Chapter 5Mature

Was I dreaming? Who the fuck knows! All I feel is wetness, I feel like I’m drowning, WHAT THE FUCK I am drowning, I started to squirm but I was being held with strong arms unable to escape. Then I started to cough, and convulse, and I was brought back to the light. “HUUUUUH” I finally breathed, I put my hand up to my mouth and coughed more, but when I took my hand away it was all red, “oh my god! What’s happening to me? Oh my God!” I looked up and saw Mr. Dante with a clean angry cut from the wrist all the way down to his elbow, kneeling with me securely in his arms blood still gushing from the angry wound.” Oh my God! I hurt you, I’m so sorry I didn’t know….” But he put a bloody finger up to my lips to silence me, his steady breathing calmed me down, and until he knew I was back in the here and now he chose to speak.

“You started to hyperventilate, to the point of you fainting, I’ve never seen that happen, only in the most extreme cases.”

“What do you mean people hyperventilate, and faint all the time, no big deal.”

He took a deep breath, as if to calm himself he held me tightly to his chest, then when he exhaled, he opened his eyes, his glass orbs were on fire.

“When was the last time you’ve eaten?”

Ah fuck, this isn’t going to pan well. “A couple of hours ago.”

He started to shake as if containing a fire that was about to erupt. “Do. Not. Lie. To Me! I know you are! So tell me the truth!”

“Oh really because in the small short hour of knowing me you know just when I’m lying or telling the truth?”

“You’re not the only one who has a bullshit meter.”

What the fuck? Ok I’m feeling better time to go.

“Well thank you from saving me from the contact between me and your overly priced cushy carpet but it’s time for me to bid you adieu.” I started to get up but when he tried to pull me back down I pushed him ever so lightly, but it didn’t seem that way because when I pushed him he slammed so hard to the floor all of his priceless artifacts came crashing down to the floor and shattering into thousands of pieces. I was so scared I looked at the palm of my hand, what the fuck was happening to me? Did he inject me with steroids? Fuck!

I put my hand down, squared my shoulders and started to make my way out, but just as I got to the doors I turned back to Mr. Dante and said “put it on my tab” and made my way out.

Ok well I need to go home hide for a week and then slowly reemerge into the world. I need to have whatever the fuck he put into my system to make its way out. GAH! Who knows what the hell he gave me, and why did he have such a big gash on his arm? He was no where near anything sharp, damn me and passing out I wish I knew what happened, oh well I’ll have to put this in a filling cabinet under unsolved creepy mysteries in the back of my head so I couldn’t find it, Yay! Repressed memories! I got downstairs and everyone was gone except for Ric and a couple of the staff that was cleaning up what remained of my first bar fight. Ric turned to me and made his way over.

He put his hands on my arms assessing me. “Hey are you alright? That bastard didn’t hurt you did he?” honest concern, thank god.

“Yea I’m fine, I’m just going to go home and soak in the tub for five years and then reemerge out as a prune, maybe then I won’t get hit on by creepy men.”

He chuckled “Ah, but even then you’ll get hit on because even as a prune you would be very beautiful.”
“Damn there goes that plan, oh well I’ll think of plan b on my way home.”

“Do you want me to escort you home it’s 3 am.”

“It’s cool New York never sleeps, I won’t be alone, besides as soon as I get home I’m gonna crash, gotta be at work in 6 hours.”

“Ok but if you feel uneasy at any point I mean any point of your walk home call me and I’ll be there in a flash.”

I patted him on the shoulder, he was always very protective of me, and I will always be grateful for him.

“Thanks Ric, you have a good night, and be safe.”

He smiled “You too, Charlemagne.”

Man I didn’t want to walk home right now, I wish I had a car, huh what was I thinking I wish I even had a cent to my name so I could even have the slightest luxury of taking a cab home. Well at least there was an upside to this, I worked myself up so much I wasn’t even hungry, for once in my life, thank god, I can go another couple of days until I get paid. Walking down the street it was cold and damp, it had just rained and made everything seem muggy, ugh gross, it was like being in a rainforest at night, meh, I will have to soak when I get home which will put me to bed at 4:30 and be up at 7:30, 3 hours of sleep. Swell.

I made my way onto my block and felt that same shiver run down my spine, the same one as earlier. All of a sudden I felt uneasy, and picked up my pace, I was almost home but for some reason I looked behind me, why I would do that I would never know, I used to scream at the movie screen when a bimbo would do the same thing “Stupid!” I would yell, yea I should take my own advice. When I looked back I saw Robert calm and cool just staring daggers at me. “Whoa Robert! Where did you come from? Do you live around here?”

He just stood there as he was before, the only difference was a slight smirk crept up his lips, and he did a slight nod. That was when I should’ve turned around because in that instant I was smacked in the head with a blunt object, I didn’t have time to react, I just fell to the greasy, oily, wet, cold ground, and that’s what I was slowly starting to become. When I fell to the ground I felt two swift kicks to my ribs, and one giant kick to the face, I felt wet again this time all over. God just let me die now; please I don’t want to suffer anymore.

Robert took out his handkerchief and wiped his hands, I don’t know why then he flung the material at my face and kicked me again. He then bent down even though I couldn’t see him I could feel him right up in my face. God he smelled sickly sweet, why haven’t I noticed it before?

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” He put his hand on my hair and started to stroke me, “This is just a warning Princess, you don’t want to know what I do to people when they don’t heed my warning. You tell Mr. Dante that he better watch his back, and that I showed a courtesy by not killing you out of respect, and to not cross me again, or I will come back and finish my masterpiece.” He noticed something because he started a low cenacle laugh, “wow, your starting to heal, not quickly but quick enough, he must have fed you a ton of his blood, Ric let’s go before Alex shows up, the weaker she gets the stronger he gets, come on the count down has begun.” With that I heard a swoosh, they were gone, Ah fuck I hurt all over, I can’t believe Ric betrayed me, he knew I was headed home, he probably called Robert and gave him a heads up, Fuck My Life! I could barely move I got onto my back and all I could see is red flowing down the side walk into the sewer, I started to cry my tears mixing with my blood blinding my eyes, I choked out “Help! Help Me Please! Somebody Please! Help!”

I heard another swoosh, thought it was Robert and Ric, oh no they decided not to show me mercy and came back to finish the job, I got so scared I started to wail more, “Please don’t hurt me! I promise I’ll give him the message! I’ll do anything Please!”


Sweet relief it was Alexander, I don’t know why but I automatically reached out for him with both hands, “Mr. Dante!”

“I think we’re past the formalities, are we not Charlemagne? Call me Alex.”

My arms still stretched for him, “Please Alex, Help me!”

He waited no longer he bent down with no effort and scoped me up into his arms and in a swoosh we were gone.

The End

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