my limbs ached and moved lethargically. but I was caught up in a world of senses I'd never thought could exist. I saw everything at once. the dust motes that floated through the air were captivating. I saw each individual speck of dust swirl at it's own rhythm and hit the light differently from the one beside it. like snowflakes. pieces of dust were individual. I never knew that. 
I also thought differently. I had many different trains of thought at one. I was looking at the dust motes and thinking about them. but I was also concentrating on the feeling of air as  I passed through it. it no longer hit my skin and cut around me, but I seem to part it on my own, and the feeling was unbelievable, there's no way to describe it. 
and then while living up the sensations of my new sight and touch, my hearing! from where I sat- upright on the metal table that I'd been sitting on for about four days now, I estimated-  I could hear cars a while off, and the sound of breathing closer, near my cell. I couldn't hear any heart. from anywhere in the near vicinity.
I could smell food. but it smelled....unappetizing. I knew I hadn't eaten for days, and that before- which was very blurry and hard to find- I was starving.
but now.... 
then I found it. my other sense.
and it assailed me .
I was starving.
but not for food. 
I didn't know what I needed. but my mouth watered with the thought of sinking my teeth into something that had that taste to it. I could almost place it....
I felt something touch my tongue and I reached up to put my fingers in my mouth experimentally. my eyes widened and I didn't comprehend. it must be some trick of the mind.
the enhanced senses.... the craving... the loss of memory..... everything..... the teeth.....
one word echoed through my mind and I couldn't comprehend any of it, or what it meant.
but these things didn't exist, they were things of fairy tales and monster stories meant to scare children. they couldn't exist. it was impossible. 
"actually, it's quite possible. you are. I am. we are. actually, pretty much everything you can think of that didn't exist, does, in some place or other, but I won't bore you with that stuff right now. right now, I bet you're just starving" it was the man from before. he looked more vivid now. I had turned around to stare at him. even now. I didn't trust him. I heard scuffling coming down the hallway.
I heard the sound of blood rushing through a pumping heart. I heard it skip and my mouth watered my....fangs....I had trouble thinking of them as anything but normal canines..... they decended again and I saw a boy. maybe ten years old being dragged in by his hair. I smelled salt water tears from his eyes and the tangy sweet smell of something my intuition told me was fear. I hated myself for liking it. 
"we brought you a little something. a snack, as it were. it won't near end the hunger. nothing really does, but he'll give you something to live off of until we can find you someone better, and teach you a little self control."
I was horrified. he smiled tight lipped and tossed the boy onto the floor in front of the table, that I was now leaning against. somewhere in the middle of his talking I'd stood up. now I leaned back as far as I could and tried to not think about the boy on his knees in front of me.
Klarc left the room and locked the door. 
the boy shivered with fear and the effort I exerted made my eyes roll back in my head.
I clawed my way across the table and into the opposite corner. through clenched teeth I told him that if he could kindly get as far away from me as possible, and calm down, stop being afraid, and slow his heartbeat, I wasn't going to eat him, he could relax. he just had to stay...over....there.
he listened.
it made little to no difference. I was still barely keep myself from tossing the table out of the way and ripping his throat open- NO! no more. don't think about it. 
I felt it when it became night. the hunger got stronger. I honestly didn't think it was possible. I was wrong. it didn't really double, it was just enhanced and I became aware of little things that made the hunger- the red hot pain in my throat, the chewing in my stomach, the agony- even worse.
I sighed through clenched teeth. it came out as a whimper.
this was going to be a  long night.

it lasted long then it should have. the morning came and with it the enhanced hunger left. that didn't make it any better. I was exhausted and in an excruciating amount of pain. they must have waited hours when Klarc came back.
"why are you doing this to yourself? you know youw ant to feed off him, you know you're starving. why do you hurt youself?" his eyebrow turned down and he frowned.
"if you cannot take this mear childs life then I cannot let you live as a vampire. you would endanger our race and our very way of life"
I looked at him through blurry eyes. and with great difficulty I managed
"then kill me now. I won't hurt a defenceless child to appease myself. fuck you, just kill me now and get it over and done with" I mustered up what was left of my energy and spat on the floor in front of him. he grimaced and looked at me as if I was a dying animal that he wished he could crush under his shoe, but that might ruin the leather so chose to ignore me instead.
"very well. I'll be ack shortly. you won't live another sun up." he sniffed and then left, picking up the boy in the process and dragging him out of his corner once again by his hair.
i was stunned.
a few moments later two burly things that weren't quite human came bustling in to carry me away to my death 


The End

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