Chapter 24Mature

Fuck my life! Why can’t I just be a normal human? Gah! I again looked at my watch but something was a bit off, I don’t know what but I’ll fucking figure the mystery out later. I have to go find Alex and give him a swift kick to the balls for taking his sweet time killing me and not giving me any choice in this fucked-up matter. I turn and make a dash for Alex’s Penthouse acting like my time is almost up, humph! It might as well be! Fucking asshole!

I make it Alex’s place just as the sun was rising, man I must look like a deranged someone who just escaped with their life and was able to tell the tale, oh yea, that is the case, Fuck! I make my way into the building and thank God no one was here to pass judgment, because I don’t feel like going to jail tonight for kicking some stuck-up bitch’s ass. As I ascend floor by floor I contemplated all the many ways I was going to kick Alex’s ass, but alas my pondering was cut short when the ding to the fiftieth floor cut me back to the now. I stepped off in a huff, and when I got to the door I left all of my politeness in the elevator and kicked the main door off it’s mother fucking hinges. Armada was pacing in the living room while Maverick sat in front of the fireplace with his cell phone in a death grip. I walked past them and held up my hand as I continued walking; all I wanted to know was one thing, “Alex?”

Armada was still in a daze like I was a fucking ghost or something, “He’s in the Enchanted room.”

Well I’m on a fucking roll why stop now, as soon as I reached the wooden doors I used all of the force I could muster up and kicked the doors off those hinges as well.

Alex was at the fireplace with his hands resting on the mantle with his head bowed down to the flames, when he heard the noise the whiskey glass he had in his hand, “I told you I wanted to be fucking alone!” He then turned and smashed the glass at the table which held many pictures of me, and they all came crashing down, “Can’t I fucking mourn in piece?” when I didn’t answer he looked up, Oh my God he looks like his soul has been shattered into a million pieces. It looks like he hasn’t bathed in months, and he has a full out beard. He looks haggard and homeless. What the fuck I just saw him a few hours ago.

When he sees me he almost looses it. “Charlemagne? It can’t be, are you here to take me away? To end my suffering, to finally be with you?” He walked up to me, dropped to his knees, and gripped my hips, eyes pleading with me.

Ok beyond confused, just then Robert appears to my side, “I just wanted to give you a glimpse into the future if you don’t heed my last warning, this is if you died, and the council made there choice, Alexander Jeremiah Dante must live the rest of his years alone, never having love again, to never know you.”

“He knows about me now.”

“He’s beyond help at this point, he knows that he did love you, and the council lets him have a little bit of peace before he dies, they give him mercy before he goes. So you see Charlemagne the future of the Varation Rule is on you, without you Alexander will refuse to be King, he will not be in existence without you by his side, so try not to be selfish and give the man a fighting chance, like I did for you.” And just like that he was gone.

I’m back at the park again and everything happens again up until where Armada tells me where Alex is.

“He’s in his study.”

I kick the door open, and Alex doesn’t move a muscle, “Armada you better have some epic news for you to be kicking the fuck out of my door.”

I put my hand on my hip, purse my lips, and narrow my eyes; “How about if you don’t turn me into a Vampire within a week I’ll be dead and your destined to become a delirious hobo.”

Alex then looked up from his desk, “Charlemagne.” He said my name with a choke. He threw his pen down, scooted his chair back and hauled ass right to me, I held up a hand, but he’d had enough, he smack my hand out of the way, grabbed my face in both his hands, and looked at me to make sure I was real, and he kissed me. I tried to push him away but he wasn’t having any of it, and pursed the assault on my lips. When I tried to protest he saw it as an opportunity to go deeper. He found his way into my mouth, and his tongue found mine and started to do a dance that I couldn’t back away from. After a battle, which seemed like forever I finally gave in, I started to relax and sagged into his welcoming embrace. With every deepening second of the kiss I was finally starting to feel his pain. His pains of loss, regrets, and love, all of those emotions for me all balled up into a kiss.

His kiss was memorizing, and I was trapped. He finally broke the spell and was trailing slow, hard kisses down my neck. With each kiss he was declaring something, “Don’t,” kiss, “you,” kiss, “ever,” kiss, “disappear,” kiss, “again.” By the time he reached my collarbone he sucked hard causing me to whimper. He then started to lick back up my neck on the same trail, and when he got back up to my face, he had a stern look on his face, but his eyes gave him away to sadness, and loss. “I thought I lost you Sweetheart. Don’t you ever pull a stunt like that again.”

