Chapter 4Mature


I felt a gentle hand where my shiver had been and jumped. “Shhh Sweetheart like I told you before I. Will. Not. Let. Anything. Happen. To. You! When will you get that through your beautiful head? Don’t you trust me?”

“I don’t trust anyone, no one but myself. Trust is earned, not for the taking.”

His hand was under my chin staring at me with worry; worry that I already revoked his trust even though the small gesture he pulled didn’t earn him that right.

“If it takes me the rest of my life I will earn your trust”

“Why is it so important to you I’m a nobody?”

“What did I tell you about degrading yourself!! I have had enough, now you listen to me, I don’t know who came into your life and used up all you had to give to the point where you will not trust anyone but I would never do that to you!”

How dare he, I narrowed my eyes and stood straight up “FUCK YOU!! You know nothing of my life, and you think you can tell me I have to trust you! Let me tell YOU something, you lost all hope of gaining even a smidge of my trust or respect, Mr. Dante consider this my resignation!” I made my way around his desk to go to the doors but I didn’t get further than a couple of feet from his command center because holy shit he was right in front of me! What the fuck! I stared at him wide eyed and turned and faced where he was and turned back and he was even closer than before. “What the fuck! Get out of my way! I don’t know what your trying to pull but I no longer answer to you as an employee, you have no reason to keep me here, and I know you won’t hurt me, you’ve made that perfectly clear a few times in this past hour!” I tried to side step him to the right, then to the left, “GAH! GET OUT OF MY WAY!”

He smirked, and made a step towards me, which made me nervous, so I took a tentative step back, this went on until he had me backed up against the velvety textured black wallpaper, when he knew I couldn’t go further that’s when he made his move. He pushed himself against me, grabbed me by hair and pulled me towards him, face to face, so close his breath was on my lips daring to kiss him, I would’ve if he did I was so entranced, My mind was screaming at me to run, but my heart and body screamed for him, like he was the antidote.

He was looking down at my mouth, “I will make it my life’s mission to earn your trust.” He then looked up to my eyes alien to alien. “And trust ME when I say this, I have plenty of time, and I can wait you out longer that your own lifespan. That is a promise I WILL keep.”

We were still so close, still entranced but that is when he decided to brake it.

“I’m not going to kiss you, it’s not time yet, but mark my words, I will have you, and when that time comes you will come to me, if you don’t I have no problem doing what is necessary, I will win and I will get you one way or the other it’s your choice, we can do it the easy way or the hard way, it doesn’t matter to me.”

I swallowed back a sob, now he was scaring me, what did I mean to this man, I’m just a nobody who’s trying to just survive. In barely a whisper “Why me? I don’t understand, you could have any woman in the world and you settling for me, I’m just so befuddled.”

He smiled so sweetly his face warming up he took his hand from my hair and brushed my cheek with the back of his hand “I have waited my whole life for you Charlemagne Ramsay.”

“Umm but aren’t you only like 28?”

He threw his head back and started laughing hysterically, when he saw how serious I was he calmed down enough to say, “My dear sweet Charlemagne, I’m 7,000 years old.”

Umm ok this was getting creepier, I had to get out of here. I’ve only worked for the man for two years apparently at two different businesses he owned and I’ve never met him before tonight, oh my God! What if he’s been stalking me? What if he plans on killing me? What if he tries to kill Armada? When I was taking all of these options into consideration I started to hyperventilate, to the point where I couldn’t stand any more, I started falling and I almost hit the ground but I was caught at the last minute I was still breathing hard and was staring to black out, everything was blurred, and I could hear a faint urgent voice in the background I think screaming. “Charlemagne! Charlemagne! Oh no you don’t I just found you! I’m not letting you go EVER……..” after that I succumbed to the blackness.

The End

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