A Life For A Life: Mild HorrorMature

Amy stepped out of one of the cubicles in the girls' bathrooms of her school. She'd clearly been crying, her face was blotched to patches of pink and white, and wet with tears, damp tendrils of her long, auburn hair was plastered to her face.

Everyone else was in class. All the tormentors locked away for another two hours.

"I can't do this anymore."

She whispered to her reflection, in the mirror above the sink. Then she opened her schoolbag and began looking for her technical-graphics box. Unlocking the tech-graph box, she found the pointed, silver compass. The compass that she'd used so many times to carve words like 'ugly' into her skin.

She retreated back into a cubicle, locking the door. She began hacking at her wrists, drawing blood, slicing deeper until the meagre drips of pink-red became a hot, flowing stream of crimson. Amy lay down, feeling weaker as the blood spilled onto the floor and seaped out under the door of the cubicle. Shortlty afterwards, she died.


Half an hour later, a girl named Liz who had enjoyed tormenting Amy, walked in, checking her reflection in the mirror.

Just as she was about to walk away, another reflection appeared in the mirror. The face of Amy, scarred and tear-stained, appeared as if trapped behing the glass. "Why?" the reflection of Amy screeched, trying to smash through the glass. "Why did you do this to me? Why did you kill me?" She shrieked.

Liz screamed and screamed, before turning away, and spotting the blood leaking out from under the cubicle. She opened the door, and saw Amy's lifeless body. Liz fainted dead away, cracking her head against the base of the sink, cracking her skull.

Justice...a life for a life....

The End

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