Chapter 9Mature

I made it home to my shitty apartment with my mind fully clear, man that shit was hard. Who the fuck knows how far he can reach my mind, oh well hopefully I’m out of his mind reading zone. Right now he wants me to process huh. Yeah I’ll give him process, process this crazy ass shit right out my head, fucking nut case, oh why are the beautiful ones fucked up, and why the fuck do they find me! GAH!

I picked up my phone scrolled through found Maverick and pressed send.

He picked up on the first ring, ha! Never fails. “Hey beautiful, what’s up?”

“Well I just fell into money, and I want to go out and blow it all!”

“What did you have in mind?”

“I want to go to that new Hip-Hop club that just opened, dance  get drunk off my ass, and have a good time.”

“Ah Fuck the one that’s extremely hard to get into”

“Hard for everyone but you Baby, Come on you know I need this and this money is officially mine to as I so wish.”

“Yeah I figured you would use it on oh I don’t know, FOOD!”

“Ah who gives a Fuck about food, I’m not hungry anyway come on I’ll even let you grind up on me on the dance floor.”

“UGH!” Haha Jackpot! “Fine! You owe me big time! Be there at 10, bring Armada, I know she’s been wanting to see you.”

“Hell Yea! and Maverick?”

“Yes Baby.”

“Don’t tell Alex.”

There was a silence on the other line

“Maverick, he scares me, please let me be me tonight.”

“Alright you know I’ll always take your side, always.”

“Thank you, I’ll see you at 10”

“Bye Babe”

It was 9:30 and Armada was trying my fucking patience, Fuck it no fun for her. I locked up my apartment and made my way out.

As I opened the entryway, I bumped into Armada. More like pushed her to her almost death. I bumped into her so hard that she flew down the stone steps, I panicked my adrenaline must’ve kicked in because I was at her side in a flash and caught her just before she hit the pavement. Oh my God! What the fuck was happening to me. I set her down right away and stepped 10 feet away as if I might hurt her again.

She held up her hands and slowly walked toward me very slowly talking as if talking to an injured animal, well I guess I was. “Charlemagne, I’m ok, not a scratch, it’s ok I know you will always have my back, relax, take a deep breath.”

I started breathing so deep I was making myself dizzy again

“Charlemagne, take it easy, come on let’s walk.”

I took her arm and she led me into the night, to the club that was awaiting us.

When we arrived Maverick was already there, Damn! He looked sexy, dressed in all black, hmm well I maybe be able scratch both of our itches tonight.

When we walked up I noticed some bimbo with her hand rubbing up and down Maverick’s arm, no doubt trying to sweet talk her way into the club, humph stupid bitch. Well let’s see about that. I walked right up to Maverick, pulled his arm, he turned around to meet my hungry lips. Oh yea he accepted next thing I knew he deepened the kiss, and we forgot about everyone around us, at least until Armada did and obnoxious cough.

“Really you two. You guys confuse the fuck out of me, either fuck and get married, or fuck and be done with it, and leave the rest of us out of it!” Tapping her foot ready to go in.

I rolled my eyes, “Ok fine I’ll spare you the gory details, let’s go, and Maverick?”

“Yes Baby?”

“Make sure she can’t get in”

He smiled and rolled his eyes, “Anything for you, Sweetheart.”

Just then I felt a pang in my stomach that name he just called me I felt like it was wrong, like it wasn’t for him to say. Whatever I’m here to have a good time, and if anyone stands in my way they’re getting a swift kick to the face.

When we entered it was just how I imagined it dark with lots of lights illuminating the hot sweaty body’s moving to the rhythm

Three bars at each corner of the room, they gave the illusion of floating in mid air, and it was just all together welcoming, well good thing I took the time to take in my surroundings because in a couple of hours I won’t remember this place let alone how I got here, time to get loose.

We finally made it to one of the floating bars, and flagged down a very sexy bartender, he smiled, and made his way over, ”What can I get ya beautiful?” I knew he could probably hear me from where I was at but to be cute and coy I leaned in close to his ear and breathed “vodka tonic.”

He smiled made the drink with more vodka than tonic and handed me the glass, “On the house.”

I gave him a flirty smile, “Why thank you.”

He winked and went to tend to other patrons.

When I got back to the table Armada was reaching for my glass. “Umm fuck you very much, this one’s mine.”

She put her hand on her hip, ”What the hell? Where’s mine?”

I shrugged my shoulders annoyed “I don’t fucking know go ask the bartender, this one was on him.”

“Hmph! I will maybe I should tell him we’re twins, and he’ll realize that I’m the hotter bet to take on!”

