Chapter 27Mature

After the meeting with my husband, I decided to meet up with Armada for lunch. When I got to the elevators, even though there was a crowd of people waiting, no one would get on with me, what the fuck?

I took a deep breath, stared down the crowd as I pushed the close door button. At the last minute I saw a brief case catch the doors, and they opened back up. A man impeccably dressed, a suit that could even rival my husbands, was brave enough to step on. The door finally shut and the elevator started its descend down.

He turned to me and smiled showing his ever so perfect pearly whites, “Always have to give myself extra time, these damn elevators are so slow.”

“Tell me about it, I could write a biography on myself by the time I reach my destination, with time to spare.”

He chuckled, “Well either you have mad typing skills, or your story has just begun.”

I shrugged my shoulders, “Eh, my story isn’t that interesting, wouldn’t be on the best sellers list, you’d probably find it at the bottom of the bargain bin.”

The mysterious man shook his head, smiled, and held out his hand, “Well let me introduce myself to the best-selling bargain author, I’m Xavier, Xavier Sinclair.”

“I’m Charlemagne Ramsay.” I reached for his hand and as soon as our hands made contact, I felt a spark rush through me. What the Fuck? I looked down at our adjoined hands, then back up to meet his beautiful features, He was tall, on the leaner side, jet black hair that was styled to perfection, sharp features, and the most gorgeous eyes, bright blue with a hint of sapphire around the edges. I could get lost in those eyes for hours.

Still holding my hand, he was staring back at me he was expressionless, but there was something in his eyes, I couldn’t pin point it, but it was like his eyes were screaming something?

In a whisper, “Charlemagne-“ He was cut off by the loud ding of the elevator announcing its arrival. Once the doors opened, Alex was standing there, fuck! This is going to be swell.

Alex looked at our adjoining hands, and what happened next confused the Hell out of me, you see it wasn’t the hand holding that got Alex riled up, it was the person I was hand holding with.

“Charlemagne, Armada couldn’t get a hold of you, so she called me, she had to cancel so I decided that I would take you to lunch. Xavier I see that you met my wife, Charlemagne Dante.”

Xavier had a sadistic smile raised on his lips, “No I don’t believe I have, you see the woman I just met, said her name was Charlemagne Ramsay.”

Oh fucking great the man who is an enigma, just threw me under the bus, thanks a lot buddy.

Alex then shot daggers from Xavier to me, but still addressing Xavier, “Really? Well the marriage was last minute, and still very new. Allow me to introduce my wife Charlemagne Dante.”

I turned my head back to Xavier and just mumbled a hello. Xavier turned to me, smiled, and bowed, “Please to make your acquaintance, Mrs. Dante.” Ooo, that hurt especially when he emphasized on the Mrs. Whoo hoo Charlemagne, it’s your first day of marriage and you’re already fucking it up, high five.

When I looked up Alex and Xavier were staring each other down, what the hell? Why the Hell was Xavier continuing the stare down, it’s a fucking automatic lose, I’m already taken. You know what fuck this, if they want to stare into each other’s eyes till they both turn to stone, that’s fine with me.

I pushed passed them and stomped off not giving two shits if I was worthy enough to be pursued and by which man Hell I didn’t fucking care either, my blood sugar was low and I needed food.

After I walked what seemed like forever, I found a nice quiet hole in the wall restaurant. I made my way in and took a seat and hopefully I wasn’t recognizable to anyone to bring attention to my overbearing husband. I was handed a menu, but I couldn’t concentrate, why was this other man vying for my attention when my husband, a very old Varation Vampire Royalty staked his claim. I wanted Xavier to simply go away, but there was something about him that drew my attention. I don’t know what, but Alex noticed it and it pissed him off so maybe the subject is better left untouched, I need to move on, yeah that’s exactly what I need to do.

I opened my menu and my mouth started to water; so many choices but I didn’t want any of them.

I closed the menu and slammed the useless paper on the table in frustration.

