Chapter 11Mature

What the hell?!? Everything is blurry and bright, ah fuck I’m dead, I know it, why is Maverick over me shoving his arm to my face? Ah, this is too much, I need to close my eyes, I just need a few moments peace.

When I wake up again it’s bright, but it doesn’t hurt or burn, it’s actually beautiful, like I can actually see the world’s beauty for what it really is. How did I get here? One moment I’m in central park, the next I’m on the most beautiful beach, with the whitest, purest sand almost like powder, so soft you’d think you were walking on the clouds in heaven. The water so clear, blue and sparkling, it was like looking to where God harvested his tears for the lost souls who were taken before their time.

I thought I was alone, but by the shore stood a woman with her back to me, I wasn’t afraid I had to know.


The figure turned around “Hello Charlemagne.”

I choked on the tears started to flow, “Mother?”

 She smiled, hair flowing in the wind, she looked beautiful as I remembered her before she sacrificed her life for Armada’s and mine in a horrific car crash.

“Am I dead? Is this Heaven?”

“Not quite.”

“How am I, I mean you’re..”

“Dead. Yes Charlemagne I am. You’re in what’s called Limbo. Not quite alive, but not quite dead, but that all depends.”

“On what?”

I couldn’t take anymore of this I started shaking, what do I ask?

“Mom, I don’t know what to do everything is coming at me in a thousand different directions I don’t know what to believe anymore. Please help me understand just a little, and then I’ll make my decision to hold on or not.”

She smiled once more knowing something I clearly don’t know.

“My dear sweet Charlemagne, your life depends on Alexander.”

What the?

“You see Charlemagne, Your father is the first ever Vampire created as a punishment, from God for killing your uncle, and as said punishment, your uncle was raised from the dead and also created as a Vampire. Kane and Able, the first Vampires in History.”

“Wait my father is the first Vampire which means, my father is Kane!”

“Yes, he is your father, a father who loves you dearly, and has wanted to keep you away from this world.”

“But, how did you get involved? Wait are you—“

“No, I’m not a Vampire.”

“Oh ok good because---“

“I’m a witch”

“That explains why Armada looked all crazed and focused, trying to keep Alex away from me.”

She started chuckling, “He lets you call him Alex, wow I must say you really are his true mate.”

“Who cares if he didn’t let me shorten his name I don’t give a fuck what he thinks! He annoys, stalks, and is obsessed! I’m just about to go crazy!”

“He’s very protective, and he truly loves you.”

“He doesn’t even know me!”

“He knows more than you think.”

“If he is my true mate, then why was Armada keeping him away from me, and why was Maverick so strong? How could he take down a 7,000 year old Vampire?”

The sun was setting on the horizon I didn’t have much time, and if I knew Alex I would be back in his arms quicker than the speed of light.

“You’re not asking the right questions.”

She smiled once more, and it clicked

“What am I?”

“She looked out to the horizon, closed her eyes and smiled, “You are a Varation Hybrid Royalty, half Vampire, half Witch, who is second in line for the Varation throne, your true mate is Alexander Jeremiah Dante, full blooded Varation Vampire, the first true warrior for the Varations. Armada Guinevere is a full blooded Varation Witch Royalty, and Maverick Jonathan Monteque is also a Varation Hybrid, a complete triangle.”

I was confused,” Um I know I’m not a genius or anything but that makes a square, not a triangle.”

“Oh no my sweet child, it is indeed a triangle, three points to a perfect triangle.”

I was so confused I looked to the horizon again only a couple minutes left, then it clicked, “Oh my God! The full blooded witch, the full blooded Vampire, and the Hybrid.”

She nodded.

“You need all of those elements to protect me. I am what keeps the triangle whole, you need the witch and vampire the two halves that make me, and then you need the hybrid that is me.”

“You are what makes us whole Charlemagne, I know you’ll do great things.”

She smiled and then she was gone.

“AAAHHHHGGGHHHH” I choked trying to breathe. I was in a very sterile room, cold and shivering, and all I wanted for some odd reason was Alex.