“Alright knock yourself out.”

She walked away in a steam but who cares I was still mad at her for taking that money from Montesano, Speaking of which what the hell happened to him, Maverick said it was taken care of, but how? Oh God! I hope it wasn’t Alex who decided to step in, oh Fuck I have to stop thinking about him he could be close by and pick up on my thoughts.

I finished my drink in three gulps, which concerned Maverick

“Hey, take it easy you never drink, you’re such a light weight when you drink.”

Whatever I had to keep my mind clear, I grabbed his arm and pulled him to the over crowded dance floor.

When we got there I immediately got lost in the beat and sound, I turned and started grinding up on Maverick, as each song played we became closer and closer, we moved as if our bodies were one, I was so lost in him that I didn’t realize that it wasn’t him, what the fuck, when I tried to turn around I was held in place by strong arms, unable to move, I was starting to get angry, I started to move frantically as if my life depended on it, just as I was about to brake loose I heard a familiar voice in my ear, “I wouldn’t Sweetheart, I’m very angry right now and you breaking free will send me off the edge, don’t test me.” Fuck! How did he find me, ok if I still had that adrenaline pumping through I can do this. I started falling and screaming like I was in pain “AHHHHHHH” He fell with me when we were at a certain level I broke my arm free turned and pushed him across the room he hit the bar and the mirror with the liquor on it, and booked it.

I was almost home but damn I had to cross through central park whatever I was long gone from that club and away from that crazy ass. Ugh! Why can’t he leave me alone?

“Because I already told you”

What the fuck? You have got to be kidding me!

“I’m not”

“Get the FUCK OUT OF MY HEAD!” I screamed

“I would” Alex started to walk out of the shadows “But I don’t trust you.”

“UGH! There you go again with that trust bullshit, why can’t you just take no for an answer?”

He smiled but not sweetly “It’s not that simple Charlemagne”

“What the hell yes it is. Boy likes girl, girl says fuck off, boy walks away. End of story”

He was in my face in an instant face full of anger “You will not mock me, especially the honest love I have for you, now I’ve given you enough free passes to last me a lifetime, but that right there was your last, mark my words if you cross me one more time, that’s it I’m going to look past my love for you and make sure you suffer as I have.”

“Fine, answer time, no bullshit.”

He just stared daggers at me “Proceed”

“How old are you truly?”

“7000 Years old.”

“How are you still alive?”

“I’m a Vampire.”

“A Vampire, really? They don’t exist”

“They very much do we are not portrayed very truthfully in these monstrous books and t.v. shows, but we are out there.”

“What age are you stuck at?”


“Where you born this way, or were you created?”

“Vampires are born, not created well technically.”

“What do you mean, technically?”

“You know I can answer questions about you.”

“Me what do you mean you barely know me.”

“I know more then you’ll ever know.”

“That’s creepy do you tell all your first dates that? Do you even make it to the second date?”

“I haven’t had many second dates no, many firsts, but not second.”


“Because they weren’t you.”

What was with this guy, he was charming and creepy at the same time. “Alright, you said I was a Vampire as well, how so I feel as human as ever.”

“Until recently.”

I knew exactly what he was referring to the pushing of him and Armada.

“You started to feel that way because my blood still runs inside your veins.”

Eww gross “When will it go away?”

He smirked “Your transition has already begun.”

“Transition? What transition, I want to be human, why would you take my humanity away? I have freedom of choice!”

“It was either feed you my blood or die, you hadn’t eaten in a week, that’s too long Charlemagne, and that little fight you had with Montesano almost broke you. When you fainted you were slipping away, I’m very old, and a true Varation, my blood healed you.”

“There you go with that word Varation again what the hell does that mean?”

“It’s a form of royalty of the highest order. We’ll get to that, I want to go over your transformation.”

“I thought I made it clear I don’t want to transition!”

“It has already begun, and if it weren’t for me you wouldn’t be living right now.”

“Wheat do you mean?”

“You were born a Vampire but taken from our world to live amongst humans in the hopes of you adapting to the human life, but when I found you, you were slowly starting to slip away. With Varations you will never go hungry because you feed off of your significant other, when your injured you feed off you significant other, etc.”

“I’m confused we’re not married, how were you able to feed me, and heal me?”

“There is this book, that was written at the beginning of time, when Kane killed his brother. God cursed him and made him a Vampire and was never able to die the ultimate punishment live with the guilt of killing his own flesh and blood. But in return God raised Abel and made him a Vampire, to spread the good word and to shun all dark creatures who lurk in the night. Vampires under Abel were called the Vampria, and the Vampires under Kane were called Varations.”

