Chapter 3Mature

I had so much rage and adrenaline that when I walked out of my apartment building I almost threw the entry door off it’s hinges, this happened a lot I mean I’m 5’3’’ I may look vulnerable but starve and piss me off I will go psycho on your ass. At least it was dark and cold, the cool crisp December air filling my lungs, it was so crisp it could be a meal itself, but the dark, sigh, the dark was my friend. I don’t know why but my eyes have always been so damn sensitive to the sun that I’ve always had to wear sunglasses even during a clouded thunderstorm. Maybe it has something to do with my fucking overly bright crystal blue eyes, more crystal than blue. I almost look alien, and I don’t know where I got them from, certainly not my mother, and when I asked her one day she said, “Those eyes, what can I say, you have your father’s eyes.” Actually that’s all she ever said about my father, ever.  Looking down at my watch “Fuck! I’m late!” Got to hand it to Armada she knows just when to walk in and piss me off, I guess it’s a twin thing. With that I turned my heal and booked it to my night job.

         “CHARLEMAGNE! You’re late! Katie had to stay overtime to cover for your tardiness!” my boss Robert screamed, well he can go fuck himself, because if he wanted me fired he would’ve already done so, but my ass and boobs apparently bring in some kind of profit for him, so he can rest easy because his fucking investment is here, and he can let the liability go.

Katie was a sweet girl, but that was her problem, she was too sweet, that’s why she had the day shift she can flirt a little and took little effort. Yeah, the nighttime bastards would eat her alive. Well better go save her from the lions den.

“Robert, I’m only a few minutes late, relax.”

“Really Charlemagne, there are plenty of girls just waiting for you to screw up, so they can have your job.”

I walk to the door, swing it wide open and gesture outside. “Really Robert, please if there is any girl, any girl at all show your face and please for the love of God take my job!” I put my hand to my ear for a sound, and not a fucking sound.

“Shit Charlemagne, just get out there and rescue Katie, I don’t want her serving to the boss tonight.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m on edge because the big boss is showing up tonight, and what a great first impression we’d be showing by arguing in the back alley way.”

“Well you could’ve said so, I’m in no mood tonight, Armada decided that today was marked on her calendar for her to piss me off.”

“How is she doing?” he said with a grin

“Fuck off Robert!” he was one of the many 31 flavors my sister has tasted, Ugh! The thought of it at all, pushing past him I went to rescue Katie.

Walking out to the arena the lions were getting hungry and Katie, poor Katie was getting eaten alive. “Katie I’m the martyr to come save the day.”

She turned around threw her hands up in the air, cheered and gave me a great bear hug, meh I hate when my personal bubble is being threatened. ”Whoo!! You’re a lifesaver Charlemagne!! I’ve got so many tests to study for.” Humph yea I wonder how many body shots you plan on studying.

“Well gotta run, be safe!” then she leaned in and gave me a more tamed hug.

“Thanks you too. And I mean it”

“How do you know I was lying to you? You and your bullshit meter.”

I shrugged “it’s a gift.”

“Well I’ll take a shot for you and make sure it’s a sex on legs when I do it.”

I winked at her and smiled “You’re too kind, now get out of here before Robert scolds me in front of the big bad boss.”

“Alrighty, have a good night.”

“You too.”

Oh I wish I could be getting body shots, and having that college experience, oh well Armada is doing enough for the both of us in spades.

Later in the evening we were slammed, and by that time I could give two shits if the big boss decided to rear his ugly head, if he had a pulse and wanted a drink he was going to have to wait his turn like every other fucking asshole, no exceptions.

“Hey princess, can I get a drink?”

Oh I fucking hated when I was given nicknames, but when I heard whom it was coming from I decided to let it slide.

“What will it be Montesano?” God I wanted to slam his head on this perfectly high class very expensive bar, but I smiled instead.

He smiled thinking he caught me on the hook, yea think again I would rather gouge my eyes out with an ice pick and feed them to a polar bear in the middle of the north pole with out a jacket and a prayer. “A scotch on ice-make it a double”

“Sure coming right up. I’m assuming top shelf right?”