There was so much on my damn mind; I leaned on the table and put my fingers to my strained temples and hoped that those two men would settle their differences and leave me the fuck out of it.

While I was in my conundrum, I heard a soft cough. I looked up to see Xavier sitting across from me giving me a small smile.

I sighed in frustration and made to get up, but his hand grabbed my arm to stop me, “Please, Charlemagne, I’m not trying to cause any trouble I just wanted to return this to you, it fell off while we were shaking hands.”

I looked down, and he produced my wedding ring. I sighed, looked into his pleading eyes, and sat back down.

After a couple of minutes I took the ring, and placed it back in its rightful place.

“Thank you, for returning it.”

“You don’t seem pleased.”

“I’m pleased that you were a big enough person to return it, I’m not pleased with the size of it.”

“You had no choice in the design?”

“It’s a long story, but in all actuality no I didn’t, it was already designed for me a long time before I said yes.”

He reached for my hand, ”May I?’

I don’t know what made me trust him but I gave him my hand that had the wedding ring, and he was examining it.

His hands were so gentle, moving across my hand as if trying to read me somehow. He smiled, and looked into my eyes, “I see that you’re simple, the small things in life bring you much joy and happiness. You’re not phased by material possessions. Family is very important to you; you would die for them if it were to save them, and especially your sister, something your mother did. You are so much like your father, but share the same qualities as your mother.”

I pulled my hand away, and stood straight up knocking over my chair, I started to shake, “My mother died in a car accident, you know nothing about my life, and especially me. I thank you for the return of my ring, but now I must go.” I ran past him and out the door, but as soon as I crossed the threshold I was in Central Park, What the Hell? I was looking around frantically until I heard a familiar voice, “Greetings Charlemagne, long time no see, no?”

I narrowed my eyes and turned around to find Robert, standing in his fucking Vampria glory, a sadistic smile on his lips.

“Not long enough. What the Fuck do you want Robert?”

He was buffing his nails on his very expensive coat, paying no mind to me, “Just a courtesy call, I see something different about you.” He ran up to me, stopped, closed his eyes and took a deep breath, “I see that you transformed, hmm with only minutes to spare, I got to hand it to Alexander, he wastes no time.”

“He wasted no time because he had no time you asshole! You sped up my time clock, I almost died thanks to you!”

He waved his hand in indifference, “Details, you’re here now.”

“Kiss my Royal Varation Vampire ass!” I turned to walk away, but Robert started to shout, “I will not be ignored!”

I saw red turned on my heel, and waved my hand in the air but nothing happened. Next thing I know I’m knocked on my ass. When I managed to gather my bearings I was kicked in the ribs, and knocked back down.

“You know for a new Vampire who has royal blood flowing through your veins I would expect you to be a Hell of a lot stronger.” As soon as he said that he kicked me again, “You give Vampires everywhere a bad name, how in the fucking world are you Kane’s daughter? I expected more from the aire of the first Vampire. You make me sick.” As he went to kick me again, he was tackled down to the ground by a force so fast that I didn’t recognize who came to my aid.  I held my hand out to absorb some kind of power that would help me break out of this shit storm.

“Charlemagne, sweetheart save your strength, I’ve got this. This man will never harm you again you have my word, my word as King, and my word is law.”

Once my adrenaline started to dwindle and my vision becoming clearer, I saw a man. Tall, dark, suave, wearing a sapphire blue suit, but the style seemed off, like it wasn’t a part of this generation, but more gothic like.

The man was lifting Robert up by the throat with no effort, “Now that I have your undivided attention listen good because I will not be repeating myself. You are done with this sadistic game of cat, and mouse, you fucked with the wrong Vampire. Seeing as my brother, the King of the Vampria’s doesn’t teach their royals manners, I guess I’ll have to give you a crash course.” He then proceeded to throw Robert 500 feet until he smacked against the cold, wet cracking Sandstone Bridge.

