Chapter 26Mature

I woke up the next morning feeling for once happy and content. Knowing that life isn’t so bad and I need to take a chill pill once in a while. And if that chill pill comes in the form of a sexy Varation Vampire who also is my husband, I’ll take as directed. I stretched my overworked aching muscles and reached over to my side, but only felt the coolness of my absent husband. I blinked my eyes open and glanced at the clock, ugh! Seven am, why!

I threw the covers off and made my way to the bathroom. Once I entered I walked by the mirror and had to do a double take. Oh my God! I look beautiful, my hair was fuller, the black circles under my eyes had vanished, and I looked healthy, and not a starving beggar on the verge of death like before. I reached up and examined my face, huh I’m still warm, I guess I’m not dead; at least I can still blend in. But if Alex thinks I’m going to blend in with his rich, uptight Asses he mingles with he’s got another thing coming. I may be his wife but he’s my husband and he’s going to have to respect the circles I run with. And there is the issue of a job, I don’t have one. Just because I married Varation Royalty doesn’t mean I’m going to sit on my ass all day eating bon bons and watching shitty reality daytime t.v. I have to do something or I’ll go crazy and end up kicking someone’s ass. So for the sake of all humanity I need a job, and I don’t give a shit what.

As soon I showered, I attempted to open the closet door again and if it’s locked I’m setting the door on fire to get in, I can’t be naked for the rest of my life, although I’m sure Alex would have no objection to that, Ass!

I walked in, and Holy Shit he added more clothes, dammit! If he thinks I’m just going to wear each piece of clothing once he is out of his fucking mind. Ugh! I threw my arms up in irritation. Fine! If he wanted to play dirty, challenge fucking accepted! I walked over to a chest of drawers and threw it open. What seemed like forever I found the middle finger to my plan. A black see through bra with a satin bow in the back to hide the hooks, with matching see through lace with satin interlace at the top with a small satin bow in the front underwear, black garters with shiny, sparkly satin bows, and to top it off black silk stockings. Eat your fucking heart out pompous ass!  

When I was satisfied with my weapon of choice, I got dressed in a dark cobalt blue lace top that was short in the front and long in the back with a satin black tank underneath, black skinny leggings with a cobalt blue sheen to them, cobalt blue suede six inch high heels and a black blazer that had diamond infinity symbols on the cuffs and a cobalt blue satin bow in the front.

I finished off with spiral-curled hair, light make-up, infinity studded earrings, and a platinum banded watch. I was raring to go, I made my way downstairs to find my husband in a three piece navy suit that I’m fucking sure cost more then the whole state of New York, a crisp white shirt, cobalt blue silk tie, and black diamond infinity cufflinks. Fuck my life! He is playing dirty, and he’s winning! Ugh!

He was sitting at the table reading the paper and didn’t notice me walking by. I walked to the counter and what the hell?

Alex turned the page to the paper, “No coffee maker, I’ll have one sent here by the end of the day.”

Ugh really? Doesn’t he know that that shit makes me human; oh right I’m a fucking Vampire now. Fine! I’ll improvise; I open the fridge pull out orange juice and a bottle of vodka, ha! all right jackpot! I opened the cabinet and took out a blender, and the freezer for crushed ice. I threw it all in and set it on the loudest fucking setting, maybe that will get through his thick skull.

I knew it hit a nerve because out of the corner of my eye I saw the paper move down slightly. As my cocktail was blending full force I decided to have an appetizer, I took the vodka bottle and took a large swig, whoo! Nothing like getting loose before going on a job-hunt. I gave myself a mental high five, ha ha yea Charlemagne one Alexander zero!

Alex was on his feet the instant I put the vodka bottle down, he turned the blender off in irritation, and I can tell I was trying his patience, oh well serves him right for not giving me the time of day. “Can I help you Mr. Dante?”

“Would you mind explaining why you’re dressed like that, and starting to go on a bender?”

I narrowed my eyes, “I’m pre-gaming.”

He followed my expression, “For what pray tell?”

I put my hand on my hip, “I have a hot date.”

“With who?”

“With all of the CEO’s of the city, I’m going on a job hunt today.”

