Chapter 13Mature

“I will be waiting downstairs in the car.” Alex started to make his way out, but stopped, turned and leaned his hand against the door, “Oh and by the way, if you try one of your daring escapes, I will take you down, and I won’t hold back.” With that he was gone in a flash.

I was frantic and scared shitless, I started throwing my belongings in duffle bags that I got for free when I first got to NYU. As I was packing I started to feel another panic attack happening, I stopped leaned over my cot and started to breathe deeply. After a few minutes I calmed down but I moved at a snails pace, fuck him! If he wanted to burn the place down with me in it, then so fucking be it. As I was packing more and more I was starting to get tired, and it was hard to keep my eyes open.

When I finished with everything I looked at my phone and saw that I had two minutes before Alex came in guns a blazing, literally. I had 4 duffle bags of shit, you know what Fuck him! Let him come in here and carry my shit, I was apparently Varation Royalty!

I opened the door and peeked out no one in sight, all right I can at least carry one bag. I grabbed my fluorescent green duffle bag and made my way down the back fire escape.

I got downstairs and peeked behind the building ok I see the towncar, not hard to miss, that arrogant ass! I crept back in the alley, opened my bag and threw on a long blonde wig that I had from last Halloween, closed up the bag and made my way out of the alley way opposite from the car. I got far enough that I felt safe enough to hail a cab, I still had the money from Montesano that I can put to good use.

I got in and told the cab driver to take me upstate, to a cabin that was passed down generations, Armada urged me to sell it since it sat on 200 acres of land, and that could have taken care of both of the tuitions plus some extra money, but it what was left of our family and our mother and I couldn’t part with it.

When we pulled up in the hidden drive I had a heavy heart, this was a lot to take in but anything was better then feeling the wrath of Alex right now.

He stopped at the house and turned towards me, “$200.00”

Damn! Oh well $200.00 for a quick escape, and got a cab driver who didn’t talk or stare at my chest that almost made me give him a tip. Almost.

I got out and took a deep breath, I closed my eyes and listen to the sounds of nothing, ah I’m finally at peace even if it’s only for a little while. I know that I’ll have to face Alex one of these days, but today I just want peace.

I made my way up the stone path, got my keys and opened the door. I got in and it was just how I left it, I just needed to spruce things up and let it breathe. I set my bag down and got to work, I pulled the white sheets off of the furniture, and opened the cool windows that were all connected together and made the living room look like it was a part of the outdoors, I loved it. I grabbed all of pillows and went onto the wrap around deck and threw them together to get all of the dust off of them.

When I was done I put my jacket back on and took a walk in the woods to get some firewood. When I got to the designated spot I got to work, taking my frustrations that I’ve had built up from the past few days. I was chopping away when I finally started to cry, Fuck! I was chopping so fast that I lost all of my strength and fell. I was a sobbing mess, “Oh no you don’t Charlemagne Genesis Ramsay Get the Fuck up! You will not be Weak! I will not give him the Satisfaction!” With that I got up brushed myself off, when I turned around I couldn’t believe it, he found me, he Fucking found me! He was standing there, arms crossed and man he looked pissed. He was staring daggers at me, but at this point I didn’t care I squared my shoulders, hauled up the wood I chopped and walked right past him.

As soon as I got back to the Cabin I walked up the stairs to the deck but couldn’t get past the threshold, I tried and failed multiple times and got frustrated. “UUUGGHHH!!! What the Fuck!!”

Alex was at the bottom of the deck stairs, and he couldn’t care less about my rant because he was inspecting his nails. “I told you Charlemagne, if you tried one of your daring escapes, I would take you down, and not hold anything back. You underestimated me, and it will be the last time you do so. I know you didn’t give a shit about that apartment building, but I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt, you have ran away from me for the last time.”

Rage was coursing through my veins, “What the fuck does that mean? Why can’t you just take a god damn hint and leave me the fuck alone!!” I was in his face by that time and he still didn’t look at me. “Look at me you self rightchous, arrogant, asshole!!”

He looked up, smiled, and snapped his fingers.

I turned around and saw my beautiful Cabin blown to pieces in the contained barrier, everything I had left was up in smoke, he was right I underestimated him, but he is going to regret underestimating me.

I just stood in shock I was not going to give him the satisfaction of a reaction, no, I’m going to give him the opposite I’m going to be void of all emotions, because I don’t know what else to do at this point it’s my last form of defense.

Alex walked up behind me and whispered in my ear, “See what happens when you run? You belong to me Charlemagne. If you ever try to run away from me again, I will do far worse. Do I make myself clear?”

I just stood there while my mother’s house went up in flames; it was all I had left of her.

“Charlemagne!!!!” He was in front of me now full of rage, I really didn’t give a shit what he felt or did. I just looked at him, and then I looked down at the ground.

I felt his hand under my chin and lifted my face to meet his, “I know what I did was cruel, but you need to understand, that this world is cruel and isn’t going to give you free passes.”

You know what fuck this shit, I took his hand and I threw it away from my face. I then turned and walked back into the woods, I found the nearest sharpest stick swung it around, and plunged it into my heart, “AAAGGHHHH” Fuck that hurt like a bitch, and just like clock work Alex was by my side.

“What have you done you stupid woman!!!” He grabbed me and pulled the stick out, he took his infamous knife out of his back pocket and sliced his arm open, “Drink!”

I pushed him away, and started to walk, blood soaking my clothes, but I continued to walk.

He caught up with me and shoved his arm to my face, “God Damit Charlemagne Drink!!!” He was getting stronger and angrier, good serves him right. He thinks he can get me that easily, he can go fuck himself!

I was starting to cough up blood by this time, but kept walking. “AAAAAAGGGHHHHH CHARLEMAGNE!!!!!” He ran, and was at my side in seconds he tipped me over his arm, but before he gave me his blood I smiled and said, “The world is cruel, and doesn’t give free passes.” After that I was gone.

The End

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