.

"Oh, now you're Mrs. Sympathetic. Yes, I just want to make a report, talk to someone, something before it's too late," he said.

"You're next in line. Please wait your turn," she repeated.

If she wasn't a woman, he would have punched her already. At least then he would receive the attention he needed. Didn't anyone understand? There was a dead body in a bed in an apartment- just laying there.

"Mr. Walker, please come forward. Detective Morrison will speak with you now," the receptionist said.

"Why, thank you," he said with sarcasm as he took a bow. He walked over to the desk that read 'Morrison' and took a seat. He waited a full four and a half minutes and was about to complain as soon as he saw a cheerful-looking man walk towards him.

Please don't be Morrison. Please don't be Morrison, he prayed silently.

"Hello, there! I'm Detective Morrison," said the cheerful man. Matthew looked as though he wanted to be electrically shocked to death. "How may I be of service to you?"

"Hi," he said exasperated. He wanted to wipe that cheerful smile off that man's face. "My name is Matthew Walker. I found my sister's dead body in her bed this morning."

As if on cue, a frown started to form on the detective's face. Matthew was pleased- internally, of course. He was still disturbed with the sight he saw earlier.

"Right and do you know anything of the crime? Specifically, did anything seem out of the ordinary with your sister in the days before her death?"

"I haven't spoke with her for days. It's not like her to not call me each day. She just moved out on her own- got her own place for the first time. Our parents passed away, so I'm all she has left; she's all I had left. She would have told me if something was wrong with her."

"No offense, Mr. Walker," he started.

"Please call me Matt."

"Okay, Matt. No offense, but what if she didn't call you because she is searching for her independence?"

"No. I've lived with her my entire life. She has called me every day for the past six months. Not one day missed," he assured the cop.

"Okay. Let me make a quick phone call. I'm going to transfer you to the homicidal unit. They can accommodate your needs a little better than I can," the detective said.


He waited nearly ten minutes in the waiting room before someone decided he wasn't there for laughs.

"Sir, come with me. Sit in this room," an attractive lady said.

He obliged happily. He sat down in an interrogation room that couldn't see out from the inside. No means to communicate to the outside world until someone else came it. Another male detective accompanied by a female detective came in shortly.

"Yes, I hear that you found your sister's dead body in her bed this morning," the male detective spoke first.

"That's right. I'm Matthew Walker. I didn't get your names," he said.

"I am Detective Palmer and this is Detective Johanson. I apologize. Okay, moving on. Do you make daily visits to your sister?"

"No. I only came over because I haven't heard from her in a few days- three to be exact. She calls me everyday without fail. I figured she might be busy with a job so I didn't worry the first two days, but by the third day, I was panicking. I went earlier this morning to check on her and the door was unlocked. I went to her room and I thought she was sleeping until I started to shake her and didn't get a response..." he trailed off.

"Continue please."

"That's when I saw the slit on her throat," he said and buried his face in his arms.

Without regard to his reaction, Detective Johanson asked, "Did she seem worried or anxious the last time you spoke? Anything that would clue you in to this?"

"Are you asking if I knew this was going to happen and I could have prevented this?" he grew defensive.

"No, sir. She is asking if she had a hint of worry in her voice on the phone during the last conversation," Detective Palmer recovered.

"Then, no. She seemed like her happy self," he said.

"Okay. Can you fill out these forms for us? We will leave for her place shortly after you finish writing. You can stay here or sit in the lobby," the female detective said.

Figuring he would have to deal with the receptionist if he sat in the lobby, he opted for the dreary room instead. After ten minutes of paperwork, they were on their way to Caroline's apartment.


"This way. Her bedroom is over here," Matthew said directing the crime scene investigators and the detectives. The apartment reeked of death.

Leading the way, Matthew opened the bedroom door. They all walked inside.

"Where's the body? I thought you said it was on the bed?" Detective Palmer asked.


The End

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