Chapter 6Mature

I must’ve been dreaming, because I slowly started to open my eyes and felt warm and cozy. I looked around and I was in a grand room filled with books old and new, rows and rows of floor to ceiling shelves there was four floors of shelves with archived books. This room was warm and welcoming, and I somehow felt safe here, I looked back at the source of my warmth and saw a huge marble, and wood fireplace. I looked on top of it to find a clock that read 8 am. Fuck! I’m late! I threw the covers off of me and stood up I screamed “Ahhhh” and fell back down on the couch. “Damn it suck it up, you have to go to work, you have to get paid student loans don’t pay themselves.” I always gave myself this little pep-talk on the days when I was sick as a dog, or just wanted to give up on life. Today I was not going to give myself special treatment just because I got jumped within an inch of my life, I had to go to work, Armada’s next payment for loans was coming up and I was short $300.00. I decided to pay for her loans while in school rather than pay a huge chunk at the end, I couldn’t procrastinate, not with her and her dreams. I got up and made it out the library, Straight down the hall looked like the main door to this place so I made a break for it I got to the door, opened it, looked both ways, and when the coast was clear I booked it.

I thankfully found an elevator down the hall and pushed the button. After 10 minutes I was getting impatient. Man what fucking floor am I on? Why is it when you need to make haste, everything else slows you down, GAH!

When the elevator arrived I walked on, thank god no one else was on. Ok well I guess the button with the star on it was for the main floor, bingo.

As soon as I pushed it I looked up Holy Shit! I was on the 50th floor, out of fucking 50 floors! What the hell where the fuck did I just come from?

I finally looked down at my appearance, wait a minute these aren’t my clothes. I was wearing a baggy white t-shirt and super comfy sweat pants that was obviously a guys. Oh dear lord I hope I didn’t do anything stupid.


Yay! Finally the main floor. The doors slowly slid open to a immaculate lobby. All marble floors, floor to ceiling windows that let all of the natural gorgeous light in, beautiful greenery, and beautiful people.

Ah great! I’m so going to blend in here. They’ll just call the cops saying that a deranged bum made her way in here to gawk at the beautiful people because she doesn’t know better. Well better make my quick escape.

I didn’t walk as so much as speed walk my happy ass out of there. When I made it to the door, the doorman tipped his hat without a second glance at my appearance and said “You have a nice day miss and bundle up it’s cold out there.”

I smiled back at him and ran towards my shitty apartment, away from the beautiful people.

When I got home I ran to the bathroom threw off my clothes, and hopped in the shower, hell if I was going to be late I might as well look nice, no sense in showing up late looking a hot mess in men’s workout clothes.

When I finished up I got out wrapped a towel around me and made my way to the main room, when I got there, I screamed but then I shut up instantly knowing who it was. “Maverick what the hell, how the fuck did you get in here!” Maverick was an ex with benefits I guess I could say, he always loved me but for some reason I didn’t love him the same way, What’s that term, I love him but not in love with him. He still always tried, but never forced me. He had blue eyes as well, darker than mine but still light, a natural tan to his skin, and dirty blonde hair that he casually slicked back in a bad boy messy contained way. He was taller but always kind. But man he could get under my skin! And at the most convenient times too!

His face is full of concern, “Cut out the tough girl swearing crap, I’m not your sister, that isn’t going to fly with me.”

See what I mean

“Ok then” I threw my hands up in mock frantic “Oh My Maverick how in devils name did you make your charming way into my bed?”

He chuckled “Your such a smart ass, I came because I found out what happened last night, and I wanted to make sure you were alright.”

“What all did you hear?”

“Enough, but trust me Montesano was taken care of.”

“Wait what do you mean taken care of?”

“Just know that he will not be messing with you or Armada again, and that little advance he gave Armada is wiped clean so do with that money as you wish, it’s yours.”

“Wait a minute how did you find out about Montesano? What are you not telling me?”

“Just know that you and Armada are not alone and will always be protected, always, you think you have everything covered, but your missing the bottom line. If you fall into trouble like that again come to me or Alexander and we’ll take it from there.”

“What the fuck you know Alex?”

He smiled and shrugged his shoulders “Everyone knows Alex, even Armada. She’ll have some serious explaining to do to Alex soon, about that cash advancement from Montesano though. He’ll be tough but it will be for the best.”

“What the Fuck? He will not touch Armada if he does he’ll have to answer to me!”

“God! You seriously don’t know the bottom line.”

“Dammit what bottom line!” I was getting annoyed at this point, knowing that there was some big secret everyone I knew was in on and I wasn’t worthy enough to be in on.

“Just know that you’re loved.”

“Whatever, I don’t have time for this I need to get to work, so I can grace that piece of shit company with my presence to have the honor of being fired for being late.”

Maverick walked up to me and gave me a kiss on the forehead and smiled, “I love you.” And with that he opened my door and was gone.

The End

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