Chapter 22Mature

Alex held my gaze, I didn’t know what he was thinking, but I’m sure as hell he knew what I was thinking. He gulped really hard and searched my eyes, “Really? You really love me?” I took a deep breath, “Yes, I do, but my love is fragile break it and I may never be able to recover from it. I don’t give love and trust out easily, but seeing as you’ve proven you aren’t going anywhere no matter how hard I try to push and shove you always manage to stand your ground and prove that you truly do love me. I need to take this day by day, like I said before, this is all new to me and I’m not used to all of this attention, and answering to anyone but give me time.”

“Sweetheart, I’ve waited thousands of years for you, I have nothing but time, you have my undivided attention, love and affection, I will never let you down you have my word.”

I was speechless, but I believe him, once he got his conformation from me he let out a breath as if he’s been holding it ever since he met me.

He smiled, and put his hands softly to my face, “I have a long way to go, I know that, but I’ll make sure until my last dying breath that I’ll romance you and try to win your heart everyday, even when I know I truly have it, I will fight for you.”

He searched my eyes and took another deep breath, “Go on and get dressed we have a long day ahead of us, take all the time you need, and if you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask, this is your home as well, so get comfortable, I’ll be waiting in the living room whenever you’re ready.”

He didn’t wait for my reply; he simply turned on his heel and walked out of my closet. Hmm…what to wear first? Damn this used to be easy, I only had a few items of clothing, and there were only so many options and combinations I could make. Okay, get a grip Charlemagne, if I rebelled and walked out into the living room with my usual get-up on he would probably get pissed off enough that he would just simply set my clothes on fire while they were still on me to teach me a lesson of defiance and tolerance, which I’m sure he’s running thin on.  All right let’s pick out a blazer then work from there.

So after what seemed like five centuries, I’ve finally picked out my ensemble and if he doesn’t like it, then I’m fucking going out naked because I’m honestly fucking tired of these wardrobe powwow’s. I went with a cream silk, button up, tulle scrunched, long sleeved shirt, with a double-breasted black blazer. But it wasn’t just any blazer, it reminded me of that fucking hairstyle that should just die already, the mullet, but it’s the best way to describe the shape it is black velvet and it is short in the front, and long in the back. The back had a detailed rhinestone covered bow, and from the bow the fabric was pleated and flared out like a skirt. I completed the look with tan riding pants and knee high black leather boots. My hair I left understated, down in loose curls, and my make-up natural, I mean if he loves a lot of make-up then he chose the wrong sister.

I walked down the hall at a snails pace, palms sweaty, heart beating a million miles a minute, Alright time to pull up your big girl panties and show yourself because if I don’t I’m sure he’ll just assume I didn’t like anything and have everything custom made, I shuddered, and he wouldn’t even donate the clothes, he’d pitch them and probably would attach it to something else I held dear and set that ablaze because that’s how he solves his problems, scorches memories, and personal belongings.

He was sitting in the living room reading what looked like a fucking dictionary. I walked and stood in front of him, he still was engrossed in his fucking version of a thriller, and got pissed. I waved my hand and his book was sent flying into the roaring fire. I turned back to him and narrowed my eyes, “That’s for shattering my fucking wine.”

He then narrowed his eyes and gave a sardonic smile, “I see, may I remind you that it was in fact my wine you so happily indulged in, tell me how does $15,000 dollars taste?”

I put my arm back to my side and gave a million dollar smile, “Cold, bitter, and unreasonable, just like its owner.”

He smiled and stood up, and now he was face to face with me, “You know, you don’t have to use magic to get my attention. You’ve had it ever since I met you, but I do appreciate the theatrics, it passes the time.” What an ass! I was contemplating on throwing a vase at his oversized ego when he started walking around me as if rating me to see if I meet his high status expectations! I balled my fists at my sides, “Am I to your liking? Do I fit the requirements of a King! All Mighty Pompous Ass!” I walked up to what looked like a very extravagant piece of artwork on a pedestal, I didn’t even think I just threw it at his head, but dammit! He caught it just in the nick of time. Ugh! I threw my arms out raised them in the air and as I threw them back down a woosh of fire made its way down his overpriced drapes, he lost eye contact for a split second, but that’s all I needed, in a flash I was gone.

As I walked by the elevator I flipped it off, because every time I need to make haste he’s always there with a smile on his face before I can even make a departure. I walked down the stairs in a huff, forgetting that there are fifty flights of stairs, oh well better keep up my figure so I can stay in these ornate, overpriced clothes that cost more then what I would make in a lifetime! Ugh!

By the time I reached the bottom I was still fuming, well there goes my fucking plan of trying to work out my stress! I made my way out to the lobby, and for once I blended in with the beautiful people, I just stopped and took in my surroundings, wow I’m one of them now, just then a few firemen came running in bumping into me knocking me into the now, no, I’m not like them, I’m fucking Charlemagne Genesis Ramsay and if Alexander Jeremiah Dante can’t accept me then he can burn, burn along with his memories and fucking belongings! I turned and ran out of the building without a look back. 

