Chapter 8Mature

I really must be dreaming, what kind of nut case was this guy, I needed to get out of here and fast, but how, hmmm……as I was thinking of my daring escape Alex caught on.

“I don’t think so Charlemagne, you’ve ran from me too many times I won’t let you go this time, you maybe be a Varation, of the highest order, but I’ve got years on you, you wouldn’t even make it to the door.”

“I got to it yesterday, and even had time to say a clever pun as I walked through it.”

“Ah yes, you caught me off guard, a first, I must applaud you for that. But what did that get you?”

Where did that get me? Ah Damn yea that landed me in the gutter outside my shitty apartment.


“What the Hell? Can you read my thoughts?”

“One of my many talents. I’ve tried to respectfully stay out of yours, but for your protection I need to poke around once in a while.”

“Fuck you! I’m not going to take this you may be rich, beautiful and powerful but you don’t fool me, now get the fuck out of my way!” I made my way to stand up I kicked the chair I was seated on away from me and ran to the door. When I got to the door and opened it Alex was right there with a smile on his face. “Fuck!” I slammed the door and turned around but when I was done with the turn he was in front of me again and he pushed me against the door.

“Are you done? We can play this game all day and the outcome would be the same.”

I gave up I slouched against the door in surrender, he took delight in it he found my sensitive part behind me ear and nuzzled his nose there, he took a deep breath and spoke gently. “That’s my dear sweet Charlemagne, you drive me crazy you know that? Crazy! I’ve been staying away from you for two years! I found you two years ago, and couldn’t touch you. You know how that makes me feel? To know that you couldn’t touch what was yours, well no more!”

With that he pressed his lips forcefully onto mine waiting for me to surrender completely to him. When I made a move to retort he used the opportunity to push his way in he moved with such ease, he wasn’t as forceful as before, his tongue moved in sync with mine as they were sculpted to only fit together as one masterpiece, he moaned as if he was an addict fulfilling his addiction, and I was minute by minute getting pulled into his addiction. I had to break this kiss, but when I put my hand onto his shoulder to push him away he grabbed my hand and put it above my head on the door, and he pushed himself more onto me. The heat was getting to be too much, I had to move away, but he grabbed my leg and hitched it around his waist and rocked against me.

He broke the kiss lust in his eyes, “Tell me you don’t want this and I’ll stop, but make no mistake you will be frustrated.”

My head was swimming but I barely knew him I had to stop. FUCK!! “I can’t, Alex I can’t. I’m so sorry!” I said in-between sobs. What was wrong with me I hadn’t got laid in years, and when a fucking sex on legs walks in serves himself up on a silver platter, I throw the cover back shove it to the side and say I’m not hungry even though I haven’t eaten in 2 weeks.

Are breathing was leveling out, and he wouldn’t take his eyes off of me, I felt intimidated so I made my gaze to the floor.

“Don’t you dare take your gorgeous eyes away from me, I’ve waited a long time for those eyes and I will not be deprived from them anymore.”

Still staring at the floor “I just…well..”

“What is it beautiful?”

“You intimidate me, I don’t know how to explain it you don’t scare me, you intimidate, but I still feel safe with you, I know deep down to my core that you wouldn’t hurt me. But all of this Alex, I don’t think I can handle all of this.”

“I know it’s a lot to take in, but Sweetheart we’re only at the tip of the iceberg, and I think you aren’t quite convinced of what I’m actually telling you, take the rest of the day, process what I told you. Meet me tonight and we can go further into this, together.”

“Alright, I’ll let you know” I went to my chair and grabbed my bag slung it over my shoulder but a thought crossed my mind I turned to voice my concern, but was cut off “You still have a job, you will always have a job here as long as you want one.”

Damn him and poking through my mind! Well two can play at that game, but if this is going to work I must clear my mind, I don’t know how deep he can go.

I smiled “Thanks, I really do appreciate it.”

He smiled back, “Oh no Sweetheart, Thank you.”

The End

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