Chapter 12Mature

Hmmm, what do I want to know? That’s the million-dollar question, which I’m sure Alex could pay. I had so many questions swirling in my mind that I didn’t even think about it, the first thing I blurted out was, “Why is it such a fucking surprise to people that I call you Alex, and not Alexander the All Mighty and Powerful?”

He chuckled, still stroking my back with the upmost care, he answered, “First of all my dear sweet Charlemagne, My name is just Alexander, not Alexander the All Mighty and Powerful-“

I interrupted him, “I know it’s Alexander Jeremiah Dante, but---“

Stunned he stopped stroking me, awww I miss the connection already.

“How do you know my full name?”

I shrugged my shoulders not giving it a second thought, ”The internet.”

His eyes narrowed, “Charlemagne I know when you’re lying to me.”

“Or really, is that also in your DNA a bull-shit meter.”

He smiled smugly, “As a matter of fact yes.” His eyes narrowed again getting back to the matter at hand. “Now I’m not going to ask you again Charlemagne, how do you know my full name?”

“Does it really matter? I told you, you psycho, the internet.” With that I got out of the tub walked right past Alex grabbed a towel, wrapped it around myself and walked out. Now where the fuck is my clothes from last night, I need to put them on, and bid this place a fucking Adieu.

“Charlemagne!!!” Oh shit I just awoke the bear, and he’s fucking hungry. I’m not scared I’m tired physically, emotionally, and fucking mentally, I’m done with all of this shit. Wait! I have his blood in my system, a lot of it! From what I can remember for some reason I know exactly where the front door is if I can just get a head start I would at least have a chance to get to Armada, or hell even being in public, vampires were kept a secret right? All right it’s all or nothing.

I turned my head to the left and looked seductively over my shoulder to him man he was furious! And so Fucking Hot! Never mind that was all a façade to his psychoses. His hands were balled up fists at his sides wow I could feel the heat of his wrath from here. Here it goes. He started to walk but stopped dead in his tracks after I pulled my towel off, completely naked he was memorized, good! I then swirled my towel around and whipped him so fast that it knocked him back. That was my chance.

I ran at the speed of light and made it out the door, good thing I saw his coat by the door and scooped it up before making my spectacular exit. As soon as I got outside I hailed a cab, and went home.

When I got home I never thought I would miss this dump, but for the first time in days I was able to breathe. I dead bolted my four locks, and then threw my keys into the bowl by the table. I walked up to my cabinet hoping that food just magically appeared while I was gone, nope. Well I didn’t get to finish my luxiourious bath, because of the overbearing, overprotective, ass. Well I’m going to fix that right now!

I went into my shoebox of a bathroom locked the door and realized what I did and laughed, “yeah that’ll keep him out.”

And if he got through the four deadbolts and the awesome lock on my bathroom door then he was fucking Houdini. I turned on the hot water and stepped in.

To me the shower was my sanctuary to think, and man I needed to think. What is with all of this Vampire shit! I can’t be a Vampire, this crap only existed in movies, that had incredibly horrible actors but were beautiful eye candy, but still, UGH! What did all of this mean and why does it have to happen to me!!! I had ultimate brain overload and couldn’t take it anymore I was so frustrated the tears started to flow, and not soon after the sobs came. Why can’t this all just go away!! I was so frustrated I punched the wall and AH Great fucking tiles fell and there was a hole in the wall, no security deposit back! Shit!! I started to give up and fall to the bottom of the tub. I brought my knees to my chest and started to heave, ah shit I was hyperventilating this hasn’t happened in a long time. Oh my god! It wasn’t subsiding, and it was scaring me, I might have to call someone, it usually gets better by now, maybe I shouldn’t have left Alex’s.

All of a sudden I saw strong muscular arms come around me but I wasn’t scared I knew who it was, but I was still hyperventilating.

“Sweetheart I got you, you have to take deep breaths” he was rocking me gently.

“I-“breath, “Can’t-” breath, “Alex-“ breath “It-“ breath, “Is-” breath, “All-” breath, “Too-“ breath “Much-“ breath

He brought his legs around me now encircling me in his warmth. He was so gentle, still rocking with me, “Concentrate on the sound of my voice, can you do that sweetheart? Just listen, I know you have extreme panic attacks, you’ve gotten them ever since you were young, for the past two years I’ve watched you have them, and I wanted so badly to take away the pain and suffer for you. Every time you got one I felt it and I couldn’t do anything about it, watching you have them was like dying a thousand deaths. But, I’m here now and I’m not going anywhere, no matter what, no matter how far you push me, or how far you run from me I will always find you, I will always be here for you, and I will always love you.”