I was hooked up everywhere imaginable needles and tubes, UGH! I hated all of this I just want Alex, where the fuck was he?

I started pulling out the needles and tubes; I started sobbing, “Get this shit off of me!!”

Monitors started beeping signaling that I was dead. Good, serves them right.

I succeeded and started out the door, wow I don’t feel very well. Fuck it I need to toughen up, I’m sick of being the damsel that always needs to be saved, I just need to find Alex. I didn’t even know where I was going but my instincts just told me to keep going.

Wow, this place looks familiar but I can’t pin point it, besides the Texas Chainsaw Massacre operating room this place feels homey, and warm.

I got to a set of double doors and pushed them open. I saw a huge fireplace with a roaring fire going, with a massive couch in front of it. I saw a figure sitting on the couch facing the fire not at all bothered by my entrance. It has to be Alex, I just I need to help him.

I whispered, “Alex?”

My vision was blurred, but the figure shot out of his comfortable position and turned towards me.


He looked scared, why? He could easily hurt me before I could even think about hurting him.

He was at my side in a flash. “Baby, what did you do? Did you do this?”

I was really confused, “Do what?”

I looked down at my arms they were dripping with blood from where I pulled the needles out from, damn that must’ve been a lot of needles. “I just needed to get to you, I don’t know why, but, I’m sorry if I got blood on your carpet, I’ll pay for it to be cleaned.”

He scooped me up in his arms, “Sweetheart, the last thing on my mind is my fucking carpet, come on let’s get you cleaned up.”

He started to walk and I clenched around his neck in a death grip. I started to cry. “Please don’t take me back in there, I was so scared I thought people were doing experiments on me, and when I woke up, you weren’t there, please don’t leave me alone again…..” I started to hyperventilate.

Alex and I were gone in a flash, we were in his massive master bedroom, warm and cozy, with rich woods, and dark colors. He stripped me of my hospital gown and carried me to the bathroom. He turned on the water and made sure the temperature was perfect, and as the tub was filling he turned to me.

“I would never, and I mean never let anyone do experiments on you. I didn’t even want Maverick puncturing your perfect skin with all of those needles, but he had to, to get my blood inside you. Your sister is a very powerful witch, but sometimes the magic can get the best of her. That spell she casted, almost killed you. It sucked almost all of your mortal self out of your body and Maverick and I weren’t sure if your Vampire half would be able to carry you through. We brought you back here, I was dealing with your sister, and Maverick was trying to take the matters in his own hands by trying to give you his blood to stabilize you. I almost lost it, I almost killed him, so he came up with an option to stick you with needles and set up IV bags of my blood to get it in your system quicker. After that was accomplished I told your sister and Maverick that if they ever step foot in this house again, and put your life so carelessly in jeopardy again I will not hesitate, I don’t care how far up the totem pole they are, I will kill them.”

I was starting to shake I didn’t know what to fucking think anymore, I was scared, and I was cold. Alex must’ve read my mind because the next thing I knew I was hauled off my feet into his arms.

“That’s enough Vampire talk, all I care about is keeping you safe.” He started walking across the massive bathroom to the luxurious tub and slowly setting me in. “Let me know if it’s too hot or not hot enough.”

As soon as I hit the water I immediately relaxed and sighed deeply this is the best feeling I’ve had in a long time. I close my eyes and lean my head back in complete content. I can feel Alex’s smile.
“How’s the water sweetheart?”


“Just like you.”

I open my eyes and look up at him, why would he say that? He doesn’t even know me.

He leans down next to the tub and picks up a loofa and holds it up to me.

“May I?”

“Ummm, I..I mean..” Fuck what this man does to me, any other time I would tell him where to stick that loofa but I’m lost for words, fuck I’m so confused!

He smiled warmly at me, “I won’t hurt you sweetheart, just relax.”

I don’t know why but I nod at him to continue.

He dips the loofa into the water and starts washing my back, in almost a sing song way he asked, “Now what do you want to know?”

The End

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