Chapter 10Mature

I was still choking, and I couldn’t breathe, Damn was this how I was going to die? This sucks, Alex was by my side in seconds he took out a very antique looking knife that looked older than time and sliced his forearm open. He grabbed me, put me in his lap and put his forearm to me.

Still coughing I turned away, damn it why couldn’t this man just let me die in peace!

Still holding his forearm to me, “Because I love you, and you wouldn’t be dying in peace, you would be dying in vain!” He grabbed my face and he slammed his forearm to my mouth.

Oh my God! He tasted so good I sucked him like he was my last meal. I closed my eyes and savored the taste.

He was stroking my hair, which was surprisingly calming, “That’s it my precious sweetheart, take me, take all of me.”

I couldn’t stop, but I must otherwise I’ll kill him, and I don’t want to do that apparently he seems very important to these people and killing him, I might as well sign my death warrant.

I pushed him away, “I had enough.”

He pulled me to him, “Not clearly enough now drink!”


“Damn it woman I will not be refused!”

“Yes you will, I’m fine now and I’m only killing you! You need your strength!” I said with equal anger.

With that he grabbed me, pulled me to him and cradled me in his lap. He then proceeded to tilt my head and then he sunk his teeth into my flesh, “AHHHHHHHH!!!!” I screamed mostly out of fear, but after that I felt calm and nurturing like I was made for this, I cradled his head as he sucked, he then lifted his hand and put it on top of mine squeezing my hand.

When he was done he lifted up and pulled my chin to him. “Don’t you ever, and I mean ever refuse me again. This makes it twice you almost died. If you didn’t have my blood in your system those two times you wouldn’t be here right now. And what we did just now was one of the most intimate encounters that true mates could possible have.”

I was confused, “I thought you needed your strength, I felt like I owed it to you.”

Oh fuck I saw the anger in his eyes, “You thought you owed it to me! Fuck Charlemagne the way your talking to me right now it’s as if we went home, fucked, and you snuck out with out a word.”

“I’m confused, I figured you saved my life, twice, so I thought I can at least help you out so you didn’t have to drain some poor soul so you can make it another day.”

“Charlemagne if you weren’t my true mate I wouldn’t be back to normal right now, yes I could suck some bastards soul but I wouldn’t heal as quickly it would take me days, in some cases months depending on the severity of the wounds I encounter.”

“You said that what we just did was an act of intimacy? How is that different then you sucking someone else’s blood?”

“Because we are true mates, the act of drinking each other’s blood is sacred, no one should see the act of sharing blood between two true mates, especially Varaitons. It’s basically saying as if we were having sex out here in the open, no one should be seeing us, we should be in the privacy of our home doing such an act, well this is the same thing to Vampires.”

“Well do you feel better? I mean did my blood heal you? Did you get enough?’

“I will never get enough of you. But yes I’m fine that man was like swatting a fly.”

“ You seem very strong but I guess it’s because you’re so damn old.”

“Ouch! Hurt my ego why don’t you. I’m very strong yes, but my strength now is linked to you.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“We started the process of being linked together as one, starting off with you drinking my blood, it’s flowing through your veins. When you become weaker I become stronger, the more strength you lose the more I gain.”

“Would it happen the other way around?”

“No, in our world the male always protects the female, no matter what the cost.”

“Wow that pushed the woman’s movement back a few thousand years.”

He laughed “My dear that is in the human world, ours have never evolved past that once a woman belongs to a male, he is sworn to take care of her as long as they live.”

“But what if your in trouble?”

“It’s the way it is we do what we can to survive, but our top priority is our mate.”

“You called me your wife.”

He picked up my left hand, raised it to his mouth and kissed my ring finger. “Yes, I did.”

“We’re not married.”

“By you drinking from me, it started the wedding process.”

I yanked my hand from him and stood up

“Ha, I don’t think so, I’ll just wait until your blood makes it’s way through my system, consider this a Hell No! to your proposal!” I started to walk away again but he snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me to him.

He put his mouth up to my ear and sent a chill down my spine with his deathly whisper.

“What did I say about refusing me?” We were gone in a flash, next thing I knew I was up against a older than time tree with Alex’s hand on my wrist twisted behind my back, and his other forearm against my chest, yea I wasn’t going anywhere. FUCK!

“You have already accepted my proposal by taking my blood!”

I narrowed my eyes, alright I’m getting extremely pissed now, “Fuck you! You gave me no choice, if I wasn’t associated with you, I wouldn’t be inclined to take it, and as I recall you forced it down my throat the first time!”

He had rage and hurt in his eyes, ah fuck I’m dead.

He leaned in “We—“ he couldn’t get the rest out, his grip lightened up and released me, he tried to reach for me but all of a sudden I see flash whip past me and landed hard in the ground. I looked over my shoulder and saw Armada with her hands in the air in front of her with a determined look on her face. “Armada?”

Her look was very focused, “Charlemagne let us handle it!”

Ok I’m confused as hell, “Wait. What do you mean? Us? Handle what?”

Her focus was still dead on, ”Let us handle it.”


She whipped her head to me in rage, “Godamit Charlemagne! Let Maverick and I Handle your husband!”

I turned my back, back to the ruckus that was going on, it was Maverick and Alex fighting on the ground, oh no Maverick will be torn to pieces, I have to do something, anything.

“Maverick! Don’t he’ll kill you!” I started running towards them but when I got close to them I stopped dead in my tracks, I couldn’t move, I felt like the life was being sucked out of me, fuck what was happening to me? I felt like the rug was being pulled from under me, as I was falling and fading away. The last thing I saw was Alex clawing to reach me, while Maverick was holding him back. The last thing I heard was Alex’s distress call “Charlemagne!”


The End

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