Chapter 16Mature

Ah damn I feel like an ass, if that isn’t a declaration of love I don’t know what the fuck is. Still it doesn’t change the fact the he is an over protective, overbearing, stalking, pampas ass!

 Still holding my hand and leading me to the great unknown, “I can still read your thoughts Charlemagne, and I wouldn’t be an over protective, overbearing, stalking, pampas ass if you didn’t drive me crazy to the point of insanity. Of all the years I’ve been in battle, that was a walk in the park, it doesn’t even compare to the battle I’ve been in with you, it’s like battling an army of thousands by myself.”

I narrowed my eyes at him, “I play hard to get, what can I say, if you say jump, I will not say how high, I’ll say why don’t you jump to the nearest cliff and test your immortality. And another thing you have a bull-shit meter, and mind reading skills, will I posses anything cool or is my purpose only to serve you?”

I can tell he’s getting annoyed, good. If he wants me I’m not going to make this a walk in the park for him. He’s given me enough anxiety to last me three centuries, and I will not come quietly. He needs to pull his head out of his ass and smell the fucking coffee.

He stops in front of two giant wooden doors, and faces me, shooting daggers, “I don’t know what you’ll posses, apparently you already have a skill, and you haven’t made the full transformation yet, but what that tells me is when you make that final transformation you’ll be very powerful, and that is dangerous.”

“Um dangerous? What the fuck does that mean? I just have a bull-shit meter, I think it’s quite handy, useful, and a time saver, and time is always of the essence. So skills are an asset not a liability.

Alex started to rub the bridge of his nose in frustration, “Charlemagne you’re missing the point, being a Varation Royalty of the highest order already marks you, but the more skill set you have the bigger the threat you become to others, and since you posses a very important skill now even before your transformation already makes people think.”

“Think of what? Who gives a fuck about what skills I have, doesn’t each Varation Vampire have a set of skills? “

“Yes, but you are Royalty so people will be watching and trying to determine if you are a threat or an ally.”

“Ok then my father was the first ever creature lurking in the night, what skills did he have?”

“That’s something you’ll have to ask him. It’s not my place to say.”

Ok, I’m getting pissed off now, ugh, why is he so fucking cryptic? He always just gives me a taste but when I ask for more he slaps my hand with a spoon. “Really? You had no fucking problem telling me that he was my father without caring how I might react to it! Did you ever just once stop and think that once you let the cat out of the fucking bag that I might inquire about said cat! No you didn’t! You want to know why? Because it doesn’t benefit you! You just thought you could just scream Vampire and I’d come walking, well fuck this!” I turned on my heel and walked back to the bedroom that was once prison and grabbed my coat, threw it on and made my way back out. Walking down the hall I could hear Alex screaming.

“Charlemagne! Get you ass back here now! I’m your husband and I order you to cease with this childish behavior!”

I stop dead in my tracks, what the fuck did he just say? I was in the living room by the main entrance at that point, Armada, and Maverick were in there and could see red.

They quickly got up from the couch and made their way over to me. Well at least they tried. When they got about ten feet away from me I turned my head and glared at them.

“Don’t you fucking dare. Do not condone what he just said to me. I’m not an idiot, and I know good and well when I’m being treated like one.”

At this point Alex made his presence known, and he was fuming, well he can go fuck himself, I’m tired of being treated like a damsel in distress who doesn’t know any better, if anyone would fucking let me in I wouldn’t have to fucking be one, ugh! I just want to be normal!

Alex looked over at Armada and Maverick, shooting daggers, “What the Hell! You’re supposed to be protecting her! How are you supposed to do that, if you’re standing clear across the room! How can I ever trust you with my wife? She could be snatched up be a Vampria Royalty in a matter of seconds! You-“

Armada looked sadly at Alex, “She put up a barrier, I can’t get to her.”

“Really Armada? You’re her sister surely this is witchcraft 101!”

“Stop talking like I’m not here! Gah! Do you do this all the time! I’m not a marionette! You can’t just pull the strings and make me dance on command! I’m a human being I have feelings and right now not one of you is even slightly considering them. I expected the least of all you two on my side, I’ve only trusted you two. I’m disappointed, and disgusted.” I turn to Armada “Especially you. I’m done.” I turn to open the door and hear footsteps, I don’t hesitate I turn and throw my hand out and push Alex clear across the room, and make my way out. 

The End

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