My breathing was evening out but not quite back, “My Mother told me.”

His face was in my hair, “Told you what Sweetheart?”

I turned in his arms I looked up into the eyes that were my own “Your name. She was also surprised also that you let me call you by Alex.”

His eyes were of concern, “When did you see her, and please be honest I won’t get mad you have my word.”

“When I passed out, I apparently was stuck in Limbo, and saw my Mother, she was so beautiful just as I remembered her, she said my life didn’t depend on me, that it….”

“Go on”

“That it depended on you, you were my deciding choice if I was going back to the land of the living, or of the dead. That’s when she told me your full name, and also what purpose you, Armada, and Maverick have and she gave their full names as well. I don’t know you all apparently are supposed to protect me or something, I don’t know this is all just too much, and she said that you must be my true mate because you let me call you Alex.”

It was Alex that started to tremble, he lifted his hand to my chin so that we were almost nose to nose, “Make no mistake, I chose life, because for centuries I knew who my true mate was, and that I wouldn’t meet her until now, Two years ago I figured out who you were, and as soon as I laid my eyes on you that was it.”

“But that’s just it, you don’t know me, and I’m not scared of you, just the opposite but-“

“I know it’s a lot to take in, but like I said before I am a patient man.”

Man, I know this feels right, but this is too much I need to think and he’s taking up all of my memory space, and I’m about to explode!

“Alex how the fuck did you get in here? I dead bolted four locks, and locked this door, but I didn’t even hear a sound when you came in.” I made my way to stand up but he kept his arms around me.

He sighed knowing that I wouldn’t like the answer that was about to come out, ”I have a set of keys.”

What the fuck! That’s it circle time with Alex is over! “Get out.”

He still sat there with me, “No.”

Rage was filling me now, “Get the Fuck Out! It’s bad enough you stalk and obsess but now you have keys to my very own sanctuary, I’ve had it, if your blood runs out of my system and I die then so fucking be it! I can’t take it anymore, I will finally be at peace!!” He was so dumbfounded that he released me and I stood straight up wrapped a towel around me, unlocked the door and walked into my main room.

I couldn’t fucking believe this, this was the only place I had, something that I could call my own, now Mister all high and mighty walks in, oh I’m sorry stomps in and takes everything I have what’s next my fucking soul!

I got to my dresser and yanked open the top drawer, but as soon as I did that it was shoved back closed. I balled my fists at my sides, I was infuriated. “UUUGGHHH!!!! Get the Fuck Out!!!”

He just stood there staring daggers into my eyes, “Fine! I’ll leave! When you’re done obsessing lock up when you’re done!” I threw on my coat, reached for my keys, and went to open the door but when I did there was a strong hand from preventing that. “Get out of my way you Varation Vampire Asshole!!!” That’s what did it because next thing I knew I was thrown against my cot that was a couch, I tried to get up but in a flash he was sitting on the cot with me straddling him. Both of his arms encircling me, fuck I guess I had to hear what psycho had to say.

“Now you listen to me, I told you, you are out of free passes, and what you just said, if it was any other Vampire they would be dead, but seeing as you had a huge panic attack I will take that as your punishment.”

I started to struggle I needed to get out of here and away from him.

“Stop struggling!! Now I’ve had it. You are going to pack your bags and you’re going to live with me!”

I narrowed my eyes at him, “Haha yea, you think so? Fuck you!”

He smirked, “Let me put it to you this way, if you don’t have your things packed and ready to go in the next thirty minutes I will set this poor excuse of an apartment building on fire.”

“Yea ok I believe you as far as I can throw you, and for the record I can throw you pretty far.”

“You don’t think I would, test me Charlemagne, call my bluff I really don’t give a shit, as I told you before I will do what ever is necessary and if it’s blowing up this shitty dump then so be it.”

“What about the innocent people who live here?”

He smiled, but it wasn’t a good one he looked sinister, “Collateral Damage.”

Ok I’m officially scared shitless, how is it that I was supposedly matched up with such a psycho, I’m not going anywhere near him after I packed, I’ll just go to a homeless shelter.

Apparently I wasn’t moving quickly enough for him, he picked up his wrist and looked at his very expensive Rolex, and sighed, “Twenty-six minutes and counting Charlemagne.”

Ah Fuck!

The End

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