Varian Chronicles

Squadmaster Varian Kloger had an uneasy feeling that he and his squad were under surveillance but all of his neuro-transplant sensors were blank. This feeling was with him since they had landed in mb-31 sector and taking charge of protecting Eco Construction Unit. He reviewed the mission briefing in his mind reader once more. There shouldn’t have been any major security threat in this sector. But nevertheless the feeling persisted. He transmitted the order to his squad to form *-chaos formation around the construction site. It was 17 hours since they had arrived. The briefing has nothing as to what was the task of EcoC unit except a vague notion of setting up an EcoCom station. And they didn’t show any sign of progress which was unusual in itself. Kloger was about to question the unit leader that suddenly it happened.

He couldn’t believe what his enhanced neurosensors showed him. The whole landscape before him was changing. The lush tropical view was transforming into glowing sight of what he could recognize as a huge ancient building. And it was not just visual; he got same readings in full spectrum, from IR to UV. His squad members and EcoC unit workers were actually disintegrating before him. One by one all of them were going off his sensors. He was anticipating the same fate for himself but all that he could sense was a resonating inertial vibration. And then the next moment it was total oblivion.

The End

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