Life's Cruellest Lesson: Mild HorrorMature

Chloe had been eleven when she'd learnt life's cruellest lesson...

On a warm, sunny day in late July, eleven-year-old Chloe had wandered down to the roadside field, where horses were kept. On arrival, she'd looked over the silver, metal gate, and seen two horses, one was bay and one was appaloosa, a grey pony, and a foal, the most beautiful foal. It couldn'thave been more than a few weeks old, with long, thin, spindly legs and a body so fragile that every bone in its skeleton formed a clearly-outlined ridge beneath its coat. The foal's coat was golden-brown and dark-tipped.

Chloe had come back every day for two weeks to see the foal.

Then one day, she arrived at the gate and saw only the two horses and the pony. The foal had disappeared.

Being a curious young girl, too curious for her own good, Chloe climbed over the gate and crossed the field, the horses watching her warily from a distance.

At the end of the feild, their was a patch of rough, scraggly shrubs and bushes, and unwanted items discarded among them. Chloe ventured into the thicket of the mess. Then she saw it...

The foal, tangled in thrown-away barbed wire and mesh, its body practically torn open, innards oozing through enormously deep wounds. So much blood for such a little animal, wire tearing through fur and flesh. The foal was barely alive. Chloe started to pull the bits of wire out, but was only making it worse, more blood pouring out. At last she just lay down next to the young foal, sobbing convulsively, blood staining her clothes. It died next to her.


And that was how Chloe learnt life's cruellest lesson - everyone that you love will eventually be taken from you.

The End

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