He shrugged his shoulders “of course, nothing but the best”

What an asshole, ugh I couldn’t stand him; I didn’t want him near me let alone my sister. As I was reaching for the bottle I noticed in the mirror he was licking his disgusting lips at my ass, oh hell no, well tonight dreams may come fucking true. I took the bottle down and walked over by him to grab a glass, wow really he made no attempt to look away from my boobs. If he thinks by giving money to my sister, he gets a go at me he’s got another thing coming. I clenched my teeth, and turned to walk back to put the scotch back and I felt a sharp pain on my ass. He really slapped my ass. I never made it to the shelf, I threw caution to the wind, It was like it happened in slow motion, I turned with the scotch bottle at the ready and slammed the bottle over his pathetically waste of space head, and he flew to the ground. That only egged me on I slammed my hands on the bar, hoisted my self up, threw my legs over and I was on top of him, just punch after punch, letting my rage out I needed this I hated him, and he deserved it. Next thing I knew I had strong arms around me, at first I thought it was the bodyguard Ric, but these hands were more gentle. They hoisted me up and pulled me away saying sweetly in my ear, “Thank you, you had the balls to do what they’ve been wanting to do, I applaud you, and you’re getting a raise.”

Holy Shit! I was right it not being Ric, but I was wrong thinking it was some bystander; the man holding me was the boss. He was taking me to the back to a hidden staircase that I didn’t even know was there after working there for two years. Do I dare look into the eyes of my judge jury and executioner? I chanced a look and oh my god he was beautiful. Still staring straight ahead he didn’t notice me look at him. He had alabaster skin so smooth you couldn’t even see the pores. The squarest jaw that no artist could copy, his hair was the only thing obscure in his features the blackest of black. What I fell in love with, was his eyes, they matched mine, yay! I wasn’t the only alien here! My eyes looked alien, his on the other hand suited him his eyes didn’t wear him like mine did me, oh no he wore them.

When we got to the main door, he was still holding me, he looked reluctant to let me go, I could see it in his eyes, he couldn’t lie, I would know. But he hid it as fast as it came, squaring his shoulders he put his hand to my check stroking it gently like you would a lamb. “He didn’t hurt you did he?”

I shrugged “Just my pride, slapping my ass, I felt like he degraded me, like I owed it to him.”

He just stared at me my words must‘ve hit home because I then saw anger in his eyes “He will not be coming here anymore, I had no knowledge of his presence, Robert never told me.”

Ahh fuck, he was putting two and two together, figuring out that Robert turned the other cheek when Montesano made his presence known, and pretended he didn’t see a thing when he took advantage of the bartenders, especially me.

“Umm ok, well I uh” what the fuck was this me being lost for words what was he doing to me!

He was staring at me with those smoldering eyes, GAH! What I would do to this man, but I knew a girl like me would never end up with a guy like him, that was in fantasy fiction, not in real life, man real life sucks.

I started to turn away from him, “Well I should probably get back, Robert’s probably thinking of a thousand ways to fire me, and the least I can do is help clean up the blood and glass.”

As soon as I said that he grabbed my arm and pulled me to him, staring deeply into my eyes crystal to crystal “You’re done with this shit, do you hear me? Montesano deserved it, if I would’ve known he was trying to mark his territory he would be on his ass answering to me, he’s lucky that all he got was a top shelf bottle to the head, and as for Robert, come with me.” He took my arm pushed open the double doors to his swanky office. No, swanky was an understatement, it was…a museum. Instead it was all black with touches of silver, it was so sterile looking I didn’t even want to walk on the carpet, when I tried to stop from ruining it with my presence, My boss turned and looked at me with confusion. “What’s wrong?”

Putting my hand up to rub my other arm with anxiety, looking down to my feet, god I don’t even deserve to look at him in his eyes. “I…uh don’t want to ruin your carpet, I…um…a mess…. after all.”

