Chapter 1Mature

Charlemagne Ramsay is just your typical girl, trying to make ends meet. After the passing of her mother years before she took on the responsibility of taking care of her fraternal twin sister Armada. Now in college Charlemagne works two jobs, and doesn't see any money from her hard work because she is paying off her sister's college tuition, while hers is on hold. At both jobs she runs into Alexander Dante, a handsome and powerful man at every turn. She tries every time to escape his presence bu


“This is complete shit!” I shouted as I slammed the dingy cabinet door shut so hard that it almost fell off of the paper wall. Out of food again, this is perfect, I thought I had one ramen noodle left. Well I guess I could spare a quarter, and buy one, oh wait I fucking can’t I don’t have a quarter to spare, I might as well be homeless.

I haven’t fucking eaten in a week, oh well, my body is 80% water right I’ll just live on water and air until I get paid in 2 more days, fucking brilliant.

My damn dreams, man they cost a price, a very high price I was willing to pay, and boy did I pay.

My dream was to be a photographer, someone who admired beauty in everything that was seen, and then to capture that same beauty and have the honor to share that beauty with the world. Oh why can’t it be that easy, my dream just a fingertip length away, so close but yet so far away. Today, you can’t get anywhere in this life with out a piece of paper telling me what I can already do. So that’s why I’m here at NYU to fulfill my destiny. But for Destiny comes that price I’ve mentioned earlier, I was offered nothing but student loans that I was only so happy and willing to take. The same goes for my sister, my twin but I had such a master plan, pay off her student loans while I was in school, then pay mine when I got out of school.

I work not one but two jobs, not very uncommon by today’s standards. At night I work at a high scale club as a bartender, yippie! Serving drinks to over privileged assholes that do nothing and make millions, and they think in their right mind that since this happens to them that they get a free pass to stare freely at my boobs or ass. Ugh! Every time that happens I want to smash a very top shelf bottle over their head throw them in the ice bin and tell my boss that the drinks were on them and have a party. Ahh such dreams I have. By day I work a meaningless job as a low on the totem pole data entry specialist at Dante Inc. for another over privileged ass. Well I’ve actually never met him but every other girl in his building has, so from what I can tell he’s an ass, and my ass stays clear of his presence.  Hmm maybe he’s one of the many admirers I have at the club, well he just made my tab list, Alexander Dante, check.

It worked for a while me going to school full time and working the two jobs, but my money started to dwindle very fast and soon I was living on bread, and ramen noodles. Soon after that I had to lose the bread, that was a luxury, and lived off of Ramen, but now my situation was even better because I now had no ramen, and no plan c.

My sister always offered to help pay her way, but I didn’t want to hear it. Ever since I could remember I’ve always took care of her especially after our mother passed away. She always argued that we were the same age, but then I would retort with the fact that I’m 1 hour older than her. She was always a stubborn ass even at birth.

We’re fraternal twins, born on the same day, that is all that is similar. Armada is her name; my mother was obsessed with history and the grand names that came along with it. It kind of sucked that we couldn’t even buy a cool keychain with our names on it. “Dammit! Why can’t my name be Mary or Sue!” my sister always screamed.

I came to terms with my name a long time ago, I used to despise it, I tried to shorten it to “Char” but my mother would say with pride, “I did not give you the most beautiful name in the world to have it chopped up and become mediocre, you stand by that name and wear it proudly!”

“But it was originally a man’s name!”

“It’s universal, and it suits you, you may not understand now but you will.”

I never understood what she meant when she said that but after that I never shortened it again, and corrected those who did. 

The End

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