Blind Faith And Academic Hell: Mild HorrorMature

Helena entered the school's chapel, only to see a terrible sight. All around the polished marble floor lay students, surrounded by pools of blood. The sunlight streaming through the blood-splattered stained-glass window bathed the room in colour that was too cheerful for the disaster.

She walked over to the corpse of one girl that she'd known. The girl had an unusual bruise on her chest. The bruise was the shape of a distorted heart, purple-blue with a bleeding, deep scar in the centre, and a long gash under her ribcage.

Leaving the corpses, Helena slowly made her way up to the altar. She looked behind it, before recoiling, shudders of revulsion racking her.

A heap of human hearts, oozing blood and still pulsing mechanically,

Helena flinched, but knew that she had to investigate. She closed her eyes and plunged a hand into the stack of hearts. Feeling something more scaly underneath them, she closed her hand around it and pulled it out.

A small, lizard-like creature, with slit-like eyes and needle-looking fangs was what she discovered. In its mouth was a piece of one of the hearts, teeth clamping down on it so that blood poured out.

Helena screamed, running from the room and away from the school, never to return.

The End

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