Anastasia had only been in the house library once. That might have been because she wasn't fond of reading, and preferred to be in her room lifting weights and forgetting about people. She didn't like to think about people. People hurt. Lifting weights hurt too, but she knew that was just her muscles breaking down so they could build up again. Besides, that was a good hurt. She always felt satisfied after a few hours of solid exercise, especially if she was aching. It seemed worth it when her muscles became more pronounced. She felt superior. That didn't stop the bullying, though. If she had been an angry, unpeaceable person, she'd direct a smart punch in the face of every person who bullied her.

Shadows didn't have faces.

The other reason she didn't visit the library was the terrifying feeling she got of brooding evil somewhere in or around the place. She could not put her little finger through the keyhole without running to the bathroom and throwing up violently.

She had instincts. She knew she had.

The End

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