Alex picked up the cup to the blender and quickly turned away his answer simple, “No.”

And he tossed the cup so forcefully into the sink it shattered

“Yes Alex, I’m looking for a job, whether you like it or not. I don’t care what I get, if it’s cleaning windows for eight hours straight seven days a week then so be it, I’m not just going to sit on my damn ass all day being at your beck and call, I’m getting a job and that’s final.” I turned on my heel, grabbed my purse and walked out.

Man he is stuck in the pre-historic times, thinking I’m just going to say how high when he says jump, fuck that!

I made it out into the lobby, my heels making contact with the freshly cleaned marble floor; I took a deep breath ready to conquer the day.


Ugh! This was a terrible day. No one wanted to hire me, I couldn’t believe it. Every fucking place I applied, they all took one look at my resume, saw my name and said the position was filled. How in the fuck did they fill the fucking position in thirty seconds time? Until I fucking realized, the Pampas Ass was always ten fucking steps ahead of me. He was more in tuned with my mind and figured out where I was going next and made a special phone call, probably saying how bad of a worker I was at both of my recent jobs where he was able to keep a close eye on me. Gah! I’m going to give that fucker a piece of my mind as soon as I get home. Wait a minute; he already has had a piece of my mind, MEH! I can’t win!

But as I was walking, raging to myself I thought of it, the perfect fuck you come back. As soon as I had all the details carefully thought out I headed to my destination.

When I arrived at Dante Inc. I walked right passed security, which didn’t suit well, “Ma am, do you have an appointment? You have to be screened and checked in.” I kept walking, “Ma am? We need an ID! Ma am!”

I stopped, turned around, narrowed my eyes, with a hand on my hip, “One, I’m here to see the Pampas Ass himself Alexander Dante, two I don’t have a fucking appointment, and three I don’t need a fucking appointment, You see my name is not Ma am,” I pull out my new Identification card, held it between my pointer and middle finger, “Its Charlemagne Ramsay-Dante, and I’m here to see my fucking husband!” I flung the card at the security guard, turned on my heel and proceeded to my destination.

As soon as the elevator opened its doors, I made my way inside and pushed for the top floor. When the doors were about to close, two men ran to the elevator but when they saw me, they stopped, whispered to each other and stepped back to wait for another ride. Really? It’s like I’m diseased or something, oh well fuck them, more room for me.

As soon as the doors opened to my selected floor I was beyond fuming. You would think I would calm down during the fucking ten-minute elevator ride, nope. If anything I thought of more things to say to that Ass as soon as he was in my presence.

I walked off the elevator, with fire in my eyes with one goal.

I walked passed the secretary, without giving her a second glance, I was in no mood. I then proceeded to the large double doors and pushed them open.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Dante, I’m your fucking one o’clock.” I walked in and slammed the door behind me, causing no reaction from Alex who was more interested in his paperwork on his desk.

He sighed and continued his work, “What can I do for you Mrs. Dante?”

I walked up to his desk, with a hand on my hip, staring daggers into his soul. But still nothing, I could be standing here naked and he wouldn’t budge a muscle. So I took matters into my own hands, I took my arm, and whipped it across his immaculate, expensive mahogany desk, and watched all of his important documents float oh so carelessly onto the plushy carpeted floor.

That finally got a fucking reaction out of him. All he had left was a sheet of paper that he was holding so tightly in his hands that the fragile paper was crinkling in his hold.

He slammed his fist down onto the desk, stood straight up and leaned in, “You have my upmost, complete, fucking attention, Mrs. Dante. How can I serve you?”

I produced a sheet of paper and held it between us, “My resume.” I slammed the paper down onto the desk, never breaking eye contact, “I want a fucking job, seeing as though no one in this city feels that I wouldn’t make a great contribution to their company, I figured hmmm, why not go to the fucking source of my employment woe’s and ask him for a fucking job!”

A small sadistic smile appeared on his lips, he broke our eye contact, looked down at the paper on the desk and looked back up, “You want a job with Dante Inc.?”

I threw my hands up in the air in frustration, “No, I came here to give you a fucking lap dance, Yes you idiotic moron! I want a job!”

