Alice lifted her head, her swollen bloodshot eyes rolling uncontrollably in their sockets. Her arms hung uselessly by her sides and her stomach sagged down her thighs. She felt empty and restless. Shaking the fidgets out of her in something resembling an epileptic fit, she looked around her. Figures like her swam before her eyes even in the darkness. A chaotic mixture of faces, visions, words and scenes mulled in her mind. She half-remembered distant feelings, and half-felt her energy draining through the red cord that had grown into the wall. She was half in that dark cave where weak figures like her lolled near their section of wall. Then she was half somewhere else. Somewhere bright and hot and busy. She felt dizzy and limp. Her muscles were falling away.

Anastasia. A thought cut across her helplessness. Anastasia. Her sister. Anastasia. Her sister who had not been captured, to her knowledge. Anastasia. Her sister would find her.

She flopped down again, feeling a heart-rending stretch in the red cord. But she couldn’t stand all the time. Her strength was fast draining away. And so was her mind. Evil darkness surrounded her. But she had hope.


The End

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