Chapter 14Mature

I slowly opened my eyes, UGH!! The light, turn it off. I feel like I got hit by a fucking greyhound bus, UGH!! Why can’t I just die already? I’m tired and just want to sleep.

“Charlemagne!” That voice sounds familiar

“Charlemagne, it’s Armada wake up!”

“No I want to sleep why is everyone I come into contact with prevent me from sleep!”

“Charlemagne, you’ve been a sleep.”

I threw the covers over my head, “UGH! Not long enough!”

“Try thirty days.” She pulled the covers off

I narrowed my eyes at her, ”I don’t believe you, and aren’t I supposed to be dead, I did stab myself in the heart, isn’t that how fucking Vampires are supposed to die?”

Armada started to laugh and put her face in her hands, oh Fuck I know what’s coming, “ You stupid self rightchous, spoiled rotten Varation Bitch, do you know what you put us through! Me, Maverick, and don’t get me started on Alexander!”

“Who gives a flying rat’s ass about Alex, I’m sick and tired of him, I’m the one who almost died yet all you give a shit about is Alex! Where the fuck am I, get me my coat, I’m signing the discharge papers and I’m gone!”

Armada sighed and stood up, “I’m going to let Alexander know you’re up.” With that she opened the door and walked out.

Humph, she can tell Alex all she wants because when he comes back I will be long gone, fuck the paper work!

I got up and found my coat draped over the chair, I picked it up and threw it on. I made my long walk to the door, threw it open and before I knew it strong arms were around me, and Alex’s lips were on mine, I tried to break free but he held me so tight. I felt wet on my face, I opened my eyes and he had silent tears streaming down his face. He held my head to his and deepened the kiss, I finally gave in. He reached for my coat buttons and ripped my jacket off. I heard him mumble between our kisses, “You are not going anywhere, not without me!”

There’s the Alex I knew, damnit I fell for it, I broke the kiss. “Alex I want to go home, I don’t want to be here anymore, apparently I’ve been out of it for a month, I need to get back to my life, I have work, and classes!”

He just stared at me, “Let’s get a couple of things straight, you don’t have a home I blew them both up, you reside here now, two, Armada was being generous in the time factor, you were out for three months, not one, three, I withdrawaled you from your classes, four, you’re fired from both of your jobs, and five your life is with me now, so get used to it!” He stated as a matter of factly.

I narrowed my eyes at him, and threw my hands up in the air, staring at the gods to give me strength “UUUUGGGHHH!!!! I can’t win!! I ran to a very expensive vase and picked it up, “I can’t ever fucking win!!” I threw the vase at Alex, it missed of course and smashed into a million pieces. I started to cry but I wasn’t done, I ran to the curtains and ripped them down. “I can’t ever fucking win!!” I was like a child with an outrageous tantrum on steroids but I didn’t care, I walked right up to him, and started punching him, and slapping him, “I hate everyone in my life especially you! No one cares for me, they all care for you! Everyone is just dying to fall at your feet and your command, well I’ve had it!” I gave him one last slap across the face, that was the only sound in the room, his face fell to the side and stayed there. “I’m fucking done! Do you hear me! Done!” With that I turned on my heal and made for the door. When I opened the door, there it was that barrier again, son of a bitch! Wait a minute I was part witch maybe I could lift it somehow. I raised my hands up, closed my eyes, and thought really hard. I started to feel really tired, and my knees started to buckle, next thing I know Alex has me up in his arms, and he slams the door.

“You can die trying to lift a spell like that! The fucked up thing is even though you don’t know what you’re doing it was lifting and you were dying, AGAIN!!” I started to struggle but his grip was firm, “Stop with the fucking struggling!!” we were by the bed and he threw me onto it, before I could get up he was on top of me. I was struggling again, so he grabbed my arms, laced our hands together, and braced his weight on his elbows. He looked straight at me, “Are you done now Charlemagne? There is no way in fucking hell you are getting out of my hold, you are neither powerful nor stronger than I, there is no contest, so submit!” He was staring at me now his eyes full of anger, and hurt. Well that was his problem not mine, he should of just let me die, then he wouldn’t be so exasperated, huh like I give a flying fuck!

I stared back into his eyes, challenging him, I guess my ass is parked here so I might as well listen to the bullshit that he’s about to make me endure, I’m sure knowing his record of awesome people skills and our short past this is going to go oh so well…..Not! “Well you have my full and utter complete attention so spit it out I have no fucking choice I’m all mother fucking ears!”

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath

I narrowed my eyes, “Are you fucking counting backwards, oh my-“

He opened his eyes and they were full of rage, maybe I should’ve let him finish his count down. “Shut up, just shut up Charlemagne! Don’t you ever get tired? You know how easy your life would be if you would just give yourself to me and let me take care of you? You are a Vampire and Witch, a very important one, I am your true mate, I’m here to help you make your full and complete transition, and I’m sorry but I’m a part of the package deal, so you need to come to terms with that in one way or another, either way I don’t give a shit you are fucking MINE to have and to hold! My blood is in your system, and let me make this clear, it will never make its way out of your system it was meant to be attached to mine. So when you make your daring escapes I know exactly where you are headed no questions asked, and that little stunt you pulled a few months ago, you got fucking lucky but only for half a day. You know when you get fucking tired and dizzy, can’t catch a breath, about to have a panic attack? That is because you haven’t fed in a while, after you’ve fed from me that’s all your body wants now, it doesn’t want human food, it wants your other half, and guess what Sweetheart it’s me!”

I tried to get up but he slammed me back down I guess his fucking rant wasn’t quite finished.

“And another thing, if you ever, and I mean ever pull a stunt like trying to kill yourself like that again, I will lock you up with me, throw away the key, and we will fucking rot together! And let me tell you something,” he smirks, “Varation Vampires, especially Royalty take generations before they start to rot.”

I give him an evil smirk, “Well then that means, I can live without you for quite sometime, since I am Royalty and all you arrogant ass!”

“You’re half Vampire, I can live without your blood for generations, but you, hmmmm you can only live without my blood I would say three months, if your lucky, so by all means Sweetheart.”

“You just said I could survive generations with you locked in a room!”

“Yea with me force feeding you my blood. But I wouldn’t make it that easy for you, you see I would wait until you were weak, helpless, and just clutching onto life, until I made you a proposition, a proposition you wouldn’t pass up.”

“And what would that be?”

“I give you life in exchange for yours.”

“You have got to be fucking kidding me! This is ludicrous, I’m not just going to give you my heart and soul just because some old ass book said so.”

“I wanted an exchange for your life I know that I have to earn your heart and soul, you’ve made trust perfectly clear, and I will endeavor to have it, but for now I will take your life.”

I started to cringe he was really scaring me. I pushed back more into the bed.

He glanced at his beautiful platinum diamond encrusted Rolex, and sighed. “The countdown had begun, and for the record I wasn’t counting down from my anger, I was counting down for the spell on the door to become permanent.”

“WHAT!?! You fucking psycho!”

“I told you what would happen, and I couldn’t take a chance of you trying that stunt again. You only got my blood the day you stabbed yourself, and that was enough, you haven’t had my blood in three months, how you still have strength is beyond me, maybe I’m underestimating you as I did three months ago but mark my words I did not bluff when I said I would have your life!”

The End

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