Chapter 20Mature

We are still holding our hands together and Alex is staring intently at me. He can stare as much as he wants, God assigned him to me for a reason, and he thought he needed a challenge, well baby I’m going to give it to him.

I drew my hand away, and walked toward the roaring fire, and just stared at the flames contemplating my first move. I was getting lost in my thoughts when I heard Alex at my back. He leaned in close to my ear, “You know I love the thrill of the chase, no matter where you go, no matter where you hide, I will always find you, so if your first move is to run, then I’m one step ahead of you, and always will be, your father taught me well.”

I held my hand up to silence him, and narrowed my eyes, “Obviously your mind reading skills are lacking, or you’re giving me the benefit of the doubt, but I’m not going to run…yet. But this doesn’t mean you have by all means earned my trust, if anything you’re in the hole, and its going to take more than a piece of allotrope to win me over. I’ve had no money most of my life, it’s going to take a lot more to impress me.”

Alex took a deep breath and stepped towards me, his eyes still on fire but I know he was trying to make an effort. He glanced down at my left hand and picked it up. He kissed the ring and looked back at me, “Do you know that I’ve always had this ring for you? I didn’t even know you but I had it especially designed, nothing but the best for you. I’ve had in my pocket everyday ever since I had it designed knowing when the right day came I was prepared, but I wasn’t prepared for you. In this past year you have showed me that there is more to life then what we are living, and we need to open our eyes and look around. I finally opened mine, and I see that I have a lot of work, especially when it comes to you, but Sweetheart, you have yet to open yours, and I will make it my life’s mission to make you see that your life, your life is so much more.”

Ah damn! Can we not focus on me? This was so much easier when everything was on him. Its so much easier focusing on other people’s issues and to leave mine on the back burner, it’s like a vacation from my shitty life, ah sweet vacations.

Alex took another deep breath,” You’re life is anything but shitty, it has finally begun,” he kissed my hand and started walking.

“Hold up where the hell are we going? There’s no more secret rooms stuck in time that I should be aware about is there?”

He smiled and continued walking, “Not to my knowledge, come I want to feed you then, get you some new clothes.”

I narrowed my eyes, “ My clothes are just fine thank you, I don’t need any hand outs, I’ll just go to my closet and pick something out.”

“It’s not that simple-“

“What do you mean? Yes it is, you go to door, twist knob, open door, and viola clothes! Just because you had someone to dress you all your life doesn’t mean I can’t dress myself. Now give me ten and I’ll be ready.” I didn’t wait for an answer; I just turned on my heel and walked off. He must be out of his damn mind if I’m just going to throw away my clothes just because of his status, Pompous Ass!

 I got to my room and there were two doors, one I would imagine a bathroom the size of a New York City Block, and the other the closet I’m sure would rival a models. I don’t know why he even bothers with the size, I’m sure my clothes wouldn’t even take up a shelf. I opened the door, what the fuck? Where are my fucking clothes, rage was building, “ALEX!” I slammed the door and there he was, all arrogant and smug, arms crossed and leaning on the doorway with a complacent smile, “I told you that it wasn’t that simple, you said God thought I needed a challenge, well guess what? Challenge accepted.”

My hands were balled up at my sides and I was boiling, “Where the fuck are my clothes Alex? I won’t ask again. Tell the truth, if you lie I will fucking know!”

He picked up his hand and was examining his nails, then proceeded to pick an imaginary piece of lint off of his perfectly pressed shirt. “Remember when I said that both of your homes were gone?”

I narrowed my eyes and my breathing got deeper, “You fucking didn’t?”

He walked up to me, smiled, and flicked his hand as if performing a magic trick, “Poof.”

I threw my hands in the air and growled, “Ugh!!” and walked past him to go to the main door. I grabbed my purse on the way out, I threw open the door and preceded to the elevator. I pressed the button with rage, oh yea that’s right I’m on the fiftieth floor out of fucking fifty floors, Gah! I crossed my arms, and tapped my foot impatiently, well if he is going to join me on this annoying adventure which could have been fucking avoided if he didn’t blow up both of my fucking residences, but that’s just fucking Alex knowing that precise moment to barge in and piss me off!


Ugh! Finally! Oh well no Alex, fine no shopping for him! Ha! I have back up emergency Credit cards I’ll use to buy a new unnecessary wardrobe, which hence could have been fucking avoided!

Just as the doors were about to close a hand stopped them at the last minute, Ugh! Can’t I have a few moments peace?

Alex walked in, dressed to the nines, pressed the button for the main floor, and then leaned against the wall next to me and smiled, “And what pray tell were you going to do when you were going to check out with your new clothes.”

I looked at him quickly, but he just smiled, Fuck! I ripped open my purse, grabbed my wallet and cursed to myself, that Bastard took all of my cards! Even my driver’s license, what an ass! I threw my wallet at him but he was still laughing, “Really? Was that really called for? You took my license, I fucking need that!”

He shook his head, and looked at me all laughing aside, “No you don’t you live in New York, you will use my private driver, besides that piece of plastic is useless.”

