Chapter 25Mature

“What the fuck is a Chameleon?” I turned my gaze back to the two men in my life, motionless, dead to the world.

“Charlemagne, a Chameleon is someone who can absorb any power that any Vampire, Varation or Vampria obtains, meaning that you will be a great asset, and above all one of the most powerful Vampires to ever live. After this Alexander will never leave your side, just a warning.”

“Humph yea, that’s what he thinks, I’m a true Varation Vampire now I can take him.”

“That’s just it Charlemagne, you are a true Varation Vampire now and he is the one who created you, his blood and your blood run through each others veins, you may be a Chameleon, but he’s got years on you plus to top it off he’s your creator, he has a very strong hold on you whether you like it or not, the marriage is sealed and cannot be broken.”

Ah fuck, I forgot about that, I’m married now, I have a husband who’s lying on the floor motionless because he was being an ass! Way to go Charlemagne! Two thumbs up!

“Well how long are they going to be out?”

Armada shrugged her shoulders, “Can’t say, every time this happened to you, you were out cold for at least twenty-four hours, them, they’re a lot stronger and older so I’d give it a couple of hours. I will warn though be ready for Alexander, he’s going to come at you full force, and there will be no stops taken, get ready.”

I threw my hands up in the air in defeat, ”Well while their being lazy I’m going to take a shower, because apparently I was wearing these clothes for a week.”

“I’ll try to keep them at bay, if they wake up.”

“Will you be able to handle Alex and his wrath?”

She snorted, “Honey, Alexander and his wrath can suck it, I’m in no mood for his shit today. Rest assured if he wakes up, he will be informed that his wife is stressed and needs some ‘me’ time.”

“And if he doesn’t like your answer?”

She folded her arms, and shrugged her shoulders; “I’ll give him a swift kick to the balls, that’ll slow him down.”

I rolled my eyes and laughed to myself, yep that’s my sister, learned from the master.

As I climbed into the shower, felt the warmth of the water, and finally let my mind rest, did everything hit me at once. My life, is forever changed, I mean am I still living? I guess not if all of my blood got sucked out of me, but I didn’t quite die, ah fuck! Why can’t shit be simple, black and white.  And I still don’t understand this whole Chameleon thing, is it that important? Will Alex never leave my side? He better, I’m sick and tired of these damn Vampires, Varation and Vampria kicking the door in, kicking my ass, and making demands. I thought I was fucking Royalty, but if being Royalty means I have to bend at everyone’s beck and call, I’ll fucking pass. Gah! Why can’t this damn ride stop so I can get the fuck off! Well I’m sure my peaceful shower ride is going to end soon because if I’m relaxed and have a moments peace Alex will sense that and come bursting through the door guns a blazing, asking why I stepped out of his presence.

Pound, Pound, Pound.

Sigh! There goes my peaceful ride. You know what Fuck him!

Pound, Pound, Pound.


“Fuck off Alex!”

“Open this God Damn Door Charlemagne!”

“I will open it when I’m good and fucking ready you psychotic overbearing nutcase!”

“Charlemagne I swear to God if you don’t open this door, I will break it off its hinges and if I make it to you, you better have a prayer.”

“You know what go ahead! Break the damn door down! I fucking dare you!” I’m done with this fucking conversation, fine let him beat the damn door now I could give two shits, his house, his fucking door-

“My Fucking Wife!”

Ah Shit, he was right behind me in the shower, he’s fully clothed, now drenched from the showerhead. His fists are balled up at the sides, shaking uncontrollably, and if looks could kill, I would be fucking dead no Chameleon Powers required.

I sighed heavily like he was wasting my time, “Alex, I’m not in the fucking mood. I’ve just transitioned into a damn Vampire, I’ve been wearing the same clothes for a week, my time clock has been messed with, and my life was threatened countless times. Please fucking forgive me if I don’t give two flying fucks about answering the damn door for you highness.” I turned back around and let the water wash down my face and closed my eyes, when all of a sudden I was grabbed by my arm and whipped back around to meet my husbands raging eyes, “You listen to me, you are my wife, and it’s my duty to protect you now-“

Ugh! I couldn’t take any more lectures; I turned back around, turned the water off and stepped out leaving my wet clothed husband in my wake. I grabbed a towel and headed to the closet to fucking get dressed and have a fucking walk to clear my damn head.