I didn’t see as much as heard him stomp towards me. When he reached me he took a strong hand, and ever so gently tilted my face up to meet his. Looking at me, he went from smoldering to anger. “Montesano may have degraded you, but I will not, you deserve the upmost respect and anybody who disagrees with that will have to answer to me, you are a lady and should be treated as such, us men should be at your feet wanting to please and respect you, and above all I will not stand here in my club and listen to you degrading yourself, do you want to answer to me?”

I gulped, what the hell, I just met him and he is a complete gentleman, stepping in front of me to protect me, from anyone or anything, this is too good to be true, but my bullshit meter didn’t go off, man he was throwing me off of my game. “No sir, but I thought I already was, considering I made a spectacle of myself in front of very important patrons downstairs, I thought you brought me here to fire me.” I don’t know why make the gesture, I pretty much figured as soon as the bottle touched Montesano’s head; I pretty much signed my pink slip.

“Is that what you thought?” His anger dissipating, and out comes compassion. “Come with me.” He pulled me into his office and walked me to a chair but when I went to go sit down on one of the chairs facing his desk, his grip tightened. “No, I want you here.” He pulled me to…Holy Shit his chair of command behind his desk. But when I hesitated he gently pushed me down into his chair. “There we go sweetheart” He reached over to his command center phone and pushed a button, a women’s voice clicked on right away. “Yes Mr. Dante?”


“Yes, Andrea send up Mr. Renaldi”

Geese no please or thank you, out goes compassionate, and in comes stern business man. After the abrupt request Mr. Dante made to stand behind to the side of me by the chair, he noticed my anxiousness and leaned down to my ear, “Relax Sweetheart no one is going to hurt you, not anymore.”

What the hell? What did he mean by that?

In two minutes flat there was a knock on the door. Oh, Damn here we go!

“Enter,” He said with a stern voice.

The door pushed open and I found my self staring into the eyes of Robert, Yippie, he wouldn’t take his eyes off me giving me the death stare, my day was just getting better and better.

He made a B line towards us, trying to make a statement, but Mr. Dante wouldn’t be outshone, this was his territory. He held up his hand to stop Robert.

“Right there is fine.”

Robert was in shock he wasn’t even offered a chair, and he looked at me in disgust because I was in the boss’s chair while he wasn’t even good enough to be seated in one. Once he stopped he squared his shoulders. Oh yea, that’s right you showed him, dumb ass.

“Mr. Dante. How may I be of service?”

Mr. Dante narrowed his eyes; oh shit he was trying to contain something. “Yes, I have a few questions that I need answers to, and make sure you answer them to the best of your knowledge, and let me be clear if you lie I will know.”  Huh? This is getting weirder and weirder.

“Of course.”

“How long has Miss Ramsay been an employee for?” easy enough

“Two years, sir.”

“And in those two years, how many times has Miss Ramsay been taken advantage of from our dedicated patrons?”

“Are you serious?”

“ANSWER MY QUESTION!!!” Oh my god I even cringed, and I wasn’t being the one interrogated.

Robert took a deep breath. “More times than I can count, sir.”

Mr. Dante had a look of disgust he looked at Robert up and down giving him a look what you would give after killing a bug with your shoe. “Is Miss Ramsay always the head bartender at nights?”

“She is the only one who can handle them.”

His voice getting louder again, “Are you fucking kidding me? This is New York Robert, New Fucking York! There are plenty of people who could handle our patrons, instead you put all of that responsibility on Charlemagne, a responsibility YOU should be handling! After tonight I want you GONE, not just out of this building but this town, I want you gone by dawn or so help me, you will be dealing with me personally! Do I make my self clear?”

He cleared his throat, and put his hands behind his back. “Crystal” He turned to walk away

“And by the way.” Robert turned

“If you have any intentions that are less than honorable, I will find you and show no mercy. Is that understood?”

He nodded and walked out the door. I couldn’t help but a cold shiver run down my spine.

The End

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