September 8th, 2277

Running through the abandoned building, Lillian knows she is almost to the exit. She knows it's close by, but isn't exactly sure where it is. She turns a corner, and realizes she made a wrong turn; instead of the stairs she expected, the hallway stretching out in front of her comes to an end. She turns back just as the rad-scorpions appear at the end of the hallway she just cam down. Lillian opens the first door on her left, and slams the door closed.

Frantic, Lillian starts grabbing everything in the room, and throwing it in front of the door. Wondering how long her quickly erected barricade will last, she starts exploring the room for anything she may he able to use as a weapon.

Looking in the far corner, she notices a door behind a fallen filing cabinet. She lifts up the cabinet and drags it away from the door. Opening the door, she finds a mostly empty room, containing nothing but a desk, old wooden chair, and two small windows looking out onto the wasteland.

She smashes the chair, brandishing one piece as a weapon, and smashes one of the windows out. Looking down, she notices she is only on the second floor... and there is a dumpster directly beneath the window.

She squeezes through the window, slips, falls hard onto the dumpster, and rolls onto the ground. She lays on the ground for a moment, the unexpected impact having disoriented her, and pushed the air from her lungs. After catching her breath and regaining her senses, she takes a brief moment to privately enjoy her escape from the rad-scorpions.

Standing with her back to the building, she observes her surroundings for the first time, realizing she must be on the opposite side of the building from where she entered. Directly in front of her she spots an old car garage about 50 feet away.

Since she scavenged nothing from the building she just jumped from, she decided to search the garage, and hopefully find something she can make some caps selling. As she starts walking she hears a muffled scream, followed by a muffled bang and another scream, coming from the garage.

Approaching the garage slowly, Lillian listens carefully, trying to determine what could be causing those sounds. She takes a few steps, stops, listens, then repeats this process until she is about 10 feet from the garage.

Hearing nothing, she stands fully alert, while the seconds slip by, turning to minutes. After a few minutes, Lillian decides to continue her approach to the garage. Reaching out tentatively to the door knob, she turns the knob and slowly opens the door, allowing a rectangle of light to spread across the garage floor. Noticing nothing out of place, she takes a step into the garage, and waits for her eyes to adjust.

She hears more than sees movement to her left. She immediately drops to the ground, while rolling forward into what she realizes is the remains of another human.  Realizing this was the source of the screams, she ignores the blood and gore on her feet and legs.

She quickly jumps to her feet, and turns around to see the source of this poor soul's demise.  She looks up, into the massive form of a super mutant standing over her, blocking the still open door, and her only means of escape. The  mutant stands still for a moment, holding in it's hand a large, dangerous looking object. It appears to be a large mace-like object, so large Lillian doubts she could even lift the handle.

The super mutant lifts the object over his head, and steps forward, preparing to crush Lillian with one swing of it's massive arm. But Lillian has been in many dangerous situations before while scavenging the wasteland, and on pure instinct, she agains drops the the ground as the mutant starts his swing, and she rolls away from the mutant, his weapon swinging harmlessly over her head. She pops back to her feet, trying to make a quick exit through the doorway, slips in a puddle of blood, and falls through the doorway, landing in a heap in the dirt outside the garage.

Laying face first, she tries to scramble to her feet, but the slip and fall has her knee screaming in pain. Unable to stand up, she rolls over to the sight of the super mutant standing over her, a murderous gleam in his eye. Lillian can now see the super mutant's weapon clearly now, and it feels her full of fear and dread. A sold piece of steal larger than her torso, attached to a giant handle, it's weapon is larger than Lillian realized.

As the super mutant raises the weapon, Lillian closes her eyes, awaiting the death she knows is immanent. Surprising calm, she lays with her eyes closed, knowing her death is approaching, yet not able to shake this overwhelming feeling that this isn't happening to her. She knows this is real, the pain in her knee being a constant reminder that she did in fact fall, but she still has this odd feeling this is happening to someone else.

Then she realizes, "I'm still alive, but why am I still alive. I should be dead."

She opens her eyes just a crack, peering into the darkness around her, where seconds ago it was daylight. Assuming she must have blacked out, Lillian sits up, observing her surroundings when the memories of the previous day, the run from the bloat flys, and the fall, return to her. Everything else was only a dream.

The End

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