I was breathless still entranced by his kiss, “What do you mean, I wasn’t pulling any stunt, I just wanted to be alone. Why can’t anyone understand the in the past year that my whole life as I know it was turned upside down by a 7,000 year Vampire with an agenda.”

“Sweetheart how long do you think you were gone?”

I narrowed my eyes at him, ok spell finally broken, “You asked this question at the fucking coffee shop only a few fucking hours ago, Gah!” I turned and walked out of the room, feeling like getting away, again, I found the enchanted room and walked in. As soon as I crossed the threshold I felt like the air was taken from my lungs, I grabbed my chest and fell to the ground, Alex was on me in seconds, gasping for air, I managed, “How long was I gone?”

He was taking his suit jacket off, and loosening his tie, he had a somber expression, “Six almost seven days.”

I was coughing and trying to catch a breath, that bastard said seven days, fighting chance my ass! Talk about actually fighting for my life. “Help me.”

The room was starting to spin and everything was going blurry. Alex already had his shirt off and was straddling me, “I love you so much, Baby it’s time, I have to transform you, now.” I turned my head and saw Armada and Maverick at the door trying to get through. “Alexander what the Hell is happening to her?”

He held up his hand and the enormous wooden doors shut with a loud slam, and locked automatically. He quickly turned to me, and put his hands on my face, “I love you so much, always remember that,” he leaned down so we were nose to nose, “don’t be scared, just remember I will never let anything happen to you.”

With those last words he exposed his pearly white fangs and sunk deep into my flesh. Fuck! It hurts so much it wasn’t like the other times when he was soft, gentle, and forgiving, no this was more like ruff, hard, and passionate, man he couldn’t get this over with fast enough. The more blood he took the weaker I felt, I was becoming scared so I managed to wrap my arms around neck for a little bit of comfort.

Everything was becoming blurred to black and I was loosing all sense of myself. The roaring fire was the only thing that didn’t seemed blurred, if anything it was becoming more vibrant like it was beckoning me to walk towards it. It looked so beautiful, and enchanting, and when I felt like I could touch the spellbinding light, only then I realized the burning of my flesh. My left hand that I used to reach out to touch the mesmerizing flame was singeing, the blue diamond that was once beautiful, a symbol of love and hope then became a symbol of hurt, pain, and agony, that this is the real life, and the fact the I might not make it out of here.

When I was about to succumb to the other side, I felt something warm, wet and delicious on my lips. Alex slit his hand and was putting it to my dry lips, but as I was revived he pulled his hand away. He pulled my face to meet his, I could barely keep him in focus. “Listen to me Charlemagne, this is it, the last step, I want you to take the blood from me, it’s the only way you’ll learn Sweetheart, I gave you enough to keep you going but not for long, so Sweetheart sign your name on the marriage certificate.”

With that I turned my face into his neck and I bit down. Oh my God, he tasted so good I couldn’t get enough. With every suck of his liquid gold, I was becoming stronger and stronger to the point that I just felt to strong as if I was going to kill him if I didn’t stop. So when I felt capable I pulled away and ran to the other side of the room in horror.

Alex stood up and put his hands up, “Charlemagne, it’s ok, look.” He turned his head to reveal his neck, and he was healed, and walking fine just like it was any ordinary day, “Sweetheart, you did what you needed to do, I’m so proud of you, many new transitioned Vampires don’t bite till they’re on the verge of hunger because they are so afraid of killing someone. Their mates just give them the blood through transition, and I believe that’s a bad move, there’s no closeness, no bond that’s forming between them. You and I Sweetheart have a bond that will never be severed, or broken, and now it’s set in stone.” He looked down at my left hand; I picked it up and held it in front of my face. The blue diamond was now a gorgeous element of light, and the black diamonds have and extra sparkle to them, I look back to Alex who has gotten closer to me, “It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

He smiled and took my hand in his, he kissed the diamond on my hand, “It will never be as beautiful as you.”

