The Wake After DeathMature

I opened my eyes and blinked. my thoughts and memories swam and my head spun. I became aware of the feeling of cold metal underneath me and I frowned a little trying to stop the chaos running around in my head. I stopped thinking and my frowned deepened. where the HELL am I? I sat up and looked around me. 
it was dark, but there was a little yellowish light coming from a small light  sitting beside me on the ground. I set my feet on the ground experimentally and got up. I was still dressed. I thought back to the hospital.
I gasped.
I spun around wildly looking for him. I panicked and flung myself onto the floor , right up next to the wall. that when I realized that this room wasn't rectangular. it was a cylinder. this answered NONE of my questions, but gave me more. so there I sat, on the floor, in the middle of somewhere, in a room in the middle of nowhere.
I don't know how long I sat there for. hours, minutes. but I went through the events of the night at the hospital. I remembered most of it.
I ran my hands up my neck casually.
I stopped when I left several bumps. I ran my hands over the entire surface of my neck. they weren't bumps, they were holes. like chunks of my skin were missing. they had healed some what, although it hurt to touch them. this further confused me; htese chunks were missing out of my jugular. I should be dead, like I was supposed to be. 
what had he done to me?
a shiver ran down my spine.  could voices. I didn't know where they were coming from. then I noticed the door. it was hard to see, in the dark. the voices grew louder. more distinct. I started panicking. my eyes searched the room for something, anything. finally my eyes settles on the table. the metal table I'd woken up on.  I ran toward it and tossed myself onto it, lying down and closing my eyes. I struggled to even out my breathing. the voices were at the door. I heard a key turn in the lock and the hinges scrape open.
"... strictly prohibited to not bring back any more! I told him this, might as well have talked to a bricking fucking wall" the first voice was male and deep, had the tone of a pissed off father in law. his shoes made very little sound as he walked over to where I laid.
"has she woken up yet?" the first voice asked
"not yet, I don't think" the second voice. also male. a little higher, more boyish. 
I stirred lightly, sick of "sleeping". I wanted answers
"ah, right on time." the first voice muttereed under his breath. I opened my eyes and blinked.
"who the hell are you ?" I asked. I didn't bother with pleasantries or fake half-asleep talk, I wanted answers, and I wanted them now.
"we could ask you the same."
"I asked first."
he seemed to sigh inwardly.
"very well. I'm Klarc. this is Bryce." I looked at the other one. he glowered at me. I gave him a look much the same.
"where am I?"
"I can't tell you."
"can't tell you that either. what's your name?"
"I'm Emma." I said and sat up, as far away from them while still sitting on the table. Klarc looked at me and smiled darkly.
" are you now? well Emma. your release and safety all depends on your co-operation" he said it as smoothly as he could, but it felt like oil down my spine. he made me sick.
"co-operation with what?" I asked warily. he was vile. oily black hair slicked back and pale grey skin, like Asher. the boys complection was the same. grey.
" you'll find out" he said ominously, and then turned on his heels.
 and with that they left me there. I got one of my million questions answered.
I stayed in that cell undisturbed for three days. I was starving.
that's when the change began. 
it started with a feeling much like hunger, but it was underneath the hunger that gnawed at me incessantly. it was slow, burning.
in four hours I was screaming.
in six I was weeping
iin eight hours I'd passed out on the floor infront of the door. three of my nails were stuck in the metal of the door. 
when I woke back up I was on the table again.

but I was  seeing through new eyes..... 

The End

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