Chapter 28Mature

I woke with a start, I was still on the same bench I was on last night with a fancy black velvet coat draped around me. I went to sit up and examined myself to see if I was actually still alive or if I was just an illusion. I felt here in the now, but something seemed a bit off. I held my left hand up and noticed the Sapphire Diamond had turned into a Black Diamond, sparkling so strong in the morning sun. For some reason it gave me peace, not anxiety and I just smiled. I looked around the park and noticed that it was still pretty early. The sun had just risen exposing the dense fog that was moving across the park. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and just live in the moment. When I slowly opened my eyes I heard a voice, “Beautiful, isn’t it?”

I quickly turned my head to find my Father Kane, the same man who not only abandoned me once, but twice when I needed him most. But, for some reason I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and hear him out. “Beautiful, doesn’t do this scene justice, I would say Majestic. I wish I could just live in this forever. No Varations, and Vampria’s dictating my every move.”

Still looking to the distance, he smiled, “I wish it was that easy for you. I never wanted your life to be like this, mixed up in this Vampire politics. I always wanted for you to be normal, live a long, healthy, fulfilled life that you could be proud of. Your mother and I always wanted to protect you from all of this. That protection came at a price, a price your mother was willing to pay.”

“What are you talking about? Xavier mentioned the same thing, she died in a car crash, is there something I’m not in the know about?”

He turned to me and put a gentle hand on my shoulder to brace me for what he was about to say, “My dear, sweet Charlemagne you are right, your mother did die in a car crash, but you and Armada were right there in the car with her.”

“What? I would’ve remembered a horrific car crash, and if she died of the impact, that same impact would’ve killed us all. I saw the report, the car was so damaged no one would’ve survived that, I don’t care who you are.”

“You and Armada were too young to remember, she staged it just right.”

“Meaning what? Staging what? I don’t understand!” I huffed.

He closed his eyes, and took a deep breath, “Your mother staged the car accident to make it look like there would be no survivors, so the Varation’s and the Vampria’s would stop this battle. She made it so she faked yours and Armada’s death, so that you two could go on and live your lives outside of all this.”

I was so full of rage, but for some reason I was able to contain it within myself, “She gave you two beautiful children, raised them, and sacrificed her life, and what did you do? Stand by, and watch it all unfold? Couldn’t get your hands dirty, no sacrifice on your part, you make me sick!” I went to stand up, and Kane grabbed a hold of my arm to stop me.

“I did sacrifice a lot, having children with a witch instead of a Vampire was a huge risk, a risk I was willing to take because I loved her so much. I was destined to be with another according to the book of Varation, but I decided fuck the book, it’s not going to dictate my life and what I stand for. But as soon as you were born, all Hell broke loose and there was a battle of who the future aire of Kane was going to rule.”

“I was fucking born a Varation, it should have been a no brainer.”

“You have so much to learn, but the first thing you should know and always take with you is that your mother and I both love you and Armada so much, and everything that was done was to protect you.”

I put my left hand up to my forehead, I was trying to take this all in and process it, but I felt so off. I wanted to know more, but I needed to get home and face my husband who I’m sure is having a field day with my disappearance and has sent out a search team.

“Charlemagne, where did you get that diamond?”

I pulled my hand away and examined the now Black Diamond, “Really? Didn’t you realize that I’m a full Vampire now? I’m married now.”

Kane stood straight up, and yanked my hand toward him, “Who?”

“Alexander Jeremiah Dante.”

His eyes glowed with furry, “Why is this diamond black? It’s supposed to be blue.”

“It was, then with my last encounter with Robert he beat me so much that I was starting to reject Alex’s blood for some reason. Then when you abandoned me, yet again Xavier somehow called me down and healed me, and then you showed up.”

“Do you mean Xavier Sinclair?”

“How do you know him? Another Varation you control, to clean up your messes?”

He took a step back, “It can’t be?”

I took a step toward him, “What can’t be?”

Kane looked down in confusion, looked back up at me, “I’m sorry.” And he was gone.

I shouldn’t be surprised anymore, sacrifice my ass, as far as I’m concerned he doesn’t even earn the title Dad.

I started to see early joggers make their way across the park. Well better make my exit before people start to notice a disheveled Varation Vampire with a velvet cloak around her person.

I took one last look at perfection, closed my eyes, and took a mental picture because for some reason I feel like this will be the last time for a while that I’ll ever be in complete peace.


The End

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