I took my hand, and put it to his cheek, he leaned his face more into my hand like a lifeline. I leaned in kissed him, he was surprised at first but then he lifted his hands to my face and deepened the kiss. I opened my mouth and welcomed him inside, in seconds our tongues were doing a dance that only we would ever know. He entranced me till I heard a pounding on the door, “Alexander Jeremiah Dante! If you killed my sister, I will kill you so slowly that even you’ll ask your father for mercy!”

I looked at the door confused, “What does she mean by that?”

He turned back to me with a smile on his face, “Nothing, she’s just pissed off because I wouldn’t let her into the room while you transitioned, but she needs to understand that,” he got very loud so Armada could hear through the doors, “IT’S NOT A FAMILY AFFIAR!!”

“Humph whatever Jackass! It’s done now, and I want piece of mind that my sister is still alive and fucking kicking! And I hope she’s kicking your head in, knocking sense into that big ass ego you possess, and knock you down a couple of fucking notches! Welcome to fucking marriage asshole!”

I couldn’t help it I started to laugh so hard, I was uncontrollable, and Alex gave me a stern look, something like a angry parent would give their child, “Oh my God! She sounds just like-“

I laughed harder, “Me!” I threw my arms up, “What can I say? She learned from the best. She doesn’t take shit from anyone, not even uptight pompous Varations Royalty Asses!” I continued to laugh, and holding my stomach.

Alex just rolled his eyes and threw his arms up in frustration, “UGH!” he then walked to the doors, threw them open for my sister, did a dramatic bow and motioned for her to me. 

She just rolled her eyes, and walked in, “Such an Ass!” She turned to me, “Charlemagne, how do you feel?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “Eh, I feel fine, no different then before, I just feel energized, like nothing can stop me.”

She took a step closer, “Do you know what powers you possess yet?”

“Armada I don’t get programmed with powers when I transition. I’ll only know when it happens, I only hope its sooner rather then later, Robert and the Vampria’s want to know.”

Alex held up is hand to stop me, “What the fuck do you mean that Robert and the Vampira’s want to know?”

I shrugged in indifference, “ Just the fact that when I got out of the carriage, to take a walk I was greeted by Robert’s presence, and we talked, and by talking I mean he kicked my ass, and I threw him at a tree before we decided to be civil to each other. He informed me that if I kept up with using my powers big or small I’ll eventually die without warning. He then decided to threaten me, that if I didn’t transition within a week, he was going to the Vampire council’s with our first encounter. So when I made my way back little did I know that he threw me into the future where I didn’t heed his warning and I died and you-“

He widened his eyes and took a step towards me, “I was what, Charlemagne?”

I took a deep breath and continued, “You were inconsolable, deranged, and when you saw me you thought I was an angel sent there to take you away, you didn’t want to rule without me, and couldn’t care less about the well being of yourself let alone an empire of Varations.”

Oh Fuck Alex looks really pissed, his eyes widened, and he was shaking uncontrollably, he didn’t wait for me to say anything, he just turned on his heel and stormed out of the room. Confused I followed him down the stairs to where Maverick was sitting in the living room.

Alex was making a bee line to Maverick, he held up his hand, “You Son of a Bitch!” and Maverick fell to the ground and was writhing in pain.

I was punching at Alex’s arm, “Stop it! Stop it Alex! You’re hurting him!”

He smiled very sadistically, “That’s the point.” He continued his assault on Maverick, “Now asshole, I’m only going to ask you once, did you mess with my wife’s time clock, so that we could speed up her transition process? Was it you and Robert that cooked this whole thing up?”

“Alex! Stop this right now! He had nothing to do with this! The only thing he did was show me that first time I met you.” He turned his face quickly to me, oh fuck! “He what!! I thought he only told you, not showed you!!” He turned back to Maverick and with another swoosh of his hand, he turned Mavericks suffering up a few more notches, “That was a moment for her and I to share!!”

There was no stopping him, I didn’t know what to do, I was starting to shake and breathe heavily. I then I raised my hand and waved it, “STOP IT!!” Right then Alex fell to his knees writhing in pain that Maverick was just in. Maverick was in so much pain that when relief washed over him he passed out. “Now you listen to me, it was Robert not Maverick who messed with my time clock, focus your rage on him, and cut this shit out!” I waved my hand and Alex fell forward and passed out along next to Maverick.

Just then I heard movement behind me, I turned my head to meet Armada’s scared gaze.

“Oh my God, You’re a Chameleon.”

The End

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