Variations of songs just because it's fun

I rewrote or added to some songs because it's fun!

This would be a good third verse for Love Like You, I think:

I can't believe it's all gone wrong, now there's nothing we can do, I'm just hoping by the end, that I'll end up more like you.........

What if Little Talks wasn't a duet?...........

I don't like walking around this old and empty house

There's nobody to hold my hand here

The stairs creak as I sleep, it's keeping me awake

It's not the house telling me to close my eyes

Some days I can't even dress myself, it's just killing me I've ended up this way

Though the truth may vary this ship will carry on, I'm better safe than sure

There's an old voice in my head that's holding me back, I'll tell her that I miss our little talks

Soon this will be over and buried with my past

I used to play outside when I was old and full of life and all alone

Some days I don't know if I am wrong or right

My mind is playing tricks on me, I fear

Though the truth may vary this ship will carry on, I'm better safe then sure

Don't listen to a thing I say, it all just sounds the same, and though the truth may vary this ship will carry on, I'm better safe then sure

Now I'm gone, gone, gone away, I ve all but disappeared

All that's left is the ghost of me

Now I'm torn, torn, torn apart, there's nothing left to see

If I dare stay, I'll leave again soon

No, I'll stay, stay, stay here, just hang around, I'll feel this when I fall asleep


Also one last thing about that song. If you go listen to it, none of the words actually rhyme. Ha ha I know right crazy.

On a Tropical Island/Be Wherever You Are mash-up?

Be Wherever You Are On a Tropical Island?

Isn't this such a beautiful night? 

we're underneath the molten lava moon

Hanging with the hula dancers

Ask 'em questions, 'cause they got all the answers

Isn't it nice to find yourself somewhere different, why don't you let yourself just be wherever you are?

Or something like that.........

Also this mash-up would work super duper well: The Reason I Like Anime/I Like Giants=The Reason I Like Giants

I don't want to write it though.


The End

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