Chapter 19Mature

When I woke up, I felt like shit. Huh, shit is an understatement of the century, fuck my life, what the fuck did Alex do to me? I felt like I was hung over times a hundred. I rubbed my face to get some blood moving but I felt something on my left hand. What the Hell? I could barely hold my damn hand up, holy shit! It was an engagement ring, what looked like the size of a damn golf ball, and had so much sparkle it gave off its own light for me to see. I reached over and turned on the bedside lamp and was almost blinded by rings own source of light. Oh my God, it was huge! The center stone was a cushion cut sapphire blue diamond carved to perfection, it was surrounded by black diamonds, and the band was two infinity symbols that consisted of black and blue diamonds. What the fuck! I whipped the covers off of me and stood so fast. Whoa. I grabbed the side of the bed to regain some kind of strength, I felt like I was ninety years old, with no strength at all. But I must fucking truck on, because when I find Alex I’m going to need all of my strength to kick his Varation ass!

As I was slowly making my way down the hall, I found I couldn’t even fucking hold myself up. I had to literally lean on the wall to help from me falling right on my fucking face, Gah! What the fuck did he do to me? “Alex? Where the fuck are you?” I heard nothing, fucking pampas ass!

‘Ah, you’re up. Deciding to grace me with your presence? Well you’re getting warmer.’

“Get the fuck out of my head and face me like a man you overbearing, obsessive, psychotic Asshole!”

‘Relax my dear, sweet, Charlemagne. You’re going to need your strength once you’re in my presence.’

I made it to the ancient doors, and went in, I knew he wasn’t in here but fuck him, he can come to me! “Really, well my dear, sweet Alexander, it’s pretty sad and pathetic that you had to result to weaken me to almost death to keep me in your clutches. I bet you this overly expensive rubble that you can’t take me even in this state! The only way you’d win is if I’m dead!”

‘I beg to differ.” Shit! I turned around and he was in my face. Damn I thought he wasn’t in here, but I’m on the verge of death so I guess my game is a little off.

I narrowed my eyes, took a step back, and held out my arms. “Then by all means Alex, you run so hot and cold. One minute you’re confessing your undying love for me, the next you’re so full of rage that I’m almost on the verge of death. But the cherry to the sundae is with you almost killing me you say you’re sorry with a piece of gravel.”

His face was so full of disgust that I didn’t even notice that he got closer to me. “That’s Enough!” The doors slammed shut and the fire in the fireplace roared to life, fuck! He held his hand up again with the symbol, oh no not fucking again. “Didn’t you remember that your strength is linked to mine? It always has been even before you met me. When you had those panic attacks I made sure I was near to take some of the pain away. You wanted to know what special abilities I possess well here it is, I can do this wonderful trick of taking away your pain, and absorb it as my own suffering, but on the contrary I can also,” he twisted his hand, and I fell to my knees again, then he twisted his hand again, and my lungs slowly started to constrict, Fuck my life!  “Give you pain as simple as that. So much pain that you would beg me for death! What ever I feel, my pain and suffering, I can transfer it to any Vampire, especially you. What ever pain and suffering I’ve absorbed, and have to live through gets stored until I unleash it to whomever I see fit! And let me tell you something I’ve had so much pain and suffering that I’ve endured over my 7,000 years of walking this earth, I have enough to go around till the end of time! Don’t test me!” He lowered his hand, and my lungs slowly filled back up and I started coughing trying to catch my breath holding my chest.

“Now no more running! Do you hear me? I have had it with the running, you talk about being hot and cold, you’re such a charlatan, one minute you’re screaming for me to save you, the next you’re sending me flying across the room, in front of witnesses no less, what’s the matter with you!”

I went to stand up and open my mouth, when I got in his face he threw his hand up and my mouth shut on his command, and he threw me across the room where I slammed against the wall of pictures and fell onto the couch facing the fire. What the fuck? Man this man has serious fucked up issues, why did I get matched up with this fucked man? Oh yea because my father, the great king let’s fuck up everyone’s life that’s related to me pissed God off and now we must all suffer including me being in holy matrimony with this self absorbed Asshole! And on top of all of it he was Alex’s mentor! UGH!!

I made my way to sit up, and rubbed my back, thinking he got all of his rage out, I made my way to stand up. He lifted his hand up and I fell right back down to the couch. That rage I was talking about earlier being surpassed, yea that would be a fucking negative!

He slowly walked up and stood in front of me. The fire was making him more ominous than usual which sent a shiver down my spine; yea I’m not going anywhere any time soon. Fuck!

“I’m done playing games Charlemagne! Do you hear me? Done! You’re going to sit and listen to everything I have to say with out interruption. You’ve only stuck around to hear what you want to hear and then you bolt, you only have bits and pieces which makes everything seem worse to you than it should. Now that book of Varation is sacred, it’s our code and has to be followed to a T. Each Varation Vampire has a chapter in the book, it basically tells our story, our powers, and who are true mates are.”

“Am I in that book? I mean I haven’t done the full transformation yet, so I wouldn’t be yet right?”

He took a deep breath, and sat down next to me, fuck that I flew across the couch, I mean it’s my only defense right now, I don’t fucking feel like holding hands and singing a catchy tune as if he didn’t threaten my life, yea he can go fuck himself, but I need answers.

