Chapter 21Mature

Ugh! I can’t believe Alex talked me into getting a new wardrobe, scratch that I can’t believe Alex is forcing me to get a new wardrobe. He’s the asshole who destroyed all of my clothes, why can’t I pick where I get them it’s the least he can do! I hate all of this fancy shit, it doesn’t suit me, but apparently he wants to suit me with unnecessary fabrics that cost more then I make in a year, for one fucking yard. Geez why the fuck do people do this? I couldn’t sit in that fabric let alone look at it without feeling like I’ve ruined it somehow. I’m sitting in the middle of a very fancy store, in a fucking dressing room the size of my shitty apartment. Oh how I miss my shitty apartment, my get away, now blown to shit because Mr. All High and Mighty Pompous Ass had a tantrum!

All around me I have racks, and racks of clothes for me to choose from, and I don’t even know where to start! Some woman came in here dragged the racks in and said she was my personal shopper, took one look at me and then her watch determining that it was her lunch hour and she’ll be back shortly and to browse through the racks and to pick out clothing that suited my tastes. I put my head in my hands, Fuck! This isn’t me. I shook my head and looked up, and felt overwhelmed, and felt a panic attack coming on. Fuck my life! I was starting to breathe very fast, and I grabbed my chest. Fuck this! I need air, NOW!

I stormed out of the dressing room, and low and behold no sign of Alex. Well fuck him; if he needs me I’ll be at the local Goodwill, where I fit in!

I walked passed people unnoticed, shocker! And made my way to freedom. As soon as I hit the cool air, I closed my eyes, and breathed in deep. When I opened my eyes, I was so serene, huh I was getting better at controlling these attacks after all. With that I made my way to my shopping getaway.

I was only here for twenty minutes and had a stack of clothes piled high on my arms. This always happens, shopping here is so addictive, it’s like buying all of these clothes for the price of one of those ridiculous shirts Alex wants me to wear, well fuck that! A worker walked by, stopped and noticed my balancing act, “May I get you a cart Ma am’?”

Ugh! Why do people say that! I’m twenty-four years old! I turned to her and smiled, and just as I was about to decline a familiar voice erupted, “No, she’s done here!”

Dammit!!! I turned back to the woman and smiled, “Actually, a cart sounds lovely, thank you.” She smiled and got me a cart.

Alex was by my side by this time with fire in his eyes, oh well not my problem if he doesn’t like it, he’ll have to carry me out kicking and screaming.

“Don’t tempt me!”

I got the cart, slammed my stuff in it, turned and glared at him, “Really Alex in front of witnesses no less, what’s the matter with YOU!” and I sauntered off, continuing my shopping spree.

I got to a rack and started browsing when ray of sunshine walked up, stood next to me pretending to browse, “You know, you better watch, it seems shopping makes you uneasy.”

I was still browsing through the rack, “What the fuck are you-“

Just then my panic attack from earlier came back full force, and I wasn’t prepared for it. I couldn’t even hold myself up, next thing I know I’m starting to fall to the ground, but Alex got me at the last minute, scooped me up into his arms, and walked out.

When I woke up, Fuck! Why is it every time he doesn’t get his way he puts me under, and I wake up in this hellhole, GAH! Just then the fireplace roared to life, I threw my arm up to cover my eyes, “Dammit! Too fucking bright! You made your fucking point! Turn it down a few notches you demented lunatic!”

He was leaning on the mantel with a drink in his hand, “You know I don’t think you got the point, Charlemagne-“

Fuck this! I held up my hand to silence him. I threw off my covers and got out of bed, I got to the door, threw it open and walked out.

I made my way to the kitchen with Alex at my heels, really? Yea that’s right Alex I’m going to magically conjure up a secret passage getaway right here in the fridge, fucking nutcase! Yes! There is a God; I found a bottle of what looked like very expensive wine. Score! I took it out, uncorked it and started to chug, yep that’s me prim, proper, and giving zero fucks about what Alex thinks!

He just dropped his jaw as I walked by and flipped him off. I walked into his very sterile looking living room, swished my hand and the fire grew to life. I plopped down on the sofa, and took another gulp. “Alright I’m all ears, what point am I not understanding?”

