Chapter 17Mature

Why is this fucking elevator going so fucking slow? With my luck Alex will not have a scratch on him, brush himself off, and grace me with a smug, sarcastic ass smile as soon as these doors open. Gah! I hate my life! Why can’t I go back to my old life, yeah it was shitty, and barely got by, but I understood that life, and understood myself. Now I’m all over the place, and losing all sense of everything including myself.

As soon as the doors opened I sighed in relief, no one from the ‘Save the Charlemagne Crusaders’ here, good for once I can be alone with myself and my thoughts without having to worry about if I’m standing on my own two feet right, and my head screwed on tight.

As I was walking through the lobby, I had tunnel vision, this time I didn’t care about the beautiful people, their surroundings and their fucking perfect existence, I’ve had it with people like them who can just snap their fingers and get what they want whenever they want, and don’t give a second glance to the people like me who work their asses off just to keep a roof over their head, and food on the table.

I finally made it to the door, and like clockwork the doorman tipped his hat, held the door, and without blinking, “Have a good evening Miss Ramsay.” I stopped, took a deep breath and turned to him.

“I’m sorry?”

He genuinely smiled, “Have a good evening Miss Ramsay, keep warm, it’s going to be a very cold one tonight.”

I didn’t say anything but smile back, and went on my way.

As I was walking, I was trying to ponder what to do next with my life. I had no home, no education, no job, and no future. Unless I considered being married to a 7,000 year old Varation Vampire Royalty nutcase, who’s mission in life was to make my life more difficult then it already was, then yea ok I had a bright fucking future. The one thing I can’t pin point was the fact that Maverick, and Armada have been in on this weird, twisted fantasy along with Alex, and kept this from me for, shit I don’t even know how long, man I’m so confused, why me?

I was thinking of all that was going wrong in my life when I made it to central park. Damn, how long have I been walking? That doorman was right, it is a fucking cold one, ugh! Why can’t for once in my life something go right, and me genuinely be happy. I saw in the distance the infamous skating rink, I closed my eyes I can hear the laughter, of everyone enjoying just being themselves, being with the people they care about most without a care in the world, they were all just happy. I smiled, just enjoying their happiness, just for one moment, I was there, I was them.

“God. I remember when you used to be that happy.” Maverick said in a whisper.

I slowly opened my eyes, turned to him, with silent tears streaming down my face. “Really? Because I don’t.” I looked back to the rink, “Happiness is a luxury, I didn’t have time to be happy.”

He walked up and stood beside me also taking in the sight, “Believe it or not, you were, you allowed it to flow in, and you had so much happiness in you that it was contagious and you made everyone around you so happy and loved.”

I smiled, and shrugged, “I was living in a fantasy, thinking I could just live on hopes, and dreams.”

Maverick turned to me and slowly put his hand under my chin to meet his soft but inquiring gaze, “What happened to that girl?”

More tears streaming down my face, “I opened my Varation eyes and saw the world I was truly living in, and it wasn’t as beautiful as I painted it in my fantasy, and reality settled in, hitting hard, and fast, and I couldn’t pull the breaks.”

Maverick took a deep breath, “I need to show you something.”

He took his hand from my chin and held it out for me to take.

I looked at him reluctantly, “Is this some sort of trick? Did Alex send you? Why can’t he let me have a moments peace?”

Maverick still holding his hand to me, “This is all me Sweetheart, I found you, although Alex was about to have a search team out here looking for you, I convinced him otherwise. He’s been worried sick about you.”

I got a disgusted look on my face, “Really? I haven’t even been gone that long, he’s not my keeper! Why won’t he let me be!”

Maverick put his hand down and stepped closer to me, “Charlemagne how long do you think you’ve been gone?”

I shrugged, “I don’t fucking know a couple of hours, at most.”

Maverick gave me a strange look like I was demented, “Charlemagne you’ve been gone for twelve hours. Have you been outside this whole time?”

Wow talk about losing track of time, “Yeah, what’s the big deal? I love the cold, if I could live outside, which I probably will be considering both of my homes are gone, I would.”

Maverick took a deep breath and held his hand out again, “Come on I need to show you something.”

Ah what the hell, what’s the worst he can do to me, serve me up on a silver platter to Alex, so he can get a medal of honor for returning a deranged Varation Royalty to his side. “Fine, but what’s all this about?”

We started walking towards the rink hand in hand, “I want to show that you were happy at one time in your life.”

“Ha! I doubt it I was probably just faking it for the sake of Armada.”

