When he looked into her eyes, it was like Vegas. He found himself in a casino, being the insanely lucky winner. Oh, and what a prize she was. Alice simply sparkled like a thousand glittering jewels nestled amongst the unappealing dark. He couldn’t help but want to stroke her hair and tell her that very truth that made his heart thump just a little harder. But Gene was a very quiet man, reclusive even among his closest allies. And for such a man like him to tell Alice that she was, in fact, the object of his most sincere affection would be laughable at best. So he watched her from across the table waiting to claim his prize like he always had.  Dreaming of her angelic face to be close to his, enough so that he could whisper the three words that were always on his mind. But for now, he’ll just have to settle for Vegas.

The End

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