Vein AttemptsMature

yes, another vampire story
yes it's a love story
no one sparkles. no ones stupid. not a twlight inspired POS
sorry :)

I look up at the grey sky that threatens to rain soon. seems fitting. the grey doesn't match the green of the trees that line the pavement. it's hot and it's muggy, and it's so not perfect. which makes everything so fucking perfect it's laughable.

I don't laugh. I give one long hard pull of my last smoke, and choke back the fear and tears. I look at Brody and he glances back at me. he sighs. I do the same. I remind myself I want to do this. I remind myself I have to. he takes the three steps and closes the distance between us.
"you'll be fine. don't worry. won't hurt at all." he says and kisses my forehead. tears fall from his eyes. I don't believe him, and I don't mind the kiss. his boyfriend hugs me too.

"he's right hun, you'll be fine. be brave sugar. See you on the other side" he smiles and tightens his hug till it cuts off my air. he cries too. they tell me they love me.
I tell them I love them too. because I do, they're the closest thing I have to family now.
"Bye Adam. Bye Brody. I"ll miss you." I say. I choke on tears.
" Naw you won't. you won't have time" Brody smiles as the tears fall down his cheeks. I hug him again and then I give him our special sign. his sob racks his body and he does the sign back. Adam is sobbing openly and holding Brodys hand.
I turn around and walk through the hospital doors, hiding tears from them. I think of my life as I walk through the sterile white hallways and I think of my choice to give it up, as I walk over to the desk with the rather round woman sitting behind of it.
I smile at her and mutter a greeting.
she smiles back vaguely and asks me if she can help me.  She ignores my tear stained face.
there's no helping me, I'm lost now.
"yes, I want to sign up for the organ donation list?" I ask. my voice cracks. she stares at me skeptically.
"where are your parents?" she asks
"whose representing you?"
"I am. I have no family left"
" How old are you?"
"Old enough"
" do you have papers to confirm your age?"
I reach into the pocket of my wind breaker and pull out a folded piece of paper and a card. I unfold it and give her my birth certificate and my health card.
 she eyes them suspiciously and looks up at me. she triple checks them and then she sets them down on her desk
"are you sure, dear?"
" yes" I say. my voice leaves little room for compromise and she looks at me with tired eyes and sighs. she gives me my room number. I go to the top floor of the hospital and find my room.
I walk inside and find the little closet that I can hang up my dress in. I walk over to the bed and lie down on it experimentally. I close my eyes and fold my arms on my solar plexus. I hope for the best. I expect the worse.
tears fall from my eyes freely and I wish that death would claim me now so I don't have to be so sad before I go.
" so, giving up on life are we?" I hear someone say.
I open my eyes. it's dark out now.I'd fallen asleep. I look around and I see someone sitting in the chair in the corner of the room. I sit up in the bed and shake the sleep from my head. I look at him warily. I don't say anything
" lemme see. Parents dead. no family. two loved ones, who just so happen to be dying. no one to love, no one who loves you, no future, nothing to live for. about right?"
I look at him and I feel fear creep up and down my spine.
"well, if I reconsidered my decision now, it'd be criminal" he says and smiles a toothy grin, remind me of the cheshire cat.
he has white teeth, they shine in the moonlight filtering nicely through the window. 
"who are you ?" I ask. my voice is weak and scratchy. he Smiles wider and get up from the seat. the movement is fluid and doesn't seem to affect his balance or his muscles. he walks over to the bed and I try to get off. I don't judge the distance well enough I guess because his hand is on my ankle, and I can't comprehend what happened. he seemed to be moving to fast, but that can't happen. his hand trails firmly up my leg to rest of the top of my thigh and I am very, very scared. I look up at him.
" My name is Archer. I'm  a Collector." he says and smiles again. he's terrifiying. I've never been this scared and I'm shaking, but I still ask:
"a collector of what?"
"well, people like you, my dear! I collect people like you, and I give you something better"  
his voice is lilting and it is the voice you use when talking to a small child. he is taller then I am and his skin is grey. his hair is light, it looks white, but I'm not sure because I'm concentrating on his eyes. his eyes are black. the whites are small, and very white.  but his eyes are black. still I notice he must be in his early thirties. but his eyes are black, and they scare me about as much as his presence.
I don't understand what he's talking about, but his hands trails up from my thigh, up my stomach, in between my breasts and he is holding my neck. I'm hyperventilating and I can't scream. 
"you wanted to die" he says. his voice is defensive and apologetic.
I still can't scream. but his  head falls down on top of my neck and I stop breathing.
There is nothing but blackness and my last thought is this is not how I wanted to die. 

The End

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