Still smiling, he unbuttoned his jacket, revealing his fitted vest, with a hand on his hip; he picked up my resume and started to look it over. “You know,” He started to make his way around his desk, “This resume shows promise, but it doesn’t seem updated.”

“What do you mean? Are you blind? It’s as updated as can fucking be! Seeing as though I haven’t been employed for over a year, something that I couldn’t fucking control, I would at least expect a job in the fucking mail room!”

“I’m not blind, but are you deafened?”

I just stared at him; he doesn’t even deserve a response.

“First of all your name is Charlemagne Dante, no hyphen, no compromise, I thought I made that detail perfectly clear, and you still have Charlemagne Ramsay written here, second, and most important I thought I made myself perfectly clear when I said that you are not working. I don’t care how much you stomp your feet, and throw tantrums, I’m not budging on this, so I hope you got this shit out of your system because the answer is no!”

“Ugh!” I threw my hand out in frustration to absorb his powers, and make him feel reason, but he beat me to the punch, and kicked it up a notch.

He threw his hand out and caught me before I fell onto the floor. He lifted me in his arms and laid me onto his desk. He kneed my legs apart, unbuttoned my pants and pulled them off in no time. He leaned over me his expression softened once he met my eyes. “Sweetheart, this isn’t up for discussion anymore, you gave up your right once you transformed. You belong to me, I don’t make these decisions because I’m bored and want to piss you off. I make them with your best interest at heart.” He then grabbed a hold of my sexy panties, my last only form of defense and ripped them to shreds, leaving me exposed, open for him. “I will always love, honor, and cherish you, you are my number one priority in life,” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing member and held it at the entrance to my wet core. His breathing became rapid and his look was of determination and the final say, “and this decision is me protecting you, so this discussion is now closed, you will not accomplish anything with this so submit!” He then pushed into my core with one swift move causing me to whimper.

“Fuck! You’re so tight, Sweetheart. Are you ok?”

I scrunched my face up in slight pain at first but then the pleasure came in as swiftly as the pain did. “I’m ok, please, faster, Alex, faster please?” I cried.

He picked up my left leg, wrapped it around his waist, and thrusted even harder, going deeper, so deep that I could feel every inch of him, and it was pure ecstasy.

He picked up the pace, thrusting harder and faster with each stroke. I felt with every thrust mine and his soul were becoming more connected and in tune with each other. I was starting to feel my orgasm building up, but I was trying to keep it at bay, not wanting this mind-blowing sex to end.

I threw my hands on top of the desk, and the more I held back my impending orgasm, the harder it was. I dug my nails into the expensive wood and clawed making a jagged path down the desk in frustration. I broke out into a sweat, and my breathing became rapid, “Alex I can’t hold on anymore, I’m going to come.”

His thrusting became more accelerated, “Hold on just a little bit longer Sweetheart.”

I threw my head back, and screamed, “Alex please, I need to come, please Alex.”

He thrusted once, “Come for me Sweetheart.” On the last thrust we both came at the same time.

I started to whimper, I’ve never came so hard in my life. Alex kissed me, thrusting his tongue in my mouth, swallowing my cries of passion. He thrusted the last of his orgasm out slowly, and I felt every last drop of him enter me.

He broke our kiss and stared into my eyes, and smiled, “And for the record, I knew what you had on under this outfit. Why do you think I was avoiding you, and giving you short curt answers. You belong to me, you are my true mate, my wife, and it took every fiber of my being not to take you on the breakfast table. And knowing that you were going out as beautiful as you already are into the world trying to get a job, and the thought of having countless men drool over you forty hours a week makes my blood boil, so my decision is to protect you and save my fucking sanity!”

I looked into his possessive eyes, and my heart just melted. I truly do love this man even when he tries my patience, I know he is the only man who can handle me and my crazy mood swings. I put my hand around his neck and pulled him to me for a kiss, when I broke the kiss I smiled, truly happy, “I love you so much, I see your reasoning, but this discussion is far from over, what kind of wife would I be if I didn’t challenge my stubborn husband.”

He smiled, “That’s my Charlemagne Genesis Dante. Always challenging me, keeping me on my toes.” 

The End

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