read it and see, and if it's any good I will write a sequel, if not...

'"I can't do this anymore!" I roared. Bounding over to her I grabbed her shoulders, shaking her roughly as the words poured out, "I want you, I must have you, let me be with you, I can give you everything you want," I stopped then, my hands like vices on her slender arms, smooth and cool, "but no, not everything," I looked up at her shaken face through my fringe, she recoiled at the lust, "I will have you," I sneered. Laughter erupted from my throat, tearing like a wolf and with feral speed I grabbed the small of her back, making her back arch and placed my teeth at her throat, lust boiling in my stomach with the gut wrenching desire to tear out her throat and gulp down that beautiful red liquid.

"I gently pecked her neck, grabbed her head and kissed her forehead. Leaving my mark all up her arm and before I knew it, passionately, all inhibitions thrown aside, grabbed her thigh and kissed her on the mouth, several times before she started to kiss back, the warmth flooding through her, making her blush. Oh how I wanted that blood, it spurred my appetite. I pushed her to the couch and she grabbed me, pulling me in, my toxic scent lulling her into a sexual hypnotism.

"That was when it happened, I could not restrain myself, and it tasted so good. but you know what, I'd do it again" he was almost in a trance.

"what did you do?" the officer asked.

"I married her, thank god," The vampire smiled and sat down, indents where his nails had dug into the table, leaving his fingers bleeding.

The officer frowned, "so how did she end up dead in your living room?"

"Oh, that" the vampire put his head in his hands, a small trickle of diamond tears fell from his mask, glistening on the table, "that" he repeated, and picked up his chair in a flurry, throwing it in a corner where it fell in a pile of splinters. His maginicent pearl white teeth where visible, letting out a guttural moan.

"He did it, the other one, is he here, 'cos I'd really like to see him" the vampire paced the interrogation room, sniffing loudly and muttering incoherently.

Finally the officer stood up and walked to the door, before he opened it he turned round, "You're a bloody nutjob mate, sort your head out, 'cos you're goin' to jail for a long time, there was nobody else," he put his hand on the handle.

"What about the man, the one who tried to make me kill her, who told me he'd do it if I didn't, then I blacked out and he killed her, that man."

"That was you, you ever looked in a mirror?" The officer left the room and two policemen walked in, they carried sticks and advanced slowly.

The vampire looked at his hands, fresh with blood, hers. "No" you idiot, kill them and get out of here, "no!" the policemen turned at each other, do you want me to do it instead? The beast cocked it's head and smiled. The policemen jumped, "NO!"

The End

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