“I’m considered a dark creature who lurks in the night?”

“Not exactly. Varations can walk in the day and the night, Vampria can only walk in the night, it’s kind of ironic actually.”

“But you didn’t answer my other question.” I took a step closer to him and tried to stare him down, trying to hold my ground, “We are not married, how in the fuck were you able to feed and heal me.”

It was his turn to step closer to me, he was much more successful at intimidation, fuck my life, he’s getting on my last nerve, but he smells so good, damn.

He closed in, put his hand under my chin so I could meet his identical eyes. “My dear sweet Charlemagne, I have waited my whole life for you.”

“7000 years is a long time, you must be a patient man.”

He chuckled “Far from patient, I’ve sacrificed, bled, cried, and killed all because I read that book I’ve mentioned earlier.”

“What do you mean? You keep mentioning this book, why would you do those things, I’m trying to understand all of this and make sense of it, but it’s all hard to take in.”

He just kept staring at me like his life depended on it.

“That book is very sacred to both Vampire races. It tells who is a Vampire, what Vampire race they are, who their parents are, and…….”

“And what?”

“Who there match is.”

“You mean to tell me I have no say, no say whatsoever as to who I love and end up with?”

“It’s not that simple Charlemagne.”

“Not that simple?” I whispered, I couldn’t take anymore, I simply turned and walked away.

I probably shouldn’t have done that but fuck him and everything he stands for. If he thinks for one minute that I’m just going to roll on my back……

“Where are you going?”

“Fuck you Alex, you’re not my keeper!” I screamed as I kept walking.

I saw a patrolmen walking up the path, oh fuck this can’t be good, yay! $500 fine for being a creature of the night and walking in the park after hours.  

When he got to me he didn’t look happy, well there goes that money I so rightfully earned from Montesano.

“What are you doing in the park at this hour?”

Well time to turn on the charm it’s my only fucking defense.

“I had a bad date, and he wouldn’t take no for and answer, so I tried to detour him, and I was just passing through the park it’s a short cut to my home. I’m very sorry officer, I can go back the way I came.”

He seemed like he couldn’t care less, like I was taking up his precious time.

“Let me see some ID.”

Fuck my life, I sighed as I reached into my Mary Poppins bag and retrieved my wallet, apparently I was going at a snails pace, because he didn’t wait for me to take it out, he snatched the wallet from my hands. He brought out his flashlight and looked at my ID, then flashed his overly bright light at me.

“Right you’ll have to come with me.” He was reaching for me

I backed away, “Why? I haven’t committed a crime, I was trying to prevent my date from doing so, why should I be punished?”

He reached for me again, and he succeeded this time, he grabbed a hold of me, pulled me to him and then punched me really hard in the face, I saw stars and fell to the ground.

The patrolmen made his way to me, as he stood over me he said, “you should’ve just trusted me, things would’ve went more smoothly, but you’re a Varation, and not very trusting, which makes more work for me, I could smell you all the way across the park, and I thought no this can’t be, but as I got closer to you, I can smell the stench.”

I was starting to cough, I was still seeing stars, something must’ve punctured my lungs because it was hard for me to breathe but I chocked out, “What stench?”

He leaned down evil in his eyes “Alexander Dantes, his blood runs through yours I can smell it, what a great day it is for me indeed, to take down Varation Royalty, I will be rewarded with the highest honor while your heads rot on steaks!” He roared with laughter and kicked me in my side. As I rolled over I started coughing up blood, and tried to choke in oxygen but was not succeeding.

Out of the corner of my eye the patrolmen was still laughing oblivious to the creature running up at the speed of light, Alex jumped from behind the patrolmen and tossed him against a very massive tree as if he was taking out the trash. As soon as the patrolmen fell to the ground Alex was there in an instant not letting the man have a chance to breathe.

He picked him up by his throat, and held him high in the air.

“I don’t believe we’ve met, that stench you smelled it was me.”

The patrolmen looked like he saw a ghost

“It can’t be.”

Alex squeezed his throat more

“Did I say you could talk? I’m Alexander Dante, and the woman you just attacked……” He turned and looked at me with strong hurt in his eyes, he looked like he was going to cry but held it together not trying to show vulnerability. He then closed his eyes and turned his attention back to the patrolman.

“Was my wife, and you saw that opportune moment to seize the day and attack her knowing full well the rules, but you don’t care, so I’m going to give you the same courtesy that you so happily bestowed upon my wife.”

The Patrolman pleaded, but it was useless Alex ripped him to shreds in a matter of seconds.

The End

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