Chapter 2Mature

Oh what another glorious day, not. These damn days are too short; I never even have time to think. But here I am getting ready for work, just when I hear a pounding on the door. Pound Pound Pound. Who ever it is can fuck off, if it’s a fire oh well I guess I’ll go down with the building, every captain should go down with their ship or in my case shitty apartment, this is where all my money is invested in so….Pound Pound Pound. Yea still not answering it, I’ve got to slut myself up to get tips so that I can survive another month, if it’s a burglar he will be very disappointed and pissed at what he’ll find when he finally makes his grand entrance, maybe he’ll take pity on me and make the shot quick.

“What the fuck Char!”


“Really Charlemagne you’re not going to answer to Char how old are you.”

Still ignoring my sister, applying my eyeliner. I have better things to do than to hear Armada bitch about her flavor of the month, don’t get me wrong any other day I would’ve happily listen about some joschmo who walked out her life as fast as he walked in. This happened at least once a week, there was no need to even watch a soap opera on TV real life was oh so sweeter.


Slamming my eyeliner in the sink I turn fast to face her.

“WHAT ARMADA! Can’t you see I’m busy!”

“Being a whore, yes!”

“Oh Fuck You!” I shoved past her to grab my coat off my cot.

When I reach the cot, I throw it on and grab my keys off the table by the door but before I could make my grand finale of slamming my poor excuse for a door I look down and notice a wad of 100 dollar bills right before my eyes. Instead of relief I built up the fury. I snatch the money up, turn to face my sister, and wouldn’t you know she was as calm as a cucumber arms folded leaning on the bathroom doorframe with a smug look on her face.  “You’re welcome! Well say something.”

I squinted my eyes in disgust “Thank you is not the word that comes to mind.”

“Really, I thought you would be happy.”

“I’m far from it Armada where the fuck did you get this money, and don’t lie to me, I’ll know it.”

She shrugged her shoulders “Montesano”

Ok I’m beyond fury, it now surpassed to Rage. I threw the money across the room at my cabinet that finally gave up and fell to the floor. “What the FUCK Armada, are you stupid!” Montesano was a notorious con man, and high-end drug dealer my sister was about to argue. “What’s the problem Char, he loves me, and he cares, I told him about our situation and that’s when he gave me the money, no stings attached.”

“For the last time my name is CHARLEMAGNE! And I don’t give a rat’s ass if he loves you, and I don’t give a shit what sob story you told him, you probably took what actual sob story we posses and twisted the knife more, tell me Armada, for each exaggerated lie did he produce a 100 bill?” I stomped over to the discarded money, walked up to her smug face and held the money between our faces. “This is blood money, and there is a price!” With that I threw the money at her it flew in a heap around her, and her only reaction was to turn a frown and look down at what she probably thought was hard earned money on her part. “By the way” Armada finally came out of her trance and slowly looked up. “Thank you.” She had the gull to looked surprised that those very words came from my lips. “Thank you for putting a mark on us.” With that I opened and then slammed it behind me, grand finale executed. 

The End

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