Snake-Murder-Scene: Mild HorrorMature

Clara opened the door slowly, scared. She had noticed that the pane of glass near the top had been smashed and splintered. Though she expected to see some form of a murder-scene, nothing could prepare her for the horrific sight in the living-room.

A woman, about thirty-two years old, lay dead on the floor. Her eyes had been gouged out, and small, black spiders were crawling in huge amounts from the empty, bleeding eye-sockets. Parts of her body had been hacked apart by blade, visible through her dress, which was slashed and blood-stained. The strangest thing about the scene, was two glossy black-scaled snakes, with wide eyes that were completely white, were twisting around the woman's neck, bruises visible on the parts of her neck that weren't concealed by the coils of scales.

Clara ran upstairs to finish investigating the scene. Some splatters of blood were on the stairs, the floor and the walls.

In the next room, the discovery was equally terrible.

Two young girls, one aged eight, one aged five, lay in their beds, pools of blood all around them, wrists and throats slit. Two more snakes were around each of their necks, all pale, thin, glossy white ones, with crimson eyes.


Back downstairs, Clara found a bloodstained note pinned to the doorframe of the living room. It read -


I said you were going to pay for what you did to me. I always keep my word. I hope you rot in hell, bitch. Anna and Keri didn't have to die. It's your fault, you made me do it. I only hope your death was PAINFUL.

The note, obviously, wasn't signed. But the message was scarring, Clara could hardly read the crazed scrawl, but what she could read disgusted her, scared her.


The End

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