He walked up, standing above me in fury, “Really, Charlemagne? Drink much?”

I shrugged my shoulders, “Well, you had a drink and I thought it was completely rude, and inconsiderate that you didn’t offer me anything, so I helped myself, you know because you’re a bad host.”

He narrowed his eyes, “That was a $15,000 bottle of wine.”

What the Hell? Who the Fuck pays that much for Fucking crushed grapes? Does this fucking wine come with a hot guy? Oh yea, he’s standing in front of me, GAH!

I shrugged my shoulders in indifference, took another gulp, “humph, tastes like ten dollars, you clearly overpaid, and ripped off.”

Fire grew in his eyes. He stepped forward and knocked the bottle right out of my hand and it shattered into a million pieces on the floor. Awww, I looked at it in misery and sighed. He grabbed my arm, and we walked back to the bedroom. When we got there he turned and looked at me, “Listen I know what happened earlier, this is still a lot for you to take in, and I should’ve been there right with you. Now when I found out how that associate treated you, I was beyond fury. I stepped away for a few minutes to take care of something, and when I got back that associate was talking to a fellow associate! When I asked where you where she waved her hand for me to wait a minute so she could finish her conversation. But when the other associate noticed who I was she nudged her. Just then you were having that enormous panic attack so I absorbed it, and let me tell you something it was a very bad one.”

“Yea I was fucking there!”

“It was so bad that I grabbed onto the counter until it was over, and didn’t notice you walk by. By the time it was over, I was so infuriated I took my aggression on that associate.”

“Alex what the Fuck did you do?”

He smiled sardonically, “I just showed her the same generosity she showed you. You know, made her feel what she made you feel.”

“Really Alex? Real mature, she’s not some Vampria you can just scold, she’s a human being, can’t you tell the difference or is your age finally starting to show?”

He held up his hand, “That’s enough, now for your convenience I had the racks brought here.”

I was about to protest when he kept going.

“I got a sense of your style when we were at the Goodwill.”

“Humph, I’m sure.”

He smiled opened the door, and waited for me to go through. When I walked in there was nothing there, I turned back to him and put a hand on my hip. He then gestured toward the closet, “There in there.”

I sighed deeply, and walked up to the door, turned the knob and opened the door. What surprised me wasn’t racks, but clothes that were already picked out for me, I was in awe, I walked up to the first rack, and everything caught my eye. It was all different styles, and colors of blazers, I was in heaven. I turned to Alex, “How did you know I loved blazers?”

He folded his arms and smiled, “That’s all you had in that damn cart.”

I pursed my lips and rolled my eyes, “Yea well, I like clean cut, fitted style, I was never able to afford it before I usually just walked in, went to the dollar rack and picked what fitted best, and that was my so called style.” I continued to look around to find the once empty closet now full of blazers, button down shirts, leggings, and riding pants. In the middle of the closet was a huge island that was stocked with broaches, scarves and other jewelry. When I opened one of the drawers it took my breath away, I was blinded by sparkle. I didn’t even want to touch them; they belong in a damn museum. Alex walked up behind me and put his arms around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder, “I know it’s mostly black and blue, there are other colors I’ve picked out for you but black and blue is Varation Royalty colors. The blue represents the Varation woman, and the black represents the Varation men. That’s why your ring is so special, you see.” He took my left hand in his and started pointing out the stones, “The sapphire diamond represents you, and the black diamonds surrounding it represent me, protecting, and loving you. And the two infinity symbols with the black and blue diamonds represent us together as one. And don’t worry.” He picked up my hand, put it to his lips and kissed, “There are no prices on these, you’ll never know, ever.” He then turned me around to meet his gaze, “You are the future Queen of the Varations, and I will never have you worry about anything ever again you are my top priority, I protect, honor, and I will always, and forever love you.”

I took a deep breath, and put my hands to his face. He closed his eyes and breathed me in, I was searching his face, I was going to say what I felt in my heart, no bullshit, “Alex, as much as I run away from you, and try to hide one thing will always be certain. I will always come back to you, it will always and forever be you.” I took another deep breath and he opened his eyes, “Alexander Jeremiah Dante I will forever and always love you.”

The End

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