Chapter 18Mature

I couldn’t believe it; it all makes sense. I turn to Maverick who was still by my side staring into the past, “Why risk it? There was only two more years.”

Maverick turned to me, “That’s something you’ll have to ask him, come let’s get you back.” He held out his hand again, and for once, I didn’t question his motive, I knew where I belonged. I took his hand and we started to make our way back, and this time around my mind was clear, wow this feels nice, I feel like I can for once in my life take a deep breath and knowing that I’m safe and loved.

When we got back to Alex’s, I felt weird, like I was finally home. But in the back of my mind I knew I had to be careful, if I let too much in too fast, I will run, make no mistake.

Maverick and I walked in the main entrance still hand in hand, and Armada stood straight up, at first at a loss for words, twiddling her hands in anxiety, she looked up, “Charlemagne, I’m so sorry how all of this has unfolded for you, I never wanted any of this to explode in your face with your already delicate state with your anxiety, but rest assured Me, Maverick, and especially Alexander only thought of your well-being, and happiness. He truly does love you, and so do we, that’s why Maverick and I kept him at arm’s length for two years. We were at code red when he showed up and made himself known to you, after that night he couldn’t keep away. Before he met you it got to a point where Alexander was so beside himself that he wouldn’t be able to go on without just a glimpse of you, so Maverick and I agreed that he could see you, but just that, we were not prepared for him to make himself known to you. We all risked our lives just so the two of you could have a shared moment together even if it was for a little while. It was enough but like I said he couldn’t keep away.”

I let go of Maverick’s hand, and stepped forward, “ Where is he?”

She shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know, once you left he was inconsolable, he wanted to go right after you, but Maverick stepped in.”

“Inconsolable is an understatement, Charlemagne what you did drove him to the edge, pushing him like that, it’s as if you took his love and spit right on it. I wasn’t kidding when I said he was going to send out an entire search team.”

What the hell? “Really? Serves him right for treating me like a child, I will not bow at his command!”

“Charlemagne you were gone for twelve hours, what was he supposed to think?”

“Who gives a rats ass? I’ve never had to answer to anyone in my fucking life! Why start now! Just because he’s a psychotic obsessive nutcase doesn’t mean I have to walk on eggshells around him, Fuck Him! I’m tired of all of this!” I turned on my heel and walked down the hall, Gah! I’m sick of this shit, and what the fuck was Alex about to show me earlier? Was it behind the ancient ass doors that look like they don’t belong? Maybe I should wait- oh well fuck him, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, yep same ass thinking he pondered when he decided to keep that memory of our first encounter under lock and fucking key.

When I went to go and open the door, “Fuck!” The handle seared my fucking flesh, giving me third degree burns of a weird ass symbol. It was a giant circle with a triangle pointing down inside it, with a smaller circle with an infinity symbol vertically inside it.  At each point of the triangle were smaller circles each with a line leading to the vertical infinity symbol inside the smaller circle. On each side of the triangle inside the bigger circle is an infinity symbol, with two horizontal infinity symbols outside the larger circle. All right, now I’m pissed. I held my hands up and blasted the doors off their hinges. Ha! Fuck you door!

Once I stepped in the room I was rendered speechless, the room was enchanted; it was really snowing in here just like that night I met Alex. The room was covered with the pictures I took that night of Maverick and Armada acting in love, Maverick and I, he in love, me unsure. And there were the pictures I took of Alex, they were breathtaking, they don’t do the real man justice, but that’s the man I fell in love with. Not this psychotic obsessed nutcase who thinks I’m a menagerie who will break at any given moment. But what caught my eye was another picture, it was massive, I’d say twenty feet tall, above the fireplace, it was a picture of me embraced by Alex from behind, in black and white, we are skating and smiling without a care in the world, who in the world got this magical shot?

“That picture cost me forty million.” Alex was at the door, leaning on the frame, with his arms crossed, fury in his eyes that I invaded such privacy, well he should have thought of that before he put a boot to my ass and invaded mine.

I shrugged my shoulders, “Humph. You clearly overpaid.”

He stepped closer, “I was willing to go higher. You’re not seeing the big picture, that was a huge risk I took making myself known to you, conveniently a Vampria Vampire was around and got, what was it you called it? Oh yes, a magical shot!”

Ok, my rage level was spiking a few notches, “Fuck you! You risked everything! You! Not me! Was I really worth such a risk? By the tone of your voice when you even mention me, and the risk I’d say nay!”

His eyes, then decided to actually produce fire. What the hell did I unleash? He held his hand up and the doors flew back up to their original state, and added an extra touch of what sounded like a thousand locks locking. Yea, Charlemagne out, I turned to run for it and he was in front of me. He held up his hand, which had that same symbol seared into his flesh, my knees automatically buckled and I was on the floor before him. He grabbed my hand and matched the symbols together on our left palms, “No more running! I will make you listen if it’s the last thing I do!” With that I felt like the life was being drained out of me, I became weaker, and weaker until I fell the rest of the way down, succumbing to the darkness.

The End

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