Just as we were walking I noticed three people skating on the rink, Armada, Maverick, and me. I remember this like it was yesterday the snow was falling slowly and the snow was so thick it was like being in an enchanted snow globe. We were all laughing and goofing around.

“Come on you two, act like you’re in love so I can get that magic shot for my photography final.”

“Eww Charlemagne he’s your boyfriend! Why don’t you two skate while I take the shot, you two are more convincing.”

Just then Maverick skated to my side, grabbed my hand and pulled me with him. “Yea Charlemagne let’s show her.” And we were skating together.

I couldn’t contain my laughter, I was infuriated with them, but I didn’t show it, I just loved life.

While we were skating Armada pretended to be a serious photographer and take pretend shots giggling.

When Maverick and I were done acting foolishly in love, I had Armada and Maverick get back to work as my unpaid models, for my grand photographic masterpiece of a romantic couple in Central Park.

As I was in the zone just about to finish I heard a voice from behind me. “You look like you’re having fun.”

I turned to him, and once I got a glimpse of him I was finished. He was breathtaking, Obscured black hair, maroon scarf knotted to perfection, a black pea coat that was obviously custom to fit only him, but those eyes, that was the nail on the coffin. Any other time I would be cautious about who approached me, but not him I felt safe, and genuinely happy.

“School project, if I want to do this as a profession got to be willing to be in extreme weather for long periods of time.”

He smiled, “And love what you do.”

I smiled shyly back, “It’s the first thing I think about when I open my eyes, what to capture next to share with the world.”

“Then you’re a photographer.”

“Um, since my models are taking a break.” I held up my camera up a little, “This may sound weird but may I take your picture? I promise it’s just for my portfolio, I won’t sell it or anything.”

He started chuckling, and stepped back a little and held his arms out, “By all means, who am I to get in the way of an artist and her muse.”

We started to skate, and he posed effortlessly, I didn’t even need to direct him he was in his element, and I was in mine. It seemed like we were skating for hours when he finally asked, ”Since your other models got a break do I get one as well?”

I dropped my camera right away, “Oh my god, I’m sorry. Did I take to many pictures? Am I keeping you away from your family? Tell them I’m terribly sorry, here give me your address and I can send you some of the photos I took it’s the least I can do for taking up so much of your time, and you so graciously helping me.” I was rambling so much I didn’t notice he skated up to me and put a finger to my lips.

He smiled slowly at me, “I wanted us to take a break together, to enjoy this beautiful winter wonderland, so you can see it for what it really is and not just through a lens, you need to live the experience, not just behind a glass wall, live for the moment, because this.” He gestures his hand around, “is worth living for.” He then took my hand and skated with me across the rink, I remember just being happy, and for once in my life I didn’t want this to end, ever.

Just then Maverick started talking again, next to me, “I knew right then that you were his. I knew exactly who he was, Alexander Dante the true mate to Charlemagne Ramsay. He wasn’t supposed to meet you for two years at that point, but he couldn’t stay away, he had to see you, even if it was just a glimpse. He took a huge risk making his presence known to you, but he just loved you. If he would’ve gotten caught with what he did, there would’ve been a penalty of ten years before he could see you again.”

I turned to him infuriated, “What happened at the end of that night? Why don’t I remember him? Where are those pictures I took of him?”

Maverick looked back to the rink, “Since Armada is your sister, and a powerful Varation witch she put a barrier to that day, and only had you remember what she wanted you to remember, just in case Varation officials came to ask questions.”

I closed my eyes again and wished I was that happy girl again, life was so much simpler, and I knew what I wanted out of life. “Alexander, has always loved you, and for the past two years, he has been near to protect you, that was a huge risk. He was the one who hired you at the two jobs, when he found out where you lived, he bought the building just to keep you safe. Believe it or not all of the occupants are Varation Protectors, only summoned to protect Royalty, and there was one always stationed outside your door when you were home. Your college, and Armada’s was already paid for, the money you’ve been sending to the school, has been going to a special account set up for you to do with as you wish. Your panic attacks that you got subsided because he knew when you were having them, he got as close as he could and tried to just be there for you the closer he was the more you were able to control your attacks.  He never wanted you to suffer, ever. He took on the role of true mate very seriously, but then when he could finally make his presence known, life wasn’t good to you and you got worn down, and closed your eyes from the real world, because you had enough. So I’m showing you this because I know that girl is still there she just needs to be fearless, and to stop running from what she truly wants out of life, because that,” he points to Alex and I skating together, truly loving each other, “Is the true Charlemagne Ramsay.”

The End

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