Chapter 7Mature


I took the long way to work I had to ponder the bottom line. But, I couldn’t come up with anything, oh well I’m sure if my luck was the same the bottom line will rear its ugly head out of nowhere and kick my ass. I made it to Dante Inc. at 10:30 and made my way up to the 40th floor to the mass of cubicles just waiting for me.

When I got to my cube there was a mass of post-it notes plastered all over my computer for me to call ext. 7000. Whoa that number seemed oddly familiar, just then Henry my cube neighbor peeked his head around my cube.

“Man oh Man. And those were from just this morning”

“I must be pretty popular, well they can hold on for a couple more minutes while I make myself a cup of coffee.”

“Ok I’ll man the fort.”

I made my way to the floor’s kitchen, UGH! Just my luck all out of coffee oh well what’s wasting more time to make the magical brew that make’s everyone human.

After 15 more minutes I slowly made my way back to my cube and Henry seemed frantic, huh maybe he was jiped out if his morning brew as well, well he was in luck because I saved the day.

“Relax Henry, there’s a fresh pot in there, better hurry before the vultures make their way to the special brew.”

Henry was just shaking like a leaf as he handed me another post-it note. When I grabbed it I also started to shake because in the time frame that I was gone he wrote down 7000, what looked like at least 800 times. Fuck!

“Alright Henry I’ll call right now”

I reluctantly picked up the phone and dialed ext. 7000

When the line picked up it was an angry man’s voice “What do you want! I’m trying to keep the line free!”

I was so scared I just sat there speechless; I didn’t know what to say.

The man realized it was me and spoke, “well, well Miss Ramsay, I was wondering when you might return my phone call.”

“Hmph call, try calls, with a capital S” Well if I was going to be fired might as well go out with a bang.

“You sure are bold over the phone, but I wonder how you are in my presence come up to the 70th floor right now, oh and if you make any detours I will know!” With that he hung up and I sat there stupidly with the receiver still attached to my ear as if he would come back on the line and give me more instructions.

I dropped the phone on the cradle and stood up, grabbed my bag, said my goodbyes to Henry, and made my way up to the 70th floor.

Fuck this was a long ride! It was like the final ride to my death. Oh well, he better make it quick. At least I was dressed professionally so I could leave from here and go on the hunt for other jobs.

When I got off the elevator there was an old as time lady at the reception desk, when I approached she knew exactly who I was. She pointed to her left at a set of double doors without looking up at me. “He has been expecting you since 9:00”

“Thank you”

She finally looked up, “don’t thank me just yet Sweetheart”

That was weird, ok to the left through the double doors to my death ok got it. As soon as I got to the doors I didn’t even have to knock for some reason he knew I was there.

“Come in Miss Ramsay”

I pushed open the doors, I walked in and as soon as the doors shut I looked up to find Alex at his desk. Fuck! I totally forgot that I put two and two together, ah man I hope he didn’t think I resigned from both of my jobs, huh wouldn’t that be a kick in the ass.

“Come sit down”

I walked up the one of the chairs in front of his desk and had a seat not knowing what my fate would be.

“I see that you made a full recovery”

Now that you mention it “Yes. Thank you for whatever you did. I will pay you back in full plus interest.”

He held up a hand

“I wasn’t finished, you were beaten pretty badly to the point of almost unrecognizable, if it wasn’t for my blood coursing through your veins you wouldn’t have made it out with Robert’s warning.”

“What do you mean with your blood coursing through my veins? Did you give me a blood transfusion, because I don’t know what blood type you are and you could’ve…..”

“STOP! Talking when I’m talking didn’t you learn this in elementary school? If you talk again without my permission, there will be consequences. Is that clear?”

I nodded my head

“Good girl. Now the reason you didn’t die is because when you fainted in my office last night, you almost died then. I fed you my blood to revive you. You took a lot and I mean a lot of blood to the point of me not being able to hold you. You almost died because you hadn’t eaten in a really long time, now I’m going to ask you again and give me a straight truthful answer how long has it been since your last meal?”

I looked at him straight in the eye “A week”

He cringed inside and then I saw hurt in his eyes, “What do you mean a week?”

I shrugged my shoulders as if it was nothing, “I’ve gone longer, I’m paying for my sister’s schooling, with that come two jobs, and student loans, that by the time I get some money I only have enough for ramen, and sometimes I can’t even afford that, so I’ve made peace with the fact that I have to go hungry so that my sister can have a stress free schooling experience.”

Alex slammed his fist on his desk so hard that his desk broke clear in half he walked through the split and put his hands on the arms of my chair crystal eyes a blazing, “What the fuck Charlemagne I almost lost you because you hadn’t eaten in a week! What the hell is the matter with you don’t you care about your well-being?”

“I care more for my sister’s and besides it’s what my mother would’ve wanted”

“That is a load of shit and you know it Charlemagne! There is so much more to life and more that life has to offer and you shun it away because you think you don’t deserve it! Well you do and it’s high time you take advantage it! It wasn’t a blood transfusion I gave you it was my blood straight from the vain, you ingested it, and you slowly started to heal, I’m a Vampire Charlemagne, a 7000 year old Vampire who is in love with a 24 year old Vampire!”

The End

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