Chapter 23Mature

I was making my way deeper into the park, when I hear my name in the distance, I shake it off as me slowly starting to lose my mind and hearing things, I continue walking not quite sure where my destination is. All of a sudden I hear my name and this time it’s right behind me. I start to tremble and I can feel a panic attack coming on. I slowly turn around and I’m staring in the face of Robert, Damn! I totally forgot about him and his psychotic ways. I nod my head, “Robert to what do I owe this visit?”

He smiles and takes a strand of my hair and examines it, “You look good Charlemagne, wealth suits you, but for how long?”

A tear falls silent down my face, “You can’t fool me Charlemagne, wealth isn’t enough, I know you haven’t transitioned yet, what’s the problem Charlemagne, the most eligible Varation Bachelor not enough to suit your tastes? Should have known you stuck up Varation bitch, you should be grateful that even any man would look your way.”

Wow what a fucking asshole, “You know Robert if you’re going to kill me you might as well get on with it, Alex is nowhere near me, but I will warn you better make it quick because if he even gets a whiff of any sort of danger that involves me you can be damn sure he’ll be here before you can finish the job, and make you suffer the rest of your pathetic existence, and then and only then will he give you mercy and call upon my father to kill you.”

He starts laughing like I just told the fucking funniest joke of the century. This went on for a while until he then noticed my grim expression. “Well my dear sweet Charlemagne, you are very naïve aren’t you? Why would Alexander call upon your father to finish a job that he would be more than happily oblige himself?”

I narrowed my eyes at him, “What the fuck do you mean? Varations can’t kill each other unless they are in their direct bloodline. The only Varations that can kill any vampire are Kane and Able.”

He started laughing hysterically again, “Wow is that what Alexander told you huh? You’re more gullible and dimwitted then I thought. No Charlemagne, There are five in existence than can kill any Vampire and Alexander Dante is one of them. I wonder why he didn’t bestow that message to you? Huh that’s the million-dollar question. Maybe he’s working to overthrow Kane and sit at the Varation throne. He’s already managed to snag the heart of the Varation Princess, I’m sure he was jumping with glee to check that off his sadistic checklist. Tell me how long was it before you gave everything to him, mind, soul, and especially the body?”

I couldn’t take it anymore I was full of rage, I waved my hand and Robert flew across the park and he slammed very hard against a massive tree, but when he fell he was laughing again with blood pouring from his lips, psychotic asshole! “What is so damn funny!” Then I felt a panic attack coming on I know why the fucker was laughing, this is where I was attacked months ago, this is the tree that Alex killed that Vampria to protect me. I started breathing in shallow breaths, I grabbed my chest and sunk to my knees, come on Charlemagne get a grip otherwise Alex will be here in seconds. Just as I was starting to calm myself down Robert had his bloody hand around my throat and lifted me to my feet. “You’re a lot stronger than I thought, who would have known that the future Varation Queen had Witch and Vampire running through her veins. Wow Genevieve, was a more powerful witch bitch then I thought, I thought she was only good for one thing.” He started to wiggle his eyebrows, that’s it he’s dead. I started to shake uncontrollably, and narrowed my eyes at him, I lifted my free hand and with a simple wave Robert’s hand that held me so tightly broke, not just one but all fingers so he had no choice but to drop me.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Robert held his injured hand, then looked down at me coughing to catch my breath, “You stupid Varation Bitch!” He then being the coward that he is gave me a swift kick to my stomach while I was down. “Why don’t you just die already? You’re worth so much to so many people, and my strict orders are to keep you alive, but I was never told that I couldn’t ruff you up a bit.” Again a kick to my ribs, fuck this was agony now I wished that Alex would transform me so I would have at least enough strength to have a fighting chance, Gah! I’m in so much fucking pain, and using my powers, what limited powers I possess, drains me completely. But I can’t back down, I don’t want Alex to always fight my battles for me, Robert said that he needed me alive, who gave him those orders? Gah! Why is everything in the Vampire world so fucking cryptic, and why doesn’t anyone let me the fuck in!

I’m coughing up blood by this time and my breathing hitches, no dammit! Must keep Alex away, I have to find out answers, if Alex shows up it’s going to be a blood bath, and Alex will have killed Robert so fast and swiftly he wouldn’t even put a wrinkle in his finely pressed suit, and I will never get answers!

I’m holding my stomach and spitting out blood, “Wow what a gentleman, to kick a woman when she’s down, classy.” I stand up and face him my left arm holding my ribs.

He walks up to me so we’re face to face, “You know for someone who’s only in the early stages of her transformation, you sure are a tough Bitch, I’ll give you that. But don’t you think you can for one minute out smart and out strength me because Sweetheart you’re living in a fairytale, I can kill you before Alexander would even sense it and by that time it would be too late.”

“I believe you, but what makes you think he isn’t already on his way, I did after all come close twice to having panic attacks, just a hint of one and he’s here in milliseconds.”

