Vault 83

Friday, September 7th, 2277

​Lillian takes the final three steps, and sits down on what appears to be the remains of a park bench. She sets down her bag of supplies, and digs until she finds what she is looking for…a canteen of clean water. She takes a swig, secretly wishing it was cold, but she reminds herself warm water is better than no water.

​Lillian looks around, and sees nothing but the same wasteland she has been looking at for the last two weeks. She knows from various maps and pre-war books she has studied that she in an area that was once known as Ohio. But that was before the Great War, before the near death of the planet. Now it’s a wasteland.

​Only 38 years old, Lillian Beatty appears to be closer to 50. Her long, sandy brown hair is already starting to shows signs of gray. Her face also betrays her age; from wrinkles caused by living in these harsh conditions, and from her brown eyes reflecting wisdom beyond her years.

​Sitting on the bench, she stretches, revealing a thin, muscular frame. She digs through her bag, double checking her supplies of food, water and ammunition; something she finds herself doing more often these days.

​One look at the sky confirms for her what her body has been telling her…it’s getting late. She grabs a box of Sugar Bombs to eat, and starts to load her gear back up. After a quick look at her Pip-Boy, to check the time and level of radiation in her body, she takes another small drink, and starts moving to the North East.

​She estimates she has about three hours of daylight, and knows it’s going to take about an hour to set up camp for the night. This means the next two hours need to be dedicated to finding a suitable location. Noticing a large hill in the distance, Lillian picks up her pace, her instincts are kicking in, and she believe over this hill will be her camp location for the evening.

​Step after step, she moves forward, until half an hour later, she crests the top of the hill. As she looks out, her mouth drops open, and her eyes widen in amazement. Lillian is looking into a valley, and in this valley is a town. A complete town, all buildings appear, from this distance, to be intact. She can see artificial lights, which implies electricity. She can even see green living things. “Plants she exclaims as the memory of what she is looking at returns to her.

​In her mind, the town before her is the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. From this distance, the entire area seems to cover about five acres…and none of that area is wasteland.

​“It’s all so green,” she says aloud, still stunned, “I wonder what it would be like to live in a place like that”?

​In her earlier days as a scavenger, the sight before her would have sent her running directly towards the town, and whatever trouble could be awaiting her. But years of scavenging the wasteland have taught her patience, and instead of running, she crouches down, and simply waits, watching the town for any sign of safety…or danger.

​Lillian looses track of time, and now she looks around and notices she has about 15 minutes of day light. The town is at least a two hour walk from her current location, so there is no chance she will get there before dark. Searching around for an alternate location, she notices a building off to her right, and it still appears to be intact, although obviously abandoned. She knows she won’t get there before dark, but she’s fairly certain this is her only change tonight.

​The sun sets as she continues on her way to the building. She can no longer see exactly where she is going, but the terrain hasn’t been rough, and it’s slightly down hill. She is making batter time than she expected.

​Lillian reaches behind her, putting away her 9mm pistol, and grabs her canteen when a slight buzzing noise attracts her attention. Immediately, she freezes and listens again, trying to determine the location and source of the noise.

​As the volume and intensity of the buzzing increase, Lillian suddenly realizes the source. “Bloatflys,” she says aloud, then turns and runs, towards the building. Arms and legs pumping, she runs as quick as her body will move, looking behind her to try to keep an eye out for the bloatflys. It’s too dark to see them, but Lillian can tell from the sound that they are getting closer, and there are too many of them for her to fight alone.

​Just as her desperation to escape turns to hope that she will make it, she hears something thump the ground to her right, then to her left. It takes a few of the thumps for her to realize the bloatflys are too close for her to escape. She stops, pulling her 9mm pistol from her pouch. She turns, planning to take some of the creatures down with her. She takes a stop back, planning to plant her back foot to shoot, but her back foot continues down, past the point where the ground should be. She looses her balance, dropping her gun in the attempt to regain her footing. Then, all is darkness, as her entire body experiences the sensation of falling.

​To tired to scream, Lillian accepts death as she continues to fall. After what seems like hours, but is actually seconds, she lands on something solid. Her breath escapes her body with an audible whoosh sound, and the last thing she notices before the darkness completely eclipses her, is a red flashing light reflecting off a large piece of metal.

The End

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