Chapter OneMature

Zoey used to have the life every girl could imagine,a nice house,nice car,parents who'd shower her with gifts in place of their absence being the workaholics they are. But, one day in the summer of June her family's life took a 360 spin, the stock market had crashed, her mother had bailed on her father after being caught having an affair of five years Zoey finds out she wasn't the only child,and she lost her place at Brown University. Ontop of it all the guy who she thought was her everything t

The colors of red and orange play amongst the lids of her eyes. It was as if gazing at a blurred hue of a sunset on the distance horizon. A sight you would think a blind man could see, but he couldn't. The nippy wind teasing the trees leaves that rest along the pathway crackle, slowly passing by; however, it'll be coming back. Just like a bully.

A blue and pastel yellow scarf snuggly cradles her neck like a mother holds her baby,a wool dark grey pea coat she’d bought from Macy’s two years ago, twisted under her armpits as she felt the earth underneath her move her around and around. Arms above her head, hands gripping the old metal chains, feeling the pulse of her blood flow freely within them.

It was her own personal meditation, her place to think, to unleash all the energy of the days earlier activities. All from listening to the ambience of the merry bird chirps, the now waking city of cars filled with people zooming to their destinations, and the whistling of the autumn air softly kissing her ears. Every evening she would sit in this tranquil atmosphere,letting it envelope her worries and haunting traumas,and carry it away.

Slumping down to the white carpet of the living room,still able to feel her eyes straining not to blink from the stinging on her cheek, as she heard the slamming of the door echo through the house. She felt stupid for not speaking out,regretting the decision to live with him. He made her life-her feel as if she was a speck of dirt. How he could look at her without without remorse.Love wasn't suppose to feel this way. As if you're trying to hold on with all your strength,scared,restless,watching your actions carefully. Tears began falling into the carpet as she bit the back of her hand,failing to silence her wails.

Zoey let the air in her lungs free.She felt herself unraveling upon the solid seat, slowly.Feeling the familar stirring in her chest from memories of the past re-playing in her mind,release.

"You really think I'd wait around for someone like you? Men like me can't wait" watching the vein on his right temple pulsate.

"How can you act like everything is fine! Do you not have any compassion in that vile body of yours for other peoples feelings?"

She remembered watching him sit on the black blankets of his bed texting on his iphone, cocking his blonde hair to the side,those eyes looking up amused. "Get the hell out of my house"

"God please don't let my new chapter in life begin this way"

The lids of her eyes fluttered open and the sun’s rays peeped through the gold, red, and orange leaves on the tall maple. It was a sight one would only see as a painting mounted on the blank hard walls of a museum; for others to admire. How the flecks of gold of the leaves from radiance of the sun slowly danced against the bright blue sky, without a cloud in sight. Everyday it’s admired for its beauty; however, it remaines forever alone at night.

She felt the continuous vibration of her cell phone in her khaki jean pocket notifying of an incoming call. Her fingers slipped through the tight impact of her pocket, pulled out her phone, answering without looking who the caller was.


“Hey, Zoey it's Keith Jillard”

Zoey straightened up on the wooden seat. “Oh hi Keith. How are you?"

He answered curtly. "I'm doing well thank you"

"So um I'm guessing the reason you called is to let me know the good news?”

Keith paused a moment, mutterd an 'um' then cleared his throat. She could feel her heart pick up pace as he kept silent.

“Afraid not," the sound of papers shuffling passed through the phone, "I need you to come down to the office it's about your current case with James”

“What do you mean? I thought everything was settled from the last time we met.We're closing the case next week.”

“Well--that's the problem---they changed their mind and want 180 days including another ten thousand dollars”

Her light brown orbs widen. “What!? Are you serious?” how could they ask for another ten thousand dollars after they agreed and confirmed five thousand was all she had to pay. She didn't have anymore money to give and her life depended upon this. It was important she won the case it was all she'd ever wanted the past three years. 'Where would a college dropout find ten thousand dollars' she thought 'I'm barely making ends meet now working as a receptionist'. Her heart sank and a lump began rising up her throat.

Just when she thought the marathon was almost over, only opened her eyes to see she hadn't even taken a step across the start line yet.

Zoey's eyes darted amongst the abandoned scenery around her, the leaves rolled over the dried grass onto the cold cement pathway. What was James trying to do to her, make her more miserable than she was. Ready-waiting for her to crack so he'd have another stab of opportunity to point out her faults.He loved to munipulate her because he knew he had something he could hurt her with.

“Tell James he knows I can't give him ten thousand dollars. He knows that...” the rising of clear droplets slipped down her olive cheeks “There has to be s-something you can do Keith, this is my life my other half of me. I'm completely lost without it”

“I know,” he replied “Just come down to the office as soon as possible, the sooner we tackle this problem the better”

“Okay," she replied softly "Thank you for calling...”

The reciever end of the phone clicked off, Zoey's hands remained ever still phone in hand pressed to her ear. It was if her world had just been put on pause and she was the only with movement; an oppurtunity to decide which and what path she could go down. Except that wasn't an option for her now; the effort to move forward only would wake her up & see it was an illusion- she was stuck-back to where she had begun

The End

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