“I was trying to make a point with you Charlemagne, I obviously made it. It was my last form of defense, sweet-talking, and chasing gets me nowhere. I had to make you see the pain I actually suffer on a daily basis just to protect, and especially love you. I have loved you the moment I saw your name in that book, and it killed me slowly everyday until the moment I could actually meet you. Armada was right when she said that I wouldn’t have made it two more years. I was at my wits end. I was about turn all of my pain and suffering against myself, and end it all.”

What the hell? He’s such a tortured soul, ”Your happiness can’t be all on me, I mean I know you knew who I was, but you have to learn to live for yourself, and your existence.”

“But that’s just it, my existence, my whole being, and my soul, are forever going to be you. Varation men live and breathe for their mates; it’s just how we’re wired. If anyone ever steps between our true mates and us it’s also wired in us to fight to the death if need be to be with them. Some cases are easier than others, and they find their happiness. In other cases, it takes centuries of fighting so that they can finally be with their true mates.”

I took my hand and gently put it to his cheek, “I never realized just how much you had to go through just to even get a glimpse of me. I’m sorry for the running, believe me I don’t get a thrill of the chase, I just know when I feel threatened I just know to run.”

Alex quickly turned his face and grabbed my wrist; oh shit I see the fire in his eyes again, fuck! “When have you ever feel threatened, besides me and don’t lie?”

Dammit! Well there goes my awesome lying skill I can’t use, ”Just some instances in the club.”

He narrowed his eyes; yea this isn’t going to go well, “My club? When?”

I rolled my eyes, “Yes your club, just your typical I have to cut you off, and later on they follow me home, but it’s mostly comical because they can’t even stand up let alone put words together to make a coherent sentence.”

His hand grabbed my chin and forced it to meet his fiery gaze, “This is anything but comical, it was never brought to my attention, our monitors catch everything, and I review the tapes everyday since the moment you started to work at my club. Robert must’ve edit the tapes, to ensure I didn’t see these indiscretions, he knew I would’ve flew off the handle, and killed whoever even looked at you the wrong way.”

“Maybe Robert’s heart was in the right place, he was trying to keep you sane, trust me when I say that I can take care of myself, I’m not a menagerie.”

Alex stood straight up and stood before me, “Trust me, it wasn’t I was trying to keep him close to get inside information on the Vampria, the Vampires who are under Abel’s command. Robert is a Vampira of the highest order, and he felt threatened when you were able to kick the shit out of Montesano, and lived to tell the tale. Montesano is also a Vampria of the highest order but he was taken care of by the council.”

“What the fuck? What council?”

“The only form of Varation or Vampria Vampires who have a distinct gift. The gift of killing any Vampire.”

“Wait a minute. I thought any Vampire could kill any Vampire?”

“Not exactly, you see Varation, and Vampria Vampires can only kill their true mates, or someone in their direct bloodline. But the Vampires in each council can kill any Vampire. They’re rare, and they’re hunted because anyone who can get a hold of them holds a lot of power. The only known is your father, and Abel.”

“Hold on, in the park-“

He held up his hand, knowing I was going to ask this question, “I put so much pain and suffering into his system that he was begging, your father was hidden and helped me finish the job.”

“Why won’t he show himself to me? Is he ashamed of the life I’ve led? Does he not love me?” Fuck the thought of it all I never knew him, but yet I never wanted to disappoint him, I’ve always felt so alone especially after my mother died, knowing before that my father left, and all that I knew about him was that I had his eyes, hell I didn’t even know his name!

Alex had furry written on his face, and he pulled me up, and we were nose to nose, “Let me tell you something Charlemagne Genesis Ramsay, your Father loves you more than you’ll ever know, he made sure I was mentored by him so that you had the right amount of protection when I made myself known. Trust me I had meet a lot of expectations for him to even consider me your true mate, to him no one would ever be good enough for you. Today, I’ve only made up a couple of notches on his scepter of Varation, but let me be clear when I say that I will spend the rest of eternity proving to him that I indeed deserve you, and that I would do anything, and I mean anything to protect you. So the answer to your question is yes you are in the Book of Varation, you are mentioned right now only that you are my true mate, but for your protection, your name is hidden in Kane’s chapter, your mother made sure of it, and in the end I think doing that contributed to her death, because her death was far from an accident.”

“What the Fuck! You mean to tell me that some Varation, or Vampria asshole killed my mother! This can’t be happening to me! First I find out that my father being a selfish asshole that he is cursed this family all because he had the audacity and urge to kill his brother! And two my mother was killed because she wanted to protect me from this entire Vampire shit! Gah!”

Alex started to grab my arms and shake me, “Charlemagne!
The reason you father killed his brother because there was a foretelling that Abel was going to kill Kane’s first born, so to prevent that from happening Kane killed him. But then Kane was cursed as a Vampire to live with his guilt of killing his own flesh and blood, and as a punishment Abel was raised to spread the word of the dark creatures that lurk in the night. Your mother hid your name, so that Abel couldn’t get a hold of that book and discover whom you were. All of this” Alex waved his arms in the air, “Comes down to you, you are Varation Royalty, and the fact that you are half witch, and already possess a Vampire skill before your transformation, has a lot of people on high alert, especially me, this symbol.” He raised his hand, grabbed mine, and put them together, “Is the sacred Varation symbol. The three points represent Armada, Mavereick, and myself; we make the triangle. The inner circle with the infinity symbol represents you. The three lines that meet at the inner circle is our protection for you. The three infinity symbols in the bigger circle represent Armada, Maverick, and myself. The bigger circle embodies the Varation rule that binds us together, and lastly the two infinity symbols outside the bigger circle personify me, and you, the future Varation Vampire Rule.”

The End

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