“You’re not going anywhere.”

“The hell I’m not, I’m sick of this shit, I need to clear my head, and get away from you!” I threw my hands up in annoyance, I got to my closet but the doors wouldn’t budge. I tried many times, Ugh! It was hopeless, and I kicked the fucking door in frustration, and then pounded. I was like a two year old having a tantrum; I just wanted to get out.

I felt Alex at my back, Gah! I hated him so much, for coming into my organized shitty life, and turning it upside down. I turned to him and started punching at his chest, “I hate you! I hate you! I fucking hate you!” I then slapped him across the face. Ah shit! Too much Charlemagne.

His head moved with the slap, he then looked back at me with a smile, what an arrogant ass! I went to go and slap him again, but he caught my wrist. “Let me go you Son of a Bitch!”

He pulled me towards him, and without saying a word he slammed his lips to mine. I was trying to pull away but it was futile, I then gave up to him, and wrapped my arms around his neck. He then proceeded to rip my towel off, as soon as the cold hit my oversensitive wet skin I let out a small moan. He took that opportunity to deepen the kiss and take no prisoners.

Without warning, he picked me up, and I wrapped my legs around his trim waist, never breaking the hypnotizing kiss. He carried me to the massive ornate bed and laid me down carefully as if I might break.

“You’re so beautiful, how did I manage to be destined to you. I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I will not only just protect you my dear sweet Charlemagne, I will love you mind, body, and soul.”

He then ascended onto the bed very slowly leaning over me, taking me all in, when he got to my face he smiled, eyes searching mine, “I love you Charlemagne Genesis Dante.” And he was on my lips again, fuck my life this man can kiss. He then was at my neck continuing his devouring of me, fuck! The more he kissed the more I was going under his spell, he looked back up at my eyes full of a mixture of lust and true love, “You’re trembling,” He leaned back down, smiled into my neck and proceeded to kiss the right throbbing spot on my neck that sends shivers down my spine.

Ugh! I couldn’t take it any more I reached up and grabbed his very expensive button down shirt and ripped it open. He laughed as the many buttons flew across the room. He finished what I started and pulled the obstacle off of his, Oh my God! The most defined, chiseled, beautiful body I’ve ever seen. I was mesmerized, so much so that I didn’t even notice he finished the job and was standing in front of me gloriously naked.

I was speechless, he walked over to me and leaned me gently back down on the bed. He grabbed my wrists and laced his calloused masculine hands with mine, and kneed my thighs apart. Cold and waiting for him, still trembling I looked into his eyes, and held his gaze, ”I love you Alexander Jeremiah Dante, forever and always.”

That was Alex’s undoing, he thrusted right into my wet core, and gently leaned his weight on top of me, I winced a bit from the pain, and Alex was on high alert, “Are you ok Sweetheart? I didn’t hurt you did I?”

I released one of my hands from his iron strong grip and caressed his face, I smiled, “I’m more than ok.”

He smiled, leaned into my hand and kissed my palm, as he did so, he thrusted again. I threw my head back with a loud moan, and his lips were back to my throbbing oversensitive neck, but this time he was sucking harder, and his thrusting was speeding up. With every thrust I was getting closer and closer to the brink of no return. Alex must’ve known I was getting close because he sped up, he looked down at me, desire in his eyes but I also felt a deeper connection to him. Not only did I see it in his eyes, I felt it pumping through his veins with every thrust. I know now that I truly belong to him in every way, he will never leave, or abandon me, he’s here to stay and he’s truly my destiny.

With these thoughts running a million miles per hour in my head I know Alex could read them, and he truly knows how I feel.

“Alex I’m getting close. “

Sweat dripping down his face and falling onto mine, our essence mixing together like the blood that flows through our veins, we are becoming one.

“I’m almost there baby.”

He was relentless, I couldn’t hold on any longer, my wrists that were once bound by his skilled hands were now holding on to his back for dear life for a force that was going to come on head strong.

He leaned down, and sank his beautiful pearly white fangs into my perceptive flesh, and I was gone. I threw my head back on a scream, and him and I came instantly.

Still breathing heavily, and still in the moment, Alex looked down at me again with emotion, and affection. Dry blood covering his luscious lips, I leaned in and gave him a soft kiss.

He smiled, “I love you. And now you are always and forever mine.”

The End

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