He smiles and starts to waves his blood soaked finger at me, “tsk tsk tsk you see Charlemagne I possess a special gift, you know the kind Varations and Vampria’s have, I’m sure Alexander educated you on that surely.”

“Yes he has, but I don’t see what all the hoopla is about these special gifts, to me if you manage to receive a special power then good for you, and I hope it’s used for the greater good and not just political gain like most Vampires do.”

“Well you see Charlemagne having a gift is all well and good, but the more you have, and the more useful the more power you hold over the Varations or Vampria.”

“Well no one is above Kane or Abel.”

“True, but there is a totem pole of command on each side, that’s where the interest falls to you, you see you’re Kane’s daughter, therefore you already hold power, you’re next in line for the Varation throne. And the fact that you already possess some powers, with the early stages of your transformation has a lot of people talking.”

“What the Fuck are you talking about? Yea I have a bullshit meter but who doesn’t? I’m just a good judge of character. And I’m not the only daughter to Kane; there is Armada, why isn’t anyone going gaga over her? Also I haven’t given consent to Alex to transform me so this little bug you’re trying to plant in my head about an early transformation, I’m not buying it.”

“Hmmm, well your one power is lacking, your so called bullshit meter is a bit off you see I’m not bullshitting you, Alexander is your true mate, he started the process as soon as he gave you the first drop of his blood. Hasn’t it ever crossed your pathetic naïve mind that your witch powers didn’t start until after the fact he gave you his blood? Charlemagne let me tell you something if you don’t finish your transformation soon you will die, that’s why I sent that warning to him through you that night I kicked your ass and left you for dead. Your body wants to transform and your only letting it little by little, if anything you’re torturing your body to your ultimate fate. Alexander has been alive for 7,000 years, wouldn’t you think it would I don’t know cross his mind that his so called love of his life will eventually die a painful death is he doesn’t get off his lazy ass and do his job as a true Varation Royalty?”

After Robert’s revelation, I held my hand up, Fuck it hurts, and I try to open and close it but it feels like I have ninety-year-old hands with a severe case of arthritis.

“Hurts doesn’t it? Little by little, keep this up and you’re finished. Every single time you use your powers small or big, it’s a step closer. Now, would you care to continue this little episode we’re having which will result with both of us dead and of no use to anyone, or do you want to talk Varation to Vampria?”

“What business would I have with a Vampria?”

“Seeing as though I let you in a bit and gave you very important and valid information, You should make me your business, also I’m giving you the courtesy of keeping you alive, I could’ve killed you without blinking an eye, but here you are.”

“Yea, here I am barely. You have my attention for,” I lift up my wrist and look at my vintage and no doubt very expensive watch, “sixty seconds.”

“You dare time me?”

“Fifty seconds.”

He puts his forefinger and thumb up to his chin in thought, “You know you’re right time is a factor.” He then takes his hand and does a simple wave, and everything just stops, snowflakes in midair, people walking in the distance seem to be statues, and there isn’t a sound to be heard, it’s like we’re stuck in an enchanted painting.

“Now.” His abrupt speech knocked me into the here and now, meh!

“You should have all the time in the world now. You see my special gift, is time very useful to the Vampria Race. Now….”

I hold my hand up to silence him, “Wait a minute, you can control time? For how long?”

He waves his hands as to display the image before me, “For as long as I want. And I can control anyone’s time clock it’s as simple as a flick of the wrist.” And with that I’m back to the time where I first met Alex in the skating rink in Central Park. I couldn’t believe my eyes, “You.” I turned to him stunned, “You were the Vampria Alex had to pay off, the picture.”

“Very beautiful and enchanting picture if I do say so myself. I could have sold it to any high-end photography magazine but Alexander made me a very generous offer, so I backed away. But both Vampire Races want to know how powerful and useful the future Varation Queen’s powers will be, The Varation side wants you and Alex to run your course, taking it slowly, but little do they know that their future King is gradually killing his future Queen. But, the Vampria side wants results, and they want them sooner rather than later, so that’s why they sent me.”

“Oh, ha you’re just a messenger boy, yea your powers really ranked you high.”

“Don’t test me! You know someone very close to you mirrors my same abilities, and could easily destroy Alexander if he had half a brain, but sadly his life and dedication are to him and especially to you.”

Realization hits me like a punch to the face, “Maverick.”

“Ding ding ding! You’re not so dimwitted after all. But he would never turn on Alexander and especially you, he truly does love you but he was destined for someone else, someone who is equally close to you.”


“Right again, wow your good.”

“Don’t patronize me! Why did you bring me here? And what do you fucking want?”

He turns to me all humor gone. He grabs my shoulders and turns me to face him. “I want to you to finish your transition, the people have a right to know, if you don’t and you let yourself die trying to be a martyr, I’ll bring the Varation and Vampria Councils in and they’ll get front row seats to the biggest treason they’ll ever witness.

I slowly turn my head and watch Alex and I skating in each other’s arms not giving a care in the world.

I hear Robert’s voice in the distance, “You have a week.”

Everything then came back to life.


The End

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