It seemed like forever that I was walking but the cool fresh air was clearing my head enough to breathe and gather my damn bearings because if I didn’t then Alex and I would be creating a force no one could fucking stop, and unlike him I care about others. I walked into Charles coffee shop and was greeted by none other then the King Pompous Ass himself! Damn! Why can’t I have a moment’s peace! He was sitting in the corner looking all disheveled and worried? Aww did his stuff burn to non-existence! Well fucking get in line for the ‘I don’t give a fuck train.’ Serves him right! Now he knows how I felt not having anything to my fucking name! Gah! Ignoring him I walked up to the counter and greeted Charles, “Hello Charles how are you? Can I get-“

Charles was staring at me like I fucking died and came back to life, “Oh my God, Charlemagne! I thought you-“ I didn’t hear the rest because I was embraced forcefully by Alex, “Alex what the fu-“ I was caught off by his lips silencing me I didn’t just taste his lips I also tasted wet salt, I opened my eyes and he was in tears, what the fuck was going on? I broke the kiss and pulled him into the bathroom, and locked the door. I turned to him, I put my hands on his shoulders and tried to speak to him, ”Ok what the hell-“ but he pushed me against the door and he was on me again, he still had tears in his eyes, and whispered, “I thought I lost you. Lost my precious wife.” He then he finally looked at me, “My precious Charlemagne.”

My hands were still on his arms, “Alex what happened? Tell me. I’m not going to have sex in the bathroom, especially not this bathroom in a place where everyone knows me, I’m still unbelievably pissed at you for evaluating me to make sure I made some sick check off list to your sick fantasy of a perfect Queen!”

He looked at me in disbelief, searching my eyes, “Is that what you thought I was doing?” When I didn’t respond he got his answer, wow how can he be so transparent, dumb ass! He doesn’t know women especially me at fucking all.

“Charlemagne, when I was walking around you I was taking in all of the beauty that was radiating off of you. You truly are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and that so called check off list you more than meet the requirements, that check off list should be based off your beauty, every woman should meet up to your expectations.”

I looked down to the floor, and took a deep breath, “Why does everyone look like I just came back from the dead, I mean I was only gone for a few hours, and I’m a grown ass woman why can’t people come to grips with that, especially you?”

Alex looked puzzled, “Charlemagne, how long do you think you’ve been gone?”

I pushed Alex back, “Really Alex? Give it a fucking rest, I’m here in one piece, I was only gone for a few hours, but you can’t even give me that can you, Gah! Then to embarrass me more you get everyone else worked up to the point of starting up a search team for me!” I threw my arms up in annoyance, unlocked the door and walked out.

I stopped at the front counter, better get my beverage to go, before I throw it in Alex’s direction. “Charles can I please get a large Hazle-“ He handed me the beverage, and I gave him a twenty and walked out the door.

When I got to the park they had the horse drawn carriages in full swing tonight. I walked up and paid, and I was escorted on the carriage. As we were about to take off, Alex climbed in. I was about to exit the carriage and he held an arm out and held me firmly there. He leaned forward and handed the coachman a wad of money, and we were off. Fuck this I got up and sat on the other side of the carriage, crossed my arms over my chest, and narrowed my gaze at him.

He smiled, leaned back, and crossed his leg over the other, “Well I’ve done something right, you’re still here.”

“Well even if I did conjure up a miraculous escape it’s only a matter of time before you throw a tantrum and burn half the city down to find me, so for the sake of everyone’s lives in New York I’m deciding to stay put, for now.”

“I’ve come to realize something, and am surprised that you’ve never thought of it.”

“What pray tell would that be?”

“That I’ve never really officially have taken you out on a date.”

“Considering that you’ve basically came at me full force with no room to breathe and to take in my surroundings, no, a first date wasn’t on the top of my list, surviving was.”

He put his leg down and leaned forward, “Surviving? What do you mean?”

I looked away, what the hell was all of this? Does he expect me to just lay it all out on the table?


I looked right over at him, “Fine, everything else has gone to shit, what else is there but fucking honesty, ask away.”


“After my mother died it was just Armada and I. I never met my father, the only thing that my mother told me about him was that I have his eyes, and that’s it, we didn’t go deeper into it, hold each other, or sang a sad song, it just was and Armada and I. We had to accept the fact that we would never know him or of him, ever.

After she died, Armada and I tried to make ends meet, and we scraped by, but it took a major toll on her, seeing her so full of life, and laughing, to dull, fragile, and sad. I couldn’t stand it anymore so I decided to enroll us into college and I was going to pay her way and mine, after a few months I was starting to get my sister back. It was worth all of the sweat and tears knowing that I could contribute to her happiness.”

Alex reached over and put a hand to my cheek, “And what about yours?”

“My what? Happiness? Humph! There’s no such thing! I don’t even remember the last time I was happy. Well there was this one time, but you, and Armada saw to it that I would never contain a shred of it, so I’m back to square fucking one.”

I narrowed my eyes, “My turn. Why were you so concerned and thought that you lost me?”

He put his hand down and leaned back to his previous position, “Nothing. It was nothing.”

“Alex Just-“

His eyes were full of rage, “Charlemagne! I said NOTHING!”

Ok, this is my fucking stop, I turned to the coachman, “Sir could you please stop the carriage?”

We came to a stop and I climbed off, I turned to Alex, “These questions, go both ways, you can’t just say nay when those said questions don’t go your way, if you can’t let me in and prepare me for what’s coming my way then things won’t work between us, and I’ll find another person suited to transition me if I still want.”

Alex grabbed a hold of the carriage almost to the point of breaking it to pieces, “No one will EVER, and I mean EVER touch you besides me do you understand!”

I looked up to him and shrugged, “Then give me a reason to stay.” I turned and made my way down the cold, icy winter path. 

The End

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