Chapter 15Mature

It’s been another three months, I’m about to go crazy in here, and my view for the past months has been the arrogant ass with the smug look on his face. It doesn’t matter what he was doing he always seemed to have that look on his face, pampas ass! I have no strength, I hurt all over no matter what I do sit, and stand, hell it even hurts to fucking think! If that isn’t enough I can’t sleep, because once I succumb to peaceful rest Alex thinks I’ve died, hump I fucking wish, then I won’t be so tired anymore. I’m pale, huh no that would be an improvement, I’m fucking transparent, my hair is falling out and I’ve lost about twenty pounds, ugh, fuck my life! Ah Fuck I feel another panic attack coming on, and this one doesn’t feel like I can control it. “UGGGHHHAAAGGHHHUUUGGHHHAAAGGHHH!” I clutch my hand to my chest heaving. Alex rushes over and pulls me into his arms.

“Sweetheart, come on you need to breathe, deep breaths.”

I start to cry silent tears I’m too weak to talk anymore I hope he realizes it, ‘Please Alex! Can you hear me? Please tell me you can.’

‘I can Baby, I’m right here, I’ve read your thoughts every minute of every moment we’ve been in here together, I must say you’re very vocal in your head as well as verbally, but I at least I know you are still there.’

‘Please I can’t do this anymore, I hurt so badly, just end it.’

‘Do you think I like seeing you this way? Hell Charlemagne I’m dying along with you, I don’t want you to suffer anymore, just say the words Sweetheart’

I was starting to cough up, blood, and my body was starting to convulse, it was now or never, fuck I’m making a deal with the devil, ‘My life, that was once my own, is now and forever will be in your possession, please end my suffering.’

He nuzzled his face in my hair, ‘Thank you Baby, you won’t regret it.’ With the he took his antique knife and slit his arm from wrist to elbow, and put it to my mouth.

Oh my God! It tastes so good! It was so potent and filling, it was like a Thanksgiving feast laid out just for me, ahhhh!

After I was finished, I turned my head to the side exposing my neck.

Alex drew his eyebrows together in confusion, “What are you doing?”

“You need to heal up that nasty wound, you need to stop making such big cuts, I can handle a small cut on your wrist. Come on you’re not much help to me injured.”

He narrowed his eyes and leaned forward, ‘I love you.’ And bit down. He must’ve done this many of times because he wasn’t even hurting me, he handled me with the upmost care, I’m sure if he wanted to he could’ve but it would’ve been confusing given his statement before he bit.

When he was done the cut was healed, I ran my hand over where it was, and then made my way to get up, but Alex kept a firm hold on me.

“You know what this means, don’t you?”

“That I accepted your proposal. Yes I know, and I’m done running, but that doesn’t mean you’ve won me over.”

“I know but like I said I’m a very patient man, even if it takes the rest of time. But right now we have to make preparations for your full transformation.”

“Ah Fuck is there like a ritual or something, there isn’t going to be like human or animal sacrifice is there.” Just the thought of it made me shutter.

“Well there is kind of a human ritual.”

Fuck I knew it!

“It’s you”

“Wait what-“

“Now before you get all freaked out, and try to run let me explain.”

“Right now you got thirty seconds before I bolt out of this door.”

“Once the true mates both agree to be together, there is a ritual they must perform, to become bound together, Marriage between Vampires as you will.”

“Go on.”

“The night of the ceremony it’s just the two mates, the ring that is decided by the Alpha to wear is placed on the woman’s ring finger.”

“Seems harmless so far.”

“The Alpha then drinks the blood of the woman until she is completely drained.”

“What the Fu-“

“Charlemagne! The blood that the Alpha drank is him accepting the woman as his wife, and vowing to love, honor and protect her. In return just as the woman is on the verge of death he feeds her his blood, by doing this the woman is accepting the Alpha as her husband to love, honor, and serve him. “

“Is that all it takes? If so we were on various occasions close to being married.” I started to laugh

Alex was so not laughing at my attempted joke, he looked brooding and pissed, meh fine.

“That not all, when the woman is finally revived, there is one more task”

“Which is?”

“That ring I mentioned earlier the band will sear into her skin until the metal makes its way into the skin, and the stone will make its branding mark, forever making her his, an unbreakable vow.”

“Wow, this seems like a walk in the park for you, no wonder you’re so eager to get married, huh no suffering for you! This Vampire race is so sexist, making the female suffer, while the males stroke their ego, I call Bullshit!”

Alex grabbed my chin and turned my face forcefully to meet his, he narrowed his eyes, ”The pain and suffering doesn’t even come remotely close to of which I have endured for the past seven months, it’s a small price for you to pay.”

I stuck my tongue out at him and crossed my arms over chest, and huffed.

Alex rolled his eyes, “Yea, real mature Charlemagne, I’m so glad you’ll be my Queen.”

“Oh please, like I want to chant all hail King Alexander, the mighty and powerful pampas ass!”

He threw his head back and laughed, “Life with you I will admit won’t be the least bit dull.”

“I’m here all week.” I stood up and bowed dramatically, while he clapped enthusiastically.

When he was done clapping I reached out my hand to him to help him up, he looked at my hand then up to my face and smiled. “What’s this?”

I was confused I drew my eyebrows together, “What do you mean? I’m trying to help you off the ground, I’m being nice, take advantage, I’m trying here, wouldn’t this count as ‘serving you?’ ”

He took my hand and stood up, he then pulled me into a hug and rocked me gently. “I know” He sighed “I’m very proud of you for making the effort and I know it’s going to take time, what you just did was a huge leap in my eyes, and I know you will continue to surprise me everyday for the rest of our lives.”

He broke the embrace, I already felt cold, and he took my hand.

“Come with me there’s something I want to show you.”

He led me to the door, swung it open and simply walked through with me in toe, what the fuck? I dug my heels in the floor halting us to a stop, “Hold the fuck up?”

Alex whipped around so fast concern in his eyes, “What? What’s wrong?”

I narrowed my eyes at him, “How were we able to waltz right on through the door, as if the last three months never happened?”

He took a deep breath and gave me a serious expression, “It lifted as soon as you consented, I meant what I said when I said that I was a patient man, we were locked in here to the fullest extent for the past three months.”

“Let me ask you one thing.”


“Would you truly have left me to die if I never consented?”

He pulled me in close, putting his hand under my chin and stared deep into my soul, “Never. Trust me I was almost at my breaking point, and I don’t have one, but the fact that you challenged me opened my eyes to a new light. A light so powerful even I can’t stop it. This light, it’s you; you bring it to my darkness. You shine on what has been shunned, frowned upon and turned away. You give me hope, inspiration, and more feeling than I have had in all of my existence, You mother was right your life depends on me, but you are the master of knowledge. You know that in any case I would save you in a heart beat even if saving you would cost me my last one.”

“When was your breaking point going to break?”

“The fact that you attempted suicide, was enough to break me, but on top of all that, the fact you didn’t care for your well being caring for others before yourself, you’ve always done it, but it’s wearing you thin each time you’ve drank from me you take more each time. I have more then enough blood to spare, but not enough sanity to spare, if you would of died that day then I would cease to exist.”


“Meaning that if you died, to me I would serve no purpose. You are my life Charlemagne, What I did before you means nothing to me now. I live for you Charlemagne, you are my life line, my heart, and my soul.”

The End

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