“Why? I can fucking walk, and my license doesn’t expire for another two years! Do you know how much those fuckers cost? Gah! You can’t go anywhere nowadays without it Ugh!”

Alex had had enough and stepped in front of me, putting his finger to my lips, “I’ve heard enough, now you listen to me, I went through your wallet and cut up all of existing cards, and tied up the loose ends on your other ones, I took your license because within time it won’t be valid anyways, so you’ll need a new one.”

I swatted his hand away, “Are you deafened? My license expires in two years!”

“And you’re missing the bottom line.”


Finally! I narrowed my eyes and smiled, “I’m keeping my last name.” Yes! His face is fucking priceless, His eyes widened full of rage; well better leave him to his thoughts. I side stepped him and casually strolled out of the elevator, walked through the beautiful people, smiled and nodded to the door man, and casually made my way down the street.

But alas, all good things must come to a screeching halt, Alex was at my back in minutes, sigh there goes my Charlemagne time. I stopped abruptly and turned to him, “Can I help you, you overbearing, obsessive, pompous ass!”

He smiled sadistically, and pulled me towards him, as bystander, a middle-aged man stockbroker type was walking by us talking on his phone when all of a sudden he started screaming. He dropped his phone and grabbed his chest gasping for air, pleading for help.

I tried to break out of Alex’s hold but it was futile, “The only person who can save him is you but not what you think.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake Alex, grow the fuck up? You can’t play God to a life that isn’t yours to control, what the hell is the matter with you?”

He gripped me tighter, shook me and leaned in, “You and my trying patience is the matter with me, when will you learn that I’M IN CONTROL!” He leaned his arm behind him and made the man suffer more. Damnit!

“Fine! I’ll change my fucking last name, will that suffice, you fucking control freak!”

He lowered his arm, and turned back at me with an award winning smile, Gah! I wanted to punch him right there in the middle of the street and no one would look twice, hmmm such dreams, such dreams I have.

“You see what happens when you appease my wishes, everyone wins.”

What an asshole! I pushed him off of me and continued my walk until I came up to a hole in the wall coffee house that was my favorite, until I ran out of money and had to result in the magical free brew at the office. I pushed open the door and walked in, not long after my bodyguard and future husband were in toe, and he couldn’t make heads or tales about it. He looked around, “Well this isn’t your typical corporate coffee establishment, but-“

I held up my hand, “Please I don’t want to hear your ‘I want nothing but the best for my wifey speech’ you’ve pissed me enough to last me three decades, and all I want is the magical brew that makes me fucking human without interruption, can you handle that?”

He chuckled to himself and pulled out his wallet from his suit jacket, “I was going to say but good thing you chose this place because they have been supplying the coffee for my office for years, I chose them because I watched you every morning walking in here and order the same thing, a hazelnut coffee, with lots of cream, and three sugars. I made sure they kept me fully stocked with your favorite.

“Humph! Well maybe I want something different, tastes change you know.”

Alex held his arm out and bowed, “Then by all means.”

I stood in front of the counter to order and was greeted by a familiar face.

“Charlemagne, my God! It’s been too long. How are you Sweetheart?”

I smiled, but Alex didn’t, oh well fuck him! “I’m doing well Charles, how’s the family?”

He smiled, he was so proud of his family, “Well Roslyn’s been getting me to go to cooking classes, says it’s good for the soul, and Jimmy and Mikey, well their big shots in the stock market, talked me into buying in, and everyone is happy and healthy, and that’s all I can ask for.”

I genuinely smiled, wow I haven’t smiled in months, I was due for a visit. Who needs therapy when you got Charles to talk to, he’s like an old relative that comes to visit on the holidays and tells stories of his grand adventures of his earlier life.

“That’s great Charles. Can-“

He held up a cup, “Hazelnut coffee, extra cream, and three sugars.”

I smiled, took a sip, and closed my eyes, I just wanted to savor the taste, and live in the moment, I did until I heard Alex.

“Coffee, black. How much?”

I quickly opened my eyes and scowled at him for being himself. Gah! What an ass.

Charles without missing a beat had the coffee at the ready and waved his hand in the air, “No charge.” He smiled at me, “It was so nice to see you Charlemagne, don’t be a stranger, and send Armada my best.”

“I will, you take care, and stick to those cooking classes and remember it’s good for the soul.”

We smiled at each other as Alex and I walked out the chiming door into the crisp, clean cool air. I wrapped my chilly hands around my sweet, warm, decadent coffee and for once I wasn’t extremely pissed off, yet.

Alex was walking next to me drinking his morning brew, Ugh! Who can drink just plain black coffee, yuk!

“It’s good for the soul.”

I rolled my eyes, “Really Alex, since when do you have a soul?”

“Ouch! But really Charlemagne does every response from you always have to be a retort? No matter what you say or do I’m not going anywhere. I’m sure your brains tired, trying to come up with witty comebacks, so instead of fighting with me, why don’t you try to be fervent, and devoted.”

“You mean obedient, and submissive.”

He stepped in front of me and took a deep breath. I rolled my eyes in a huff, “Fine, I’ll try.”

He smiled and held out his arm for me to take, “That’s all I ask.” 

The End

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