I went to go, and push myself of the icy ground when I started to cough uncontrollably, to the point that I was coughing up blood, and not just a few drops, but fucking clots of it. What the Hell? Why aren’t I healing, I’m a fucking Vampire! If I knew this was how my life was going to be, just as shitty as before I would’ve stuck to being a human, and save my fucking sanity.

The mysterious man gracefully walked over to Robert and picked him up again, “You see over there? That there is my daughter, MY flesh and blood, and the fact that you even laid a finger on her is a crime committed against the Varation Rule to the highest degree, and for that you shall be punished.”

Robert was chocking, grabbing on to the man’s death grip on his throat. ”Punished? For what? Making her do what was in her birthright? She’s a fucking Half-bred Varation Vampire Witch! You couldn’t even get that right! You I would expect to produce a full blooded Vampire, but like your daughter over there, you’re weak, stupid, and clearly unfit to rule.”

A smile produced on his lips, “You have it all figured out don’t you? You think because you have the protection the of Vampria Order, that I can’t touch you? Well guess what?” He started to squeeze harder and harder till Robert’s bones were starting to crack and pierce through his skin. “I’m the fucking definition of rule breaking, and I could give two shits what your Vampria King does, if he has a problem with my ruling, then by God send him here so I can kill him again!” With that Kane’s finger’s sliced through Robert’s neck like butter, and he was dead.

His hands clenched, covered in blood, head bowed over his latest kill, no remorse.

He looked up at me, anger in his face but as soon as he met my eyes, his anger was non-existent. Oh my God, I do have his eyes, this man, who abandoned us so long ago, who I knew nothing about, came to my aid, and killed without question.

As soon as he started to take a step towards me I was in inscrutable pain and I started coughing up more blood then before. He stopped dead in his tracks, and whispered, “I’m so sorry, please forgive me.” And he was gone.

I reached out, crying, still coughing, pleading, “No, please don’t leave me again, please! Dad!”

“Charlemagne! Hold on Sweetheart!” I was picked up with gentle arms and whisked away to a bench overlooking the lake. I looked up into the eyes of Xavier Sinclair, eyes of dedication, and calmness like he knew what he was doing.

“Xavier? What are you doing here? Listen, you need to take me to Alex.” I started coughing up more blood, I was starting to get embarrassed and started pathetically covering my mouth. I was starting to push off of him when he grabbed a hold of me, and seized my hand, and pulled it away from my face.

He stared intently into my eyes, “You won’t make it to Alex in time, besides he can’t help you, he’ll only make it worse.”

What the fuck? This man is now starting to scare me. He just met me, and he thinks he can tear me away from my Varation Royal husband, yeah fuck that. I have to get away.

“Get,” cough, “me,” cough, “home!” cough.

“Stop! You’re losing strength, and I can’t concentrate!”

“What the Hell are you talking about! Get me home to my fucking husband!”

He shook me, “Listen to me!” His eyes glowed ice blue with his fury, and frustration, “Your husband is the reason for your condition right now. You’re rejecting his blood and if he gives you more, You. Will. Die!”

I started to shake and went to slap him, but he held his hand up and met mine, his eyes still glowing. His hand laced with mine, and he placed are interlocked hands to his heart. Watching all of this unfold in front of me I heard his voice bringing me back, “Charlemagne, I’m here to help, stop fighting me. I would never in a million years let any harm come to you, so this one time I’m asking you to trust me.”

His glowing eyes pleading; there was something there that I couldn’t decode, so hidden in the depths of his soul that I don’t even think he could unearth. Something in me told me I could trust him, so I took a choking deep breath, “Alright. What do I have to do? I should let you know that if you do kill me, All Hell will break loose meaning my overbearing, possessive, pampas, nutcase, Varation Royalty King husband will break down the doors and kick your ass.”

He chuckled, “I have no doubt. Now, think of a place where you feel safe, and loved, close your eyes, and let your self go.”

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and thought of that place, where I felt safe, and loved, but why couldn’t I shake away the thought of that place being right here in Xavier